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This is a lovely Morgan gelding, I looked at buying him. He is definately NOT a Quarter Horse!

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On the road again…..I do not like that Willie Nelson song(or Willie Nelson himself!) but thats how I feel everyday. Just 1 day I would like to stay home and NOT have to go anywhere….maybe after the move, I hope.

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I had some business on the Reservation today. This is the 1st time I have ever actually read the signs posted. Who is the Superintendant?!?!! Next time I see a council member or the Chief himself, I am going to ask, because that sounds totally strange to me, the Super…

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Best friend L.’s bay yearling stud colt from last year. I drove by to check on him since he hadnt made the move yet to thier 20 acres. He is still at Grannys house. He is waiting to be gelded soon. I bet hes not happy about that! It is so HOT today. I mean HOT, miserable hot and humid. I have never minded the heat, it has never bothered me, but when it gets super hot with 94% humidity, it is just plain miserable. The horses are drenched in sweat from just standing out in the shade. The simple effort of walking across the yard made me sweat, so needless to say, Wee One and I have spent the majority of the day indoors with the exception of our errands in town and the necessary chores around the place. We did stop by the vet clinic to pick up Scooter’s Coggins Test incase we happen to make it to Calvacade next week.

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On the way home we drove by the fairgrounds and watched them getting ready for Calvacade. The worlds largest international amatuer rodeo. I have had a lot of good moments in this arena here. Ive had a lot of good times on these grounds, especially in my younger days. Some time Ill post about them but I dont feel like a trip down memory lane right now because Toddler Terror is standing behind me in my computer chair and hiding his little Holstein cow inside my hair, then yanking it out when it gets stuck.
I think its time for the cow to get into the barn for the rest of the day, the damn thing has gone everywhere with us today!

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Here is the COW!



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11 responses to “HOT!

  1. Anonymous

    Good evening, BG. Sounds like you could use a break. Hope TT is exhausted and sleeps soundly tonight. We are just finishing dinner and watching the review of the TDF stage 10. Hope your day was easy going. Have a good night, talk with you tomorrow. Diane

  2. diane-I can only hope a TT has mercy on me tomorrow!

  3. It was hot and humid here today too…you open the door and the heat just slams into you. I hear we’re looking at a temperature around 110 this weekend, the fun never ends!

  4. I loved that Morgan Gelding, as you called it. I know absolutely nothing of horse, except I could tell the difference between the front and the back. But I can tell when something is beautiful.

    PS: I don’t like Willy Nelson’s music either…

  5. unacknowledgedgenius-thats exactly how it feels here 😦 its awful and we are moving furniture this weekend….

    paval-lol front and back! thats a good start 🙂 willie nelson is a big stoner!

  6. Aniin BG,

    I see you are up early! My co-worker is awol again, so not many comments today.

  7. It stupefies me all these terms you use for horses 🙂 I know mare and I know stallion, when I peep there, that is. I have no idea what is Arabian, palomino, mustang etc Lol. BUT I LIKE THEM HORSES! Honest!

    I also like Wee One’s cow. How cute!

    It is just as muggy here. It’s giving my skin a nightmare. Dry yet sticky. I keep feeling like there are breakouts just waiting to happen. They never do but feels like it. Yucky feeling.

    GG xox

  8. I have got to agree with you on this HOT AND MISERABlE weather!!! I normally sleep with a sheet, 2 blankets, and a comforter at night window air unit set at 65 on fan number 1 nice and cozy, well last night, i slept with sheet and 1 blanket and pushed dogs ontop of covers i was miserable!!!!!

    Awwww but the cow is so adorable!!!! It doesn’t look like it takes much maintence to keep up…ehehhe…..

  9. kel

    I too agree hot and miserable.
    My son had a little beanie bird that had to go absolutely everywhere with us for 3 years…the poor thing has now got to retire in the keepsake box.

  10. Aww, the little cow is cute! It’s just not cute when they toture you with it! 😉 The morgan is nice. It’s hot as hell in Ark. too!

  11. brian-bummer about your co-worker, what a jerk!

    GG-the cow is now missing, Wee One isint happy about it either and is now carrying his goat around. I feel icky from the weather and from packing, I need a vacation already…..

    butterflychic26-the cow is MIA..shuckee darn! those little dogs are great feet warmers in the winter.

    kel-everytime I go outside I melt, literally, I was wondering how many fat cells that burns..hmmmmm lol the beanie bird, my 12 yo had a camo doll he carried for about 2 years until he thougth dolls werent for boys, I put it in my ceder chest, he may want it one day when hes not worried about being ‘cool’.

    kari-the cow is missing and I had nothing to do w/ it. I liked the Morgan, I want something differnt than a QH, ya know? thats all thats around here and thats just about all Ive owned.

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