Very Early This Morning

Here are a few pictures I took very early this morning. It wasnt foggy outside, but my camera lense was from stepping outside onto the front porch from the inside AC.
The people that live down the road South have goats, a lot of goats. Scooter was checking them out.

Elvis likes his new home, he likes it even better because he is not in his dog pen or in a fenced yard. So far he has been behaving and has not gotten growly with anybody stopping by. I put a doggy cushion on the porch and his doghouse next to the East porch steps and he seems to like it.


I have a lot unpacked. Babysitter B. did keep Toddler Terror on/off for 2 days so we could get the most important stuff moved. It sucked, really sucked! It was so HOT! We moved early in the morning until it got so hot outside it was unbearable, then we did other stuff like packing or unpacking or running to town until dark, then at dark we moved some more until we were too tired. One day, the heat index was 117 degrees. It doesnt look like the heat is letting up at all either…..sigh. I am so looking forward to our upcoming N.MI trip to pick up son #1 and see my family, before I was looking forward to seeing son #1 and my family I miss so MUCH, but I am now also looking forward to cooler temperatures, I’d even settle for 90 degrees today and be thrilled.

We still have one good load to bring from our old house. Last night hubby brought over the lawn furniture and some stuff of his from the garage, he had to work until 7:30 pm and was kinda tired from the heat so tonite were supposed to bring the rest of the boxes from the house. Remind me to never cuss his best friend R. ever again. He has showed up 3 days in a row in this unsufferable heat and helped move without one complaint and expecting nothing in return. I have a post planned for hubby’s best friend R. in the near future so you’ll get to know all about him soon. Well, I better call the cable company and see WTF thier hold up is! Wee One is hollering for his toons.


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13 responses to “Very Early This Morning

  1. I like goats, and your horse looks so cute looking @ the goats!!!

    Is Elvis dancing on his new porch or is he camera shy like my 2 doxies? Whatever the case maybe he’s ONE ADORABLE DOXIE!!!! He’s so tiny!!! Jade is 11 pounds and half his lenght, she is tiny and FAT!!!! Katie is the longest weaner i’ve ever seen in my life!

    Yes the heat is SO TERRIBLY UNBELEIVABLE!!! I have had to sleep in the living room that last 2 nights, well okay lay in the living room, not much sleeping can’t get comfortable on that air matress. Because my bedroom is like 80 degress and this is with fans and air conditioner, I have windows all across the south side and west side of my bedroom, and they are the french windows so they go almost ceiling to floor, i’m putting up foil when i get paid I WANT MY BED BACK!!!

    Well take care and try to stay cool, if that is a possibility!!!

  2. you’re making progress!
    good luck with the cable company.

    I’m staying indoors as much as possible, this heat is the pitts.

    take care


  3. butterflychic26-Elvis was dancing around on the porch when I took his picture, he is tiny. This heat is awful, it doesnt usually get to me but these last 3 days it has worn me down-it sucks getting old! when I was outside at daylight getting some chores done, my t-shirt was soaked w/ sweat and plastered to me, ick! I hope you get cooled off soon!!

    unacknowledgedgenius-I just found out we cant get cable, we live too far out-grrrr so now I have to call Direct TV or something like that 😦 stay inside the AC, nothing beats central air on days like these!

  4. Heee heee! Scooters looks soo cute staring at those goats! Try to stay in the AC.

  5. I’m glad you’re making good progress and hopefully somebody will realize how important it is for mom to have wee one’s toons ready!
    Elvis is sooo cute!

  6. Anonymous

    Hello, hello! Glad to see you’re connected again! Very good job, hard work moving in so fast! So sorry about cable & TT – does he watch any video’s/dvd’s? Elvis & Scooter look very comfortable with their new digs. Hope all continues to run smoothly – stay cool & calm. Diane & Brian

  7. *GG fans BG down!!!*

    Gosh, moving in the heat sounds like zero fun 😦 But seems liek you’re making great and consistent progress which is a huge relief. The last thing you want is to get lazy about it and drag it out over even more hot days.

    Elvis is a lucky little pooch!! I like the sound of that so much, cushion here and doggy house there. How grand!

    So glad to see you back online, BG. Can’t wait till you’re all nice and cosy.

    GG xo

  8. Aniin BG,

    Just down at the library. Not that I am rubbing it in, but the high on Friday is only going to be 87. I know, break out the mittens and parkas!

  9. kel

    Sounds like your getting a lot done. The sign at the bank said 112…TOO HOT.

  10. very tranquil pictures.
    i’m melting here.

  11. lu

    Sounds like you are doing a lot in this insufferable heat…Friday will be better with a low 95 degrees…Cavalcade weather…
    Glad you got moved and try dish satellite..try to stay cool!

  12. hi, I just stumbeld by today. You have some beautiful horse pictures in your blog! Over here it is hot to, about 93 degrees. Thats very unusual and I love it. I dont know how I would take 117 degrees. It never gets hot like that.
    I put a recipe for a cold spanish vegetable soup in my blog today, maybe that would be the rigth thing for you in the heat?

  13. I’m so jealous; but then, we do have a concrete footer now! At this rate, we should have a house by…next year??? –GROAN–

    Seriously, I’m so happy for you; soak it up, every minute.

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