Random Thoughts Friday

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Wee One and I went swimming. It was fun. Toddler Terror had a blast inside his little floaty-tube. He wears a a floaty swimsuit (has a floaty sewed inside front/back). His Aunt J. gave it to him last summer when we were swimming Lake Superior, the current is suprisingly strong. He bobbled around the pool like a little cork today. We threw his big green ball and he laughed at mom when I put on son #1’s swimming goggles and dove under water, then tickled his feet. We used Aunt S.’s dive sticks and Wee One threw them from his floaty while I dived, he enjoyed that! So did I, until he conked me in the head throwing one, then I needed a break.

We were barely home long enough to get our dry clothes on and Wee One was fast asleep. So, I went outside and brushed, fly sprayed Scooter, looked at his hooves, gave him a sliced apple. Then I came back inside and did some messy desk rearranging. I had some random thoughts going thru my mind. Ill share, I KNOW y’all are just dying to know…..okay maybe not, but humor me, pleease.

Is Richard Simmons really gay? at this link it quotes him as saying “I might as well be gay.”

I have a lot of change. It is everywhere, car, truck, desk, purse, drawer, 2 jars, 2 old ashtrays….these are the ones I can recall off the top of my head. Pennies, dimes, knickles, quarters. I want one of those change rolling machines.

I think I need some prozac.

I wish the bad-mannered draft/ponycross owner would call.

I am beginning to suspect the rumors of C.L. and C.T. being lesbians is true. Ive seen them 3X on different back roads with one car parked and them both sitting together in another car.

How did this lightbulb get inside a Man’s Anus?

Why does it seem our judicial system is designed to protect the criminals and prosecute the innocent? This is unacceptable.

We have no 4th of July plans, no fireworks either. I do NOT want to go to the lake w/ sister-in-law S. and hubby’s brother.

I want to start Smoking again. The craving is huge!

I really do not believe they found Noah’s Ark.

I miss son #1 a lot. I want to see the movie Click with Adam Sandler. It would be great to go with son #1, Sandler is his favorite actor. But, I know son #1 is having the time of his life…..

There are a lot of religious bloggers, lots of born agains blogging about it. I did an Oklahoma blog search and I felt like I clicked a religious button.

I wonder if I’ll ever recover my Lost Faith.

Are those 2 pieces of cheesecake going straight to my already huge ass? No beer for 2 days just incase.

My house doesnt have many groceries. I really need to get to the grocery store and just DO IT(marathon shopping trip). I wish I could get by shopping monthly, like I do with horse feed, but that wont work, bread goes stale……

Okay, enough from my fuzzy mind. Y’all are off the hook.

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9 responses to “Random Thoughts Friday

  1. Aniin BG,

    Random thoughts indeed. I thought that lightbulb story would have been San Francisco, but I realized that would have been about gerbils.

    Jessica lived not to far from where we live and work. At the time of her disapearence the local police searched the area including his trailer, but didn’t find her. After he fled the area, they made little attempts to find him. Yes he is guilty, but the local law enforcement messed up this case from the beginning.

  2. brian-how awful for your community. Your right about LE messing the case up from the start. I also think the ‘people’ inside the trailer KNEW what was going on. I mean, c’mon, trailers, especially like the one that Jessica was murdered at, have very thin walls and they are small spaced. This is an awful case.

  3. You know one of the toughest things for me is that I know when these chidren die. When Elizabeth Smart was taken in Utah, I knew she was alive the whole time. With these other cases, well, I try not to obsese about them and I also know that every year less and less kids are murdered. Plus, parents are the ones who kill most often.

  4. brian-I agree about the parents or someone they know who hurts the child most. How do you know these things?

  5. It’s hard to explain in a comment, I’ll send an e-mail tonight.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Have a great weekend my friend.

  6. you brought up a lot of really good random thoughts, i especially enjoyed your link to your lost faith. it’s good to see someone struggle with their faith rather than just simply accept something based on social and cultural norms and family upbringing. struggle makes for a deeper faith, and though you may feel like you have “lost your faith” i would side with an old Catholic by the name of St. John of the Cross…

    “In general, the soul makes greater progress when it leasts thinks so… most frequently when it imagines that it is losing.”

    Godspeed in your search for Him, or in His pursuit of you.

  7. I quit smoking almost 9 years ago. I still crave them.
    Thanks for your rambling thoughts. I find sometimes that is a good way to get to know someone.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. There are times when vigilante justice could be understood. In cases of child abduction/abuse/rape/murder I could be so tempted to take matters in my own hands. I realize that to have a peaceful society we can’t do that but when law enforcement screws things like this up it infuriates me! WTF were they thinking not getting him counsel! Sorry for venting.

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