Summertime Blues

This week I’ve seemed to slip into a bit of a phunk. Is it the summertime blues? Is there such a thing? Yesterday evening, I made a trip out to best friend L.’s house and we had a nice visit. I took my camera with me because her horses are always photogenic but didnt even get the urge to use it…sigh. I thought maybe hanging with her for a bit would make me feel better. It was a temporary fix, evidentially.

Hubby is in the process of just starting to drill a new well at one of the lease locations. It is a lease about 35 minutes away(1-way) but, it means he will be up there taking care of business or whatever it is he does when his company drills a new well. Which means, until the well is completed, he’ll be gone from daylight until dark, sometimes before daylight and sometimes after dark. He asked me if I was cranky because of that, honestly…nope. Someone has to make a living, he likes his job, hes excellent at it, and the money is okay. By now, I am used to it….

Toddler Terror woke up in a good mood. This morning he is all about giving hugs and kisses. Hopefully, he’ll have some mercy on his poor mother today. I woke up very early, about 5 am and did a few things (uncluttered my desk and fed the horses), sent hubby off to work with a breakfast sandwich and a gallon of sweet-tea. I have a lot of tasks around here I could be busy with but just feel so blah….

If I cant pull myself outta this fog soon, Ill start getting suspicious about my chemical balances….maybe I can benefit from a little prozac or lithium or something.



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16 responses to “Summertime Blues

  1. I get the wintertime blues, which is one of the reasons we moved to FL. Let’s see

    I tried hugs,
    offered drugs,
    cut a rug?
    coffee mug!
    ya’ big lug,
    more bugs!
    get a pug,
    holes are dug.

    Feel better? I could try a tap dance, but I’ve no feet.

  2. I think it’s the solstice. You know the solar flares’ radiation or something. Or maybe it’s the pollen. Or maybe we just need to eat some ice cream. Yes, I’m gonna go get some Gelato right now from the local Cosa Nostra restaurant.

  3. Awww Its the Summer Time Blues. I am still meaning to get up there and hang with ya one day this summer…I take Zoloft and its really helped. Love Yas

  4. I saw you commented on Darley’s Equitrekking blog on EquiSearch (the site I manage), and just wanted to say that the photo of the foal lying in the field is beautiful! –Kate

  5. you know I think it’s just the season. It’s hot and muggy, and miserable, so I think that is how we react to this. I’ve been in a phunk for ooooo…my whole like, hehe, if you ya need to chat email me, I’m always here, even if I don’t always post on my blog….take care! *HUGS*

  6. Anonymous

    I get days like you’re having today, too. Only I get them about once a week, all the time. I usually listen to the radio, good music, or sit in the sunshine, Difficult to do with a TT. Maybe the ice cream is a good idea. Brownie would work too. Diane

  7. brian-thnx for the poem, cute!

    cowgirl-I suppose so

    jake-ice cream, maybe….I think your onto something with the solar thing

    tara-is that really you? glad you dropped by. Share some of that zoloft…j/k

    equisearch-thnx for stopping by, I like her blogger good riding stories for sure.

    butterflychic26-thnx. the weather is hot/humid/heavy today isint it? but the weekend looks good.

    diane-what kind of brownie?

  8. Heading home soon. Have a great weekend may not be around much, I’ve been putting off chores for awhile now, and I need to do some thinking.

  9. Anonymous

    Brownies, Hmmm…How ’bout 2 inch thick, fudgy double chocolate with pecans & peanut butter chips? Or if you’re in a rush, just pick up some Haagen Daz Rum raisen ice cream – keep out of reach of TT! Diane

  10. It is hot and dry, good reasons to get the blues.
    thanks for the visit.

  11. brian-okay…you better get busy on those chores.

    diane- “Haagen Daz Rum raisen ice cream” they make such a sinful thing?

    celeste-I hope your mare gets back 100% soon

  12. I would give you some of that vino I had last evening if there were any left 😦 *burp* 😉 Something to wind down with at dinner before climbing into bed xox

    Hope you feel better soon.


  13. GG-just seeing your pics of you and your friends having fun cheered me up, briefly, but nontheless, it made me smile. Howz the head today? I have a good bottle of vino still chilling, maybe Ill indulge tonite….

  14. Good good! Even if for a tiny while, one must always catch the “up”.

    I was very well behaved tonight. I had just 2 glasses of red wine over 7 hours! Rest of the time, Coca Cola. I have very obviously learned my lesson. Was freaking parched the whole day.

    Some red would be very nice with those kebabs you plan to grill. Yum. I love grilled meat. ANY grilled meat.

    Get un-phunked soon xox


  15. GG- are you a coke addict like me? I decided on cold budweiser, very tastey! I am with ya on the grilled meat for sure, love it.

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