Is Today Over Yet?

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Today has been cloudy. Early this afternoon a steady rain started falling, it chased us indoors. I want so badly to be outside doing stuff! Toddler Terror is bouncing off the walls. I cant do anything productive (like pack!) when he acts this way. Of course, his daddy has parked himself on the couch clutching the TV remote. I thought about slipping out the back door and taking off by myself, but I would worry what horrors Toddler Terror might do in the 15 minutes it takes for my absence to be discovered. I guess Ill make me a Caesar Cocktail and play with Toddler Terror and his train set……..



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5 responses to “Is Today Over Yet?

  1. kel

    Did the Caesar cocktail help the afternoon? I am about to eat hot choc chip cookies to improve my mood (of course it wont improve my hips but oh well).

  2. How wise you are, BG. When in doubt, have a drink. lol.

    I hope the wisdom paid off!

    GG x

  3. That Appy looks happy.

    Never had a caesar cocktail before…

  4. Hee hee! Hope the cocktail worked. I’m sooooooo excited for you about getting the new place.

  5. kel-Yes it did! all 3 of them…

    GG-my wisdom did pay off *wink*

    cowgirl-yes, the appy having fun. Try a ceaser, do you like bloody marys?

    kari-thnx! I am so excited!

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