Picture Perfect

Earlier today when I was making my blog rounds. I read something over at kt living that gave me the jolt(more like a slap in the face) I needed to get over that stupid phunk I was in. While over there reading the shift that almost broke me , I realized I had no reason to be such a whiner. Her post was a wake up call and it made me take a step back and look at myself. I realized, I had no right to be whining about my little phunk. Look at what I received in the mail from my girl FixCat . It cheered me up a lot. Thank you, Fixcat! I really needed the lip balm because my lips are sun-burnt. I have never tried this stuff, Im happy to say I LOVE Burt’s Bees stuff. It has a cool tingly feeling right after its put on, but it made my lips feel so smooth and soft. I can tell a huge difference in a few hours after using it, my lips no longer are stinging. When Wee One and I were driving earlier from town, I made the mistake of putting some Lancome lip gloss on them (it was handy at the time) and it hurt after the long-wearing lip gloss dried. OUCH! The Old Guy back in his ‘corner’. I seperated him from the other 2 horses this past weekend. The hard-mouthed, cueless sorrel and BeeBee both left with thier owners..sigh. I’ll miss BeeBee for sure, he is such a sweetie. It didnt take him long and he was greeting me with a whinny almost as loud as the Old Guy (BeeBee might be back again soon tho!). The sorrel, eh, he was okay, he came and learned what he needed to learn, but he was not much on personality.I’ll move the Old Guy into the big West pasture after the guys are done haying, well actually they are done, they just need to pick up the bales. I walked out there this morning, I saw a HUGE snake that had been sliced up by the cutter, a HUGE snake, a black snake I think. I am glad its a goner now! I do not mind black snakes too much, just when they get big enough to eat our weenie dog Elvis, then I mind A LOT. Maybe that is where little baby rabbits siblings ended up…………..

Here is Elvis who got into BIG trouble for chasing baby rabbit into a hole and then tried to dig him out. Poor baby rabbit was near a heart attack I think! I was so mad at Elvis, what a brat.
Good thing Elvis minds, here he is right after I called him away from giving baby rabbit the near heart attack. He is hot. He got a big drink from the hose but ran onto the porch when I sprayed him a tiny bit with it, he is such a sissy.

Our weather has been about 88-90 degrees during the day, these past two afternoons. A nice relief from the big heat-wave we had earlier this summer/late spring. The weatherman says its going to end tomorrow when we’ll be back up into the high 90’s. Ive accomplished a lot of ‘things’ that needed to be done outdoors during this small ‘cool’ spell. I still have a bit of fence to fix but I am going to need a hand doing it, so it’ll have to wait until hubby can pry himself away from work to assist me. All the horses in my area have been enjoying the cooler temps. Ive noticed them running and playing much more, even in the late afternoon, which is something they rarely do in the heat of summer at the hottest point of the day.


I was supposed to go talk to a girl (aged14) and her mother about thier bad-behaved draft/pony cross gelding. Yep, I am serious, he is a draft/pony they said. But, that could mean a lot of things. Anyhow, after Wee One had his nap, we loaded up and started out towards the gelding in need’s home. I had just turned onto the highway when I heard my cell phone beeping that I had a message from the bottom of my purse. So I listened to my voice mail, all 2 messages(one was a hang up, I HATE those!). The last one was from the gelding’s owner saying her older sister was going into labor and that they were not going to be home for our meeting. So, since Wee One and I were all ready to go somewhere, we went for a road trip out by the Panther Lake Ranch. I didnt mind a whole lot, Wee One seems like he isint feeling real chipper, he is sneezing, just allergy crap. It is probably better for him to be inside instead of the great outdoors until we get this allergy thing fixed.

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The Panther Lake Ranch Sign
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Some cattle in the shade. All the others ran off except this little black-horned steer, he acted like he might get kinda feisty with me if I came into his pasture.
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A horse from the Ranch, I bet this strawberry roanhorse belongs to a girl! See the hearts painted on her face? She also had another one on her other hind-quarter.
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Another horse from the Ranch.


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This horse was in a pasture after the Ranch.
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This one was in the pasture with the bay horse. They both were kinda scraggly and the sorrel was not so sure about people. The fence they were in was not the best fence either. I am wondering about those horses and who’s they are…


Today was better. It is the first day I felt like taking my camera anywhere. Im glad I did.



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10 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. LOL that looks like a good fence! Looks better than mine does.

    Please post picture of the draft/pony!

  2. I like the horse shots- pretty cool stuff.

  3. Aniin BG,

    Went over and read the link to kt. I hate hospitals, always have, and with Diane….

    Feeling great this morning, no comments yeah! Feels like a great boulder off my back. Found some great sites for Dewy to comment on when she is in France.;) I am thinking she could also interview you! That would be a hoot. I am getting to like Dewy a lot, not an alter ego, but just a means of expressing myself.

    Maybe Elvis’s problem is that he likes bunnies! I better be careful when we visit then. Saw a comment that you are going up north next month.

    Let’s see, warm, so what else is new, chance of storms this afternoon, no rain yesterday all to the north or south, Monday was heavy rain.

  4. Celeste-that was the GOOD shot of the fence too. Ill get a picture of the drft/pony!

    Jack-thanks πŸ˜‰

    Brian-kt’s post was sad but very enlightening to say the least. I could NEVER do what she does, EVER. Dewey is a good read, very funny!Elvis wanted to hurt the little rabbit not ‘do the nasty’ with it, he is such a brat! good thing I was there to save lil rabbit. I havent seen him since that incident, probably ran away…

  5. Thanks BG, good to know that I’ll be safe from Elvis. Speaking up of, Sar has an hysterical “hump” day pic.

    So, what’s the agenda today?

  6. I love when you take your camera with you!

    Agree that we need to see a picture of this draft/pony cross. Too funny.

    Glad you are doing better. πŸ™‚

  7. Great pix! I’m glad that your feeling better!

    So, when should I come over to help you fix fence?

  8. Anonymous

    Good AM, BG! Diane here. I am getting to be such a social butterfly with this commenting thing! So glad you are feeling better. Your pics are always wonderful! How’s things on the ranch today? and the wonderful TT, today? Hope all is well. I’ll be back later C YA

  9. brian-I just posted todays agenda. Ill check out sars in a bit, thnx!

    cowgirl-thanks, hows it going? Ill get a draft/pony pic, I promise

    kari-thanks! whatever day is good for you, I always have cold beer and food ;)and all the tools and even a bucket like yours, just bring yourself!

  10. Ack! Your photos make me miss back home (Oklahoma). Thanks for the amazing shots! πŸ™‚

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