Send A Boat!

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The storms started up early afternoon yesterday. I snapped this picture from my front porch looking West.

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We received a total of 3+ inches of rain. I went to bed after midnight and it was still raining….not thunderstorming like it did all afternoon and evening tho. I was not able to get onto my computer until about 11 p.m. or so. Ive fried more than one PC during a bad storm, so Ive learned my lesson the hard way! I think I am going to sprout gills if this rain does not quit.

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My little neighbor friend A. stopped by this morning during her daily ride on her brown and white spotted pony. She had heard thru the grapevine that we were moving. I felt so bad. I hadnt thought of informing her or her grandmother. All of this moving business came about within a week, very quick! I told her where we were moving and Id still see her at our round-up club functions. She hung out for awhile and played with Wee One and fussed over the Old Guy. She braided his mane and part of his tail. She was going to put some clear polish on his hooves but her grandmother came by looking for her when she hadnt returned home in an hour. A. got a kick out of me showing her Scooters icky teeth and I explained that the Equine Dentist was coming in August to float his teeth. She thought that was both cool and kinda wierd for a horse to see the Equine Dentist .

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One thing I miss a lot about showing is the lulls in between classes. You know, the opportunities to check out other classes and other competitors, get a feel for the judges, chances to stand around and talk with horse show friends that come from far off places to participate. I made a few good friends when I was showing. We always were waiting for each other when it was our turn to exit or enter the arena. During the lulls, we would have marathon visiting sessions about everything from our horses, kids, to men and what we were going to have for lunch. These are times that can either zoom by or drag by, that just depends on how your showing day is shaping up. I was never one to ‘practice’ or exercise my horse too much before a class. Unless, my horse was a bundle of nerves and needed to burn off extra energy. If my horse and I didnt have our act together by the time showing day rolled around, we werent going to fix anything in a 20 minute ‘practice session’! I came across some VHS tapes of my horse show early days while packing for our big move. Geesh, I was a lot skinnier back then. And, why is it that horse show people think wearing thier make-up like a cheap hooker looks attractive? I will never wear red lipstick or purple eyeshadow again…..oh, and the sequined blouse and red bow tie I wore to one show? That looked awful, I must have been off my fashion-sense rocker when I put that hideous getup together…..

More rain is coming my way……………send me a boat!


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3 responses to “Send A Boat!

  1. I can’t fathom that you would ever look less than spectacular! Don’t you know curves are in?;)

    3 inches! Piffle, we can get that in an hour. 3 inches, I wouldn’t even know what to do with 3 inches.

  2. brian- you are too kind. Come to think of it,I wouldt know what to do w/ 3 inches either! laugh maybe,LOL

  3. Anonymous

    Speaking of rain – it’s a booming and pounding here at home! Power already dipped once today. The frogs are loving it! Diane

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