Ho Hummmm

Patience is a virtue right? I am somewhat patiently waiting for the news on our prospective new home. I called hubby a bit ago but his piece of sh*t cell phone does not get reception in this one area where he is with a drilling rig he has recently hired. I hoped he would have driven up out of the canyon to the bluff where he makes calls from when he is working at this certain lease and called me with any news. No one has called our home phone. I am not suprised because the house’s owner and the realtor involved are both old school chums of hubby. So, naturally the realtor will call hubby’s phone. Sometimes being the ‘little woman at home’ really SUCKS.
This morning I got around and took care of some business that needed done. Just things like sending out mail, sorting thru son #1 ‘s packed full closet and bagging up clothes that he no longer wears. I washed and hung out on the clothesline our bed sheets, pillow cases, and a load of bath towels. Wee One and I did a few chores around the yard. Then we came indoors and had PB and J sandwiches (crusts cut off for both of us!) and iced sweet tea. After the kitchen was cleaned up we laid down for a nap. We both slept for 2 and 1/2 hours! I probably would have slept longer except Wee One was playing with my hair and woke me up. Geesh, my lazy ass doesnt usually require a nap but every once in awhile, I sneak one in. After the nap I was feeling a bit sluggish. We put our tennies on and went for a walk to get some energy. Wee One loves to go for walks. We saw a baby tarantula. Toddler Terror said “Spider!” and then he said “Big spider!” I was between squashing it with my foot and running as fast and far away as I could from the creepy little bugger. Spiders are my ONE HUGE weakness. I hate them, they scare me. I’d rather face a snake anyday. But, I controlled my craziness. I figured I panic enough inside our house when faced with a spider. Probably giving Wee One a phobia or a complex about them. So, we let the baby tarantula go on its way, while keeping our eye out for its siblings or perhaps its bigass mama.

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Lovely legs!!

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Best friend L.’s other new baby, no-name, is so cute and adorable. She is kinda a brat tho too.

Friday hubby brought home a sack of sweet feed for the Old Guy. Why? I have no idea. Scooter has been on an Equine Senior diet for years, like since 1999 (I think!) Anyhow, I gave a little bit as a treat saturday morning, he loved it. Now he is barely eating his Equine Senior Pellets and throwing a bratty fit for the sweet feed. He is acting very much like Toddler Terror. Surely it cant be me bringing out the bad behavior in both of them, huh? Anyhow, the Old Guy has been taking it easy because of his arthritis. Tonite I lunged him a bit in the round pen to get him stretched and limbered up, not to mention work off some of that hot sweet feed. He didnt act sore and he certainly had an attitude adjustment. When I put him up for the night, he was looking kinda sulky at me. Hopefully Ill have some GOOD news tomorrow!



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7 responses to “Ho Hummmm

  1. Bugger! I was hoping for news already!! Now, you’ve got me impatient too.

    I hate snakes. Spiders, ok. Cockroaches, ok. In fact most bugs are fine by me. BIRDS SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. *shudder*

    Say, can we have a picture of Old Guy Sulking? It sounds so delightful πŸ™‚

    GG xo

  2. Hope the news comes today and it is good!

    Mix the sweet in with the pellets for a bit.

  3. GG-I know it! I am getting antsy…birds creep me out too.

    celeste-I am about to go see the realtor myself today. I tried mixing some sweefeed into his ES pellets but he just stands there and picks thru them, hes a BRAT!

  4. Aniin BG,

    Just catching my breath here this morning. Had big thunderstorms at dinner time and then at 2am this morning. Couldn’t get back to sleep. I have another week of vacation still due, so sometime in the fall! Talk to you later, I’ll have the next post by 1pm. Hope you hear soon from the realtor.

  5. Awww, the baby is sooo cute! Hope you get some good news on the house!

  6. SailorMoon

    The baby is adorable. And I second the – can we get pics of the old guy sulking? Please do a post sometime on the snake away or rid-snakes. I am on an acre with a pond here in Texas, I’ve seen huge turtles and a few snakes, and can only imagine what I don’t see!

  7. brian-you need more zzzzz’s I need a jump start this am 😦

    kari-me too!!

    sailormoon-Ill get a pic of the old guy sulking asap. Ill also do a snakeaway post! I bet you have some nasty snakes in your pond, keep a shotgun handy just incase, they usually dont venture too far from a pond tho.

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