Respecting the Dead

Paying my respects at cemeteries is something I seldom do. But yesterday early evening, I received a call from Aunt Bernie who lives on a small reservation in Kansas. She asked me to go to the cemetery and make sure Uncle C.’s headstone and grave were not dirty or overgrown with weeds. She was concerned because she has not been down in a month to care for his grave because she has been feeling poorly. Of course I said yes. Uncle C. is a full blooded Osage who accepted me and taught me so much about Osages. He made me welcome which in turn made the acception of my Chippewa presence acceptable admist the Osages. Uncle C. took me under his wing, guided me, and made me an ‘adopted part of his clan’. I will forever be grateful to him, he is indeed a wonderful man. Some day, I’ll tell you about how I came to meet Uncle C. and Auntie Bernie upon my immediate move to Oklahoma. I honestly believe my own tribal spirits had a hand in our meeting. I found his grave and headstone in good shape, all I had to do was pull a few rogue weeds and brush off grass clippings.

I took my camera on my little adventure which I went on ALONE. I was suprised to see that Governor Joe had a new headstone!

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Governor Joe
died January18,1883 aged 50
Governor of the Great and Little Osages, Governor Joe negotiated the Cherokees and the US Goverment for the purchase of what is now Osage Reservation……

There is a lot more on the headstone, but I thought you might like an idea about Governor Joe.

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Look who I suprsied! This doe appeared to be all by herself, but she never did flag her tail or run off. I suspect she had a little one hunkered down nearby. She was munching on some grass.

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A neighborhood horse friend.

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A big hill I drive down on a regular basis. Sometimes people like to stereotype Oklahoma as a FLAT state…..that is UNTRUE. Oklahoma is full of hills, valleys, cliff, canyons, acres of sloping praires, and lots of trees and woodlands. I have the best all around landscape, ‘cept for missing the Great Lakes.

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The longhorns live at the bottom of the hill.

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Look at this ragamuffin bunch running about and swatting flys, it was feeding time for them.

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This is a nice group of horses. Fat and healthy!

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I snapped this picture of Wee One and his daddy back when it was still chilly outdoors and BEFORE hubby shaved his scraggly goatee and gave his hair a trim, he has thick, wavy hair that becomes unmanagable (like in the pic!) His forehead is kinda white because he wears a hat outside all the time but he stays that dark year-round. Wee one looks very pale next to his daddy! I think this was when he was having one of his ear infections, for him to be laying so still or asleep for a long period of time.

Today I think Ill vegetate on the couch for a bit. The Old Guy is still sore, he is unridable today. sigh……..The first time in his 27 years he has been sore for more than just one day. The teenager with the draft/pony cross with bad ground manners has not called back about training. Cousin L. mentioned this past weekend he has a broodmare who is rideable and he did not have a foal out of her this year, he was in his ’round about way I think, asking me to put some trail miles on her for his wife’s nieces and nephews. Maybe Ill call him tonite and see what this ‘broodmare is all about’. I am pretty sure I know which horse he is talking about and she is a tall, stocky roping bred mare who throws some nice foals. She has been a pasture horse for about the last 5-6 years but always seemed calm and not prone to spooking. I am nearing the time I do not want to commit myself to any training jobs. We’ll be leaving the end of July to see my family in N.MI and to pick up our 12 yo who’s been visiting them all summer. I am just……..not sure…….I think I need a personal assistant or a manager, I hate getting bogged down in details!

ever have the urge to throw your cell phone into the trashcan? I just had to overcome that urge a few minutes ago, I WANT AND NEED A NEW PHONE! grrrr! and…Ive been spending wayyyyy to much time w/ my 2 yo, I am picking up some bad habits.



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7 responses to “Respecting the Dead

  1. Oh BG! You are really making me miss home! I’m going back to Tulsa in September for a week and it could not come fast enough 🙂

  2. I know that I don’t have tribal spirits, but something guided me to you. I would love to learn more Uncle C. someday.

    Looking at the pic of the “big hill” reminds me of SW Wis. No matter where I’ve lived, the earth calls to me only where I grew up. I love living in FL, but the area is still strange to me. I wonder if you can ever be truly comfortable away from your birthplace.

  3. bridgetlaine-OKla in the fall is the best place! T-town is one of my favorite big cities, EVER. The peeps are nice, great shopping and easy driving. I am supposed to go there tomorrow to pick up hubby’s new red wing boots for him, and a bit of shopping at Drysdales..

    brian-someday ill share Uncle C. Im not sure when, he is very special. I feel very comfortable in Okla, but I discover NEW things all the time in my great outdoors adventures here…..back in N.MI and the UP, I KNOW all about the everything there…….so familiar.

  4. I would also love to here about uncal C sometime ,and I know what you mean about people saying that ok, don’t have any hills because I was out that way back ,and forth for the lats 3 weeks ,and all i seen was hills so I know that ok, not’ just flat land.

  5. I would also love to here about uncal C sometime ,and I know what you mean about people saying that ok, don’t have any hills because I was out that way back ,and forth for the lats 3 weeks ,and all i seen was hills so I know that ok, not’ just flat land.

  6. kt

    i love longhorns! i just wouldn’t want to tick one off. i hope it was a good day – sounds like a little alone time was excellent.

  7. kt-longhorns are very pretty, they are a pain in the *ss sometimes tho, just ‘cumbersome’ actually, they are kinda laid back, good thing cuz of those horns!

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