Wednesday’s Agenda

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On todays agenda: to damn much! Well……..sorta. I am in the process of doing some house cleaning I did not do on Monday because I used the ‘sore arms’ excuse. Toddler Terror did not allow much sleep last nite, his allergies were bothering him, he was up/down all nite. I have a bothersome twitching going on in my left eye, I think it is the direct result from lack of sufficient sleep. The heathens down the street were doing fireworks again in the road until about 11:30 pm and had the Old Guy all stirred up, he did his routine of trying to get in the middle of all the action. He is very sore today. Limping round a bit, not laying down or anything TOO serious but enough to cause me to worry incessantly. Sigh…….despite the fact I put him back on his arthritis Supplement he is still sore. I am at a loss……………I’ll call J. the vet and see what she recommends other than BUTE . Best friend L. took the day off to get some stuff moved out of her old house. I think she said she sold it when I talked to her last nite, but she was on her cell phone that is a POS like mine and she kept breaking up. Anyhow, the part we did get was we’d hook up for lunch today. I have to be in town anyhow, I have some legal paperwork tribal stuff to do and some other papers to get notarized, blah blah BORING stuff but it needs done.
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I think this horse looks unhappy……………


star-jones-reynolds is a woman I cannot stand! Anyone else agree? I am glad she’s leaving The View (a show I never watched) but really, I am tired of seeing her face in the news. I think she looks SICK . Another bad move by The View is that they have hired Rosie O’Donnell………I think the show has a death wish. Rosie is another ‘personality’ that irritates me to NO END. What is Barbara Walters thinking?!?!! On a sad note Charlie Gibson left GMA for the World Eveing News. I think Charlie deserved the anchor position. I like Charlie, I also like GMA. I am going to miss him!

I’ll catch y’all later…….



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13 responses to “Wednesday’s Agenda

  1. Aniin,

    I ask I and I receive. Such power!

    Two words Power Ball. Nuf’ said.

    Catch ya’ later.

  2. brian-holy smokes! I need to buy my powerball ticket today! I think you just gave me some luck, if I win, Ill remember you……..

  3. Hi BG, I love these photos. In the first one it looks like I can just reach out and touch those prickly little muzzles.

    Sorry you’re not getting enough sleep. little kids and noisy neighbors make it sooooo hard!

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Try this supplement:

    My vet reccommended it (as did a friend of mine who is in equine vet school at OK State) for my older gelding and he’s been doing well on it.

  5. kyahgirl-I dislike neighbors, even if they are a ways downt he road

    bridgetlaine-thnx for the yip, Ill certainly check it out asap

  6. Allergies, breaking phone, phunk… BG, go get some giggles and good grub over lunch xo

    Maybe if you take the horse out to your lunch, he might chirp up. A little girlie time never did kill anyone.

    Hope rest of day goes well!


  7. Great pix, as usual! Have a great time with your BF!

  8. Ah yes, Brian I remember him. Of course now that I own all of Okl, my memories are a little fuzzy.;)

  9. I can’t stand Star either, I never knew who she was before “The View” although I don’t EVER watch “The View”, however I do like Rosie, always have…I’m wierd I know.

    I hate when my eye starts twitching it’s the most nerve racking experience imaginable!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Hi BG! Diane again. I always enjoy your pics, they have real depth, like I want to be there. I’m not a very patient person, (ask Bri) those little heathens pull that crap out in front of MY house, they’d be really sorry. Cops, Parents, maybe even a “Be Good” stick” (used to carry one under the front seat of my car, just in case) They’d be mucking stalls for sure. Hope TT feels better soon so you can rest. I’ve never been a fan of the view or barb walters – she’s really stale, I think. Rosie is ok – she’s got personality at least. Hope your lunch was fun! Talk with you again later!

  11. GG-My horse LOVES Sonic Drive Inn’s french fries and vanilla shakes…but he likes people food in general, he is such a hog.

    bri-u know thats not true

    kari-we had fun!

    diane-if they start up with the fireworks again, Im going to see thier parents, they can do that sh*t in front of thier own home instead of the few houses up/down our road! grrrrr sometimes people REALLY suck.

  12. kt

    i was just reading about the star jones vs. rosie oddonnel fiasco. celebrities get on my nerves sometimes with their whining. ugh.
    love the horses again!! i am going horseback riding next month for the first time in years. keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

  13. kt-good! Im glad your going riding. I hope you have a good time, and ride a good horse, that’ll make your ride a sure fire success.

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