A Little Bit Of News..

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Tuesdays BBQ was a lot of fun. A little bit of too much fun for me. But I am on the mend. Those mike’s hard lemonades were delicious and many of them went down fast. It thunderstormed just before our BBQ festivities started. We got a sh*tload of much needed rain. At least that helped with the fireworks fire dangers-but it left the rest of the day hot, humid, and steamy. Much like a sauna. I made a small attempt at amusing Wee One by lighting his fireworks for him when his daddy took a short break. I lit off 2 colored smoke bombs (it was still daylight) and in the process I was able to burn my finger and scorch my new french manicure not just once but twice. It still kinda stings but I fixed the manicure. We did not even get all of our fireworks lit off either. I guess we’ll save those for NewYears. Wee One had an absolute blast. He was filthy dirty when we got home and needed a shower, so we both took one, then crashed into bed. I was out before my head reached the pillow, I am sure about that.

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Monday afternoon at work, hubby had a very close call with a Velvet Tail Rattler snake(not the actual picture above). He came within inches of stepping on it when he heard it rattle. Needless to say, mr. snake is a goner now. Hubby was SE at the G. Lease and walked into the doghouse( a small tin building on a lease site ) to put something on a shelf. His eyes had not adjusted from the bright outside sunlight when he first stepped into the door. The rattler was laying right by the door. Hubby said it went under the shelf, coiled up, and was rattling very loudly. The building was fixed so nothing could get inside underneath the door, but somehow a piece of cement was chipped under the door and thats how it got in. Hubby hates snakes, even little bitty grass snakes!

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Okay, this next thing is a secret..more along the lines of TOP SECRET. So, all of my family members who read this and all my my local friends who read this (KayKay, Georgie, J&B (not the drink) Mischa, Melissa) No blabbing! Hubby and I want to suprise son #1. Hubby and I entered into a contract to buy a new 1998 3 bedroom/2bath home on a lot more acreage than we have now. It also has a small horse barn, 1 large run in shed, a pond, another small utility barn and a garage. It is only about 3 mi West of where we live now. I am not sure of the square footage, but we’ll be getting A LOT more room! The best part-no irritating neighbors!! We’ll know this evening or tomorrow for sure, but it looks good, VERY good. So, theres my exciting news. I hope it works out. I thought hubby would hesitate about getting a mortgage, especially a BIG one, but since we have had an offer on this place (where we live now) and we owe next to nothing on it, he was all for a new home. So y’all keep your fingers crossed and Ill keep you updated.



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20 responses to “A Little Bit Of News..

  1. Oh that is so exciting! It sounds like a wonderful spread.;) I hope I can interview some day, thanks for the kind comments on all my posts. Well, got to get back to work. Someone has to whip these boys into shape!

  2. OH WOW! That is exciting news!! Bugger that. Here I am wondering if I should buy a new pair of shoes and you’ve gone and bought a new home. This is wonderful news, BG!

    I hope everything works out. Won’t everyone be so chuffed??

    Fingers crossed,
    GG xo

    P/S I believe you have some running after delish cyclists to do..?

  3. I meant: P/S Dewy. Damn. Dewy’s got my knickers all twisted now.

  4. Well, I see Dewy *beat* me here, you would think with all the fun she is having, she would get paid.LOL

    Aniin, We have our fingers and toes crossed for you. My co-worker? called in sick today, so I am running the service drive by myself. I do get all the money, but it’s hard work. HOT today, it was 81 at 6am, 76% humidity. No rain though, had to run the sprinklers last night.

  5. Anonymous

    WOO HOO!! Yipee! Diane here. So excited for you. You know son #1 best – but if I came back from a vaca & found out my family bought a new house, without my opnion, I might be a tad upset. I hope he really is excited about it. When it goes thru, and it will, WE WANT PICS!!! have fun!! about it.

  6. GG-new shoes? I love shoes!

    brian-heehee yep dewey beat ya. now get back to work! just joking

    diane-son#1 will be thrilled! His new room will be far from his little toddler terror brother and twice the size it is now.maybe Ill take some pics today after I get my business taken care of…..

  7. That sounds wonderful! I got my fingers and toes crossed.

  8. SailorMoon

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your new home complete with no irritating neighbors! I have a couple of neighbors that I’d like to get away from – so maybe some day. And I don’t think I could ever find a home that would be to big for my clan!! Have a good one!!

  9. WOOOOOOOT! I’m soo happy for you! I hope like hell that you get it!

  10. wow, I hope the house works out and I’m SOOOOOO glad that hubby missed that snake!

  11. p.s. I love Mike’s hard lemonade too. We should go drinkin’ sometime 😉

  12. kari-thnx! me too

    kyahgirl-if I ever get north of Ontario, Ill bring ya some Mikes hardlemonade for sure!Im glad hubby missed the snake too..one good thing about rattlers atleast they warn you, not a copperhead, they just strike.

  13. Im so excited for you! Just the fact of no irritating neighbors is worth all the hassles of moving LOL.

    Keep us posted and show us some pics of the new place when you can!!

  14. sailormoon and rude1-thnx for the wellwishes! I am looking forward to no bothersome neighbors and none in the future sonce we’ll own the land all around our new home! yipeeeeeeeeeee

  15. I so know what you mean; we went from having the NFH (neighbors from he11) to 35 acres (well, once the house is built) and it is SO nice. You are gonna LOVE it.

    I really am excited for you; it is so exciting to having your own “land”. Its so much more than owning a house on a lot, you know? Anyway, best wishes to you!!

  16. Aniin,

    Just checking back in wich ya’. Did we tell you we are excited for you, well we are!

  17. YAY for you! Fingers are crossed!
    You might have to break out the Mike’s again to celebrate.

    Those doghouses are bad about having snakes in them. My dad was in the gas business and my brother is a pumper so I’ve heard some stories. You mentioned a while back about putting out some kind of snake deterrent in your barn, does that stuff work? I’m curious because I worry about snakes in my yard.

  18. unacknowledgedgenius-yes! snakeaway works, I put some out in/around my barn after the big black snake attack, they are harmless but very aggressive. Illpost about it sonce I am gonna snake away our new place…I hope we get it!

  19. kel

    Good luck I hope the contract goes smooth!

  20. shites! Just saw the “all the land” part! Jealous 😦

    Imagine all the land to run about. Wee one is a lucky little boy!!

    GG x

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