Afternoon Boredom

Hubby came home for a late lunch. I made him a pork loin chop sandwich with provelone cheese on a kaiser roll. He said it was delicious. He is now watching Dr. Phil. Is it just me or is Dr. Phil kind of a rude know-it-all asshole? Hmmmm…..I am starting to understand why hubby likes Dr. Phil’s TV show. It is thunderstorming. He is waiting on a rig boss to meet him to discuss something (?) about a well. He also is waiting on gravel and then taking his welder over to our new home to get busy on the driveway and putting up pipe fencing. I mentioned to him that a remote controlled entrance gate would be nice, I hate having to get out of the car and open/shut the gate. Hubby gave me the exasperated look he sometimes does. Geesh, I wasnt asking much. Wee One is napping. He was very good when we went to town earlier, a complete and total angel. I took his temperature when we got home and it was normal. I asked him if he was feeling okay, he said “Yes, mom” giving me his most, cutest sweetest little grin. Somedays, he is a joy to be around. Of course that can change like the wind.
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Son #1 just called and spoke with his father and I for a few minutes. He sounds great, not the least bit homesick, not even ready to come home at the end of this month…..well, until I mentioned football, then I heard a touch of excitement in his voice when we were discussing his first practice date, what gear we need to buy, school supplies, school enrollment dates, the academic advisors upcoming meeting….

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The International Calvacade Sign in town. That is my bank in the background.

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Wee One and I went to the feed store when we were in town earlier running errands. We stayed a bit and visited with the owner J. and drank iced tea. When we exited the store, we were a bit suprised to see this huge storm coming at us.

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Beef its whats for dinner……..well, Hamburger Helper, Ill put some ground chuck into it, thats beef. I also bought and washed up some fresh broccoli and cauliflower. Did I spell cauliflower right? I also made a fresh spinach dip for the veggies. I cant wait for dinner! This is one of the 2 kinds of Hamburger Helpers I like. My family likes ALL kinds of it. ewwwww. I have all the pictures taken down off the walls and boxed. I also boxed up a lot of the kitchen stuff, leaving out only the bare necessities. So, I am making a tiny bit of headway on this whole moving thing. If Toddler Terror would stay away from the packed boxes that would be better. When he wakes up, I am going to fit what I can into the Jimmy and drive a load over to our new home. I cannot put it inside even tho we have the keys now because the Orkin bug man is coming tonite to spray for bugs and termites. Ill stow it in the garage. Hubby also called the security system people to get a new quote. I really do not think we need one where our new home is. I hate dealing with alarms, I am always setting off my car’s alarm or hubby’s truck’s alarm. I think we should just get a big barking dog.


I have to tell this funny story about when Wee One and I were at the grocers. We ran into the store to get a few items, milk, sliced cheese, fresh veggies, cheetos, oranges, 24 pack of coca cola, and Hamburger Helper. Anyhow, I really needed to pee BAD. I bet I have drank 4 glasses of iced tea and 2 lemonades because it is so damn hot. Its the kind of hot and humid day where a person does not need to do any type of exertion to sweat, it just happens, like sweat on a bottle of beer, you just sweat. Since I cannot leave Toddler Terror unsupervised in the grocery cart or anywhere else for that matter, I had to take him into the store’s bathroom, then into the stall with me while I pee’d. Of course, he didnt need to go when I asked him. I had to keep him trapped in a corner by the door so he wouldnt touch anything in the toilet stall. I am beginning to find that I can do all kinds of amazing things that seem impossible but somehow I manage. So, I am finishing up when someone comes into the restroom, goes into the stall next to us. I am at the same time, pulling up my britches and keeping Wee One from getting a lookee at the new person in the stall next to ours from underneath the wall that seperates us. The person farts really loud and obviously is starting to stink up the whole bathroom. Toddler Terror hears what I heard and shouts “Ewww, stinky fart!” I speed wash both of our hands. I hurry and dry our hands and we are almost our the door when the lady exits the toilet stall and Wee One says to both her and I “Stinky, you farted, you stink, gross!” Oh my, I turned and we left the vicinity quickly. I prayed we would not run into her while we finished our shopping. We didnt. It was kinda funny tho, I had to keep from laughing myself. How scary am I? finding bathroom humor funny, I need a vacation from the men at my house!



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8 responses to “Afternoon Boredom

  1. kel

    Oh kids can embarress us faster than anything!

  2. I guess I find bathroom humor funny too because that was hilarious…kids can sure embarrass us with the truth sometimes, huh?

  3. Poor BG! lol! Leave it to kids to be darn right honest.

    I have an aversion to public restrooms. I really try to hold it in till i can find a nice hotel one or daash back home. It used to drive my bf nuts 😉


  4. Aniin BG,

    Good Tuesday morning. 4 days to vacation!

  5. rofl!!!
    Kids say it like it is! Bless ‘im…

  6. Anonymous

    Hi BG! Diane here! How’d you survive the storm last night? TT is right on the money! Public toilets are NOT my favorite choice. Too many occupants with bad habits. I’m not good with ages, how old is TT? I am guessing 3 or 4, since he is not in preschool or K. Bri & I have hamburger helper with veggie burgers. It makes a whole lot less without the hamburg. I bet veggie dogs would work too, hmmm. Well, just checking in for today – “talk” to you later! D

  7. kel-you are so right! I wanted to vanish

    unacknowledgedgenius-omg yes, kids!

    GG-I live wayyyy to far from town to be ‘holding it’ lol! just hover and dont touch ANYTHING is my motto

    brian- yipeeeeeeeee! your lucky 🙂

    paval-kids are SO HONEST! after my car accident, my L. knee looked really icky after the staples came out, my 12 yo who was 7 said, “eww mom, you knee really looks gross!”

    Diane-good morning!

  8. Hee hee! Kids will say the darndest things somethimes.

    I LOVE the pix in this post and the previous post.

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