Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Aut Vincere Aut Mori (either conquer or die) I intend on conquering this moving thing. I am in the market for a new babysitter. B. was a no-show, no-call 2nd day in a row. Okay, she just turned 16 and she has a life but, when you commit yourself to a job, and people are relying on you, newly 16 or not, you come thru and are responsible. So, I moved what little I could with Toddler Terror terrorizing me.

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Hubby came home fairly early this evening from work, he said we’d get some stuff moved. Well, his idea of ‘stuff’ was spreading the new gravel and fixing our new driveway, welding up a new corner post, and putting the horse’s water tanks where he thought they would be best. I was frustrated but really couldnt go into an all out pissed off rant on him because everytime I walked thru the door into my new house, I was so happy.

Earlier, Wee One let me rock him to sleep. He was clutching his little holstein cow and looking so sweet, just like an angel. Hard to believe he was such a effing brat the ENTIRE day. I tried to put his cow up safe so it can be easily found in the morning and not lost in his bed, but he had a grip on it and wouldnt let go.

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Today was hot, I am sure I was near heat stroking out. The heat and humidity was just awful, unbearable. I was sweating so badly, I had sweat running in my eyes. I swear. I sweated like a man, I sweated even more than when I am working cattle. Thats awful! I bet I sweated off 10 pounds, I am not joking. Suprisingly, because I damn near drank 2 gallons of water and 1 gallon of sweet tea.

This will probly be my last post for awhile. I plan on tearing my computer down and moving it, along with my desk, tomorrow. I’ll catch y’all later. Have a great weekend!



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10 responses to “Aut Vincere Aut Mori

  1. Anonymous

    Aniin BG,

    Good luck with the move, we know that feeling walking into a new(er) home. That feeling that you belong. Let us know when you are back up and running. Love Brian and Diane
    P.S. Women don’t sweat, they glisten!

  2. kel

    Good luck with the moving!

  3. SailorMoon

    Dang, you go girl! I haven’t checked in a couple of days & bam, you’re already moving in! Like your style and energy. I’m with you in spirit!

  4. Please let me know when you come back. Hope it goes well (and easy) for you. Most of all, hope you found a baby sitter!


  5. Beautiful horse!

    Good luck with the move;the babysitter.

  6. I hope it’s all going super well, BG!! If I were there, of course I would land a hand. For sure for sure!! Although how much help a hungover person might be…

    GG xox

  7. Thinking of you and hoping all is going smoothly with your move.

  8. I understand the hot and stickiness that is outside. I was in my kitchen last night cleaning it, and when I was down my whole backside was drenched in sweat and my hair was a soppy mess of curls. And this was INSIDE my apartment. I think I’m gonna have to purchase a fan for the bathroom and the kicthen, humph!

  9. kt

    I have missed the horses! I need to post my pictures as soon as I can. good luck with new sitter adventures.

  10. Hurry back! Good luck getting everything moved over to the new house and set up!

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