Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

This is a picture of the huge flag that flys in town (the one son #1 attends school at). It is big and saturday when the winds were blowing I took this picture. I had been waiting for a windy day.

Busy! I have a VERY busy day ahead of me. We decided to have a BBQ tomorrow. So, in between todays many errands, I have a lunch date with best friend L. so we can take care of BBQ details. We went out and visited her and Terry last nite. She was outside working in the yard, horse barn and Terry was parked in his recliner-just like a man! Wee One had fun with her pups. He slept very good last nite.


Yesterday afternoon I finally got thru on the phone to Dalton Camp. The remote fishing camp in Northern Ontario that my sister owns. Every 4th is a small family gathering, everyone makes the huge trek by car and then by boat to my oldest sister J.’s remote fishing lodge on Lake Shikwamkwa. This is son #1’s absolute favorite place in the whole world. I had been trying to call for 2 days. Finally yesterday morning I called the Canadian operator and had them check it out. They reported the camp’s phone off the hook. Since it had been 2 days, I was a tiny bit concerned. Early afternoon I almost called the bait shop my family uses when they make thier trip to the garbage dump to leave trash(not good to have it hanging around camp). There are always bears at the dump, gotta be quick when pitching your trash! Once hubby and I saw a mama wolf and 2 babies there when we took trash. Anyhow, before I called the bait shop, I tried camp once more hoping someone was inside the cabin to answer the phone, and luckily someone did on the 25th ring! Of course everyone was gone fishing or doing something fun and the connection was poor. But, all was well!


Have a SAFE and FUN 4th of July!



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15 responses to “Happy 4th of July

  1. Aniin BG. That must have been a relief after two days! Sounds like a wonderful place, do they have five star dining? Speaking of dining, is it all right if we come over for the BBQ, I’ll even bring veggie dogs and burgers. πŸ™‚

    So hi to everyone, and Elvis and Scooter! Have a great holiday.

  2. Hey BG xo

    I love big noisy family BBQs. They’re the best. Of course being a BBQ freak, I’m always too busy to talk and interact much until I’m ready to roll off the chair and belched a few times. Make mine medium rare!

    GG x

  3. Anonymous

    Glad you reached the camp finally, hope al is well. Be safe & enjoy your gathering. I’ll talk with you on Wed. Diane

  4. brian and diane-thnx! you guys have a great 4th :)Dalton Camp is one of the most peaceful places Ive ever been, VERY remote. Awesome fishing!I missed the little reunion this year…sniff sniff

    GG-LMAO! you would popular in my crowd, you’d fit in perfect. BBQs are my favorite too. we are a bunch that LOVES to eat and drink.

  5. GG can eat a horse…err..I mean a LOT and still want more. I am known to have the biggest appetite amongst my friends. Leftovers mysteriously find their way across the table to me πŸ™‚

    And I am all of 5’3 and 47 kgs. Imagine that. My mum thinks I have worms living inside of me.

    It’s hard on first dates. I have to eat small bites, giggle like an idiot and say. “Oh, I’m too full for more.” Snort!!#$%#$!!

    GG xo

  6. GG-Ack, a horse?!?!! just joking…I know a few girls like you, you have a hollow leg! must be nice πŸ˜‰

  7. GG, you’re hilarious.

    BG: Have a good one BBQ. I LOVE bbq’s…

  8. Afternoon BG,

    Hot, hot, hot! Did I mention it was hot? I don’t know what Diane is planning for the 4th, something for my hollow leg I’m sure. Neigh!

  9. Happy Independence Day to you and yours. πŸ™‚

  10. Have a great 4th! We’re BBQing too!

  11. kel

    I am suppose to be in the kitchen making strawberry pies for tommorow’s bbq. I just got all my decorations out and put up…so I figured I deserved a comptuer break.

  12. bri and diane-its hot here and thunderstorms tomorrow…..

    paval-c’mon over tomorrow, lots of food!

    kari-ymmm! drink lots! I bought a case of Miks Hardlemonade, that stuff is GOOD!

    kel-take pics!@

  13. how’s the bbq?? Medium rare, ya hear??

    Right. Now pass the beer.

    Happy 4th, BG!

    GG x

  14. Aniin BG,

    Good Wednesday morning! Hope you had a great day yesterday and a better one today.:)

  15. kt

    I hope you had a good 4th!!

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