Mundane Monday

Monday is cleaning day. I already accomplished my domestic chores. My day started early so I got an early start on my house cleaning. I am finishing up the last load of laundry right now. I wrote an earlier post in between my tasks but blogger had a seizure and erased it.

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About 8:45 am I stepped out onto the front porch to shake out a throw rug and saw Scooter taking a morning nap.

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He wasnt the only one either. Elvis was snoozing on a chair. He wasnt happy when I woke him up.

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The goat neighbors………..ummmmmmm, they reek if you get close. I hope I am not able to smell them at my house. I do not think the wind blows often out of the SE direction. But with my luck, it’ll probly start!

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The Old Guy yesterday afternoon. He and I went for a super short ride. I rode him bareback and his whithers are not as comfortable as they used to be. He was watching hubby put away his tools in the barn when I took this picture.

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Wee One trying to mount my saddle when I was vacuuming. He was chasing after the vacuum until I chased him with it and he ran for safety. Little fella can get in the saddle fast!

This is scary. In Indiana, a sniper is loose. FBI Joins Indiana Sniper Investigation . Hubby and I are leaving in a few days for our trip to N.MI and we drive right thru Indiana. I have driven this trip many, many times. Its about 20hours one way, gaining an hour coming home, losing one going North. I told hubby about this sniper and tonite Ill show him the newslinks. He said its still not too late to fly. But, geesh-our tickets would all cost the price of a new compact car if we bought them this late! I cannot believe people out there in this sick world! I hope Law Enforcement catches the wacko/wackos doing this horrible thing.



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7 responses to “Mundane Monday

  1. Aniin BG,

    It’s not faster to go up through Minn. or Wis? I guess not. Mich has interstate all the way. Yes, please be safe. Blogger was crazy all day. Well, I got back to work this morning, and my awol coworker went missing last week on my vacation, so they fired him on Fri. So now, once again, for the millionth time, I am running the drive aisle by myself. So the mornings are crazy, and I don’t get much chance to blog until afternoon.

    Say hello to Elvis and Scooter for us.

  2. Scooter looks so peaceful out there sunbathing.

    Elvis looks like he could pee on your fee for waking him up. YUP that’s the same look I get from Katie when I wake her up from a sound nap, i just say “Get over dog”, lol.

    The Old Guy is so pretty, he is on curious horse isn’t he?

    Wee One is so cute, i can hear his thoughts right now “Oh NO THE VACCUM CLEANER IS GONNA EAT ME!!!”

    As for the sniper, I hope they get him/them and they get back what they deservice, we live in such a sick sad world these days!

  3. kel

    That is scary about the sniper…hope they get him fast.

  4. brian-bummer about your handy dandy coworker. Might be a good thing tho, maybe youll get a new hard working coworker……just maybe….freaky stuff like that has been known to happen.

    butterflychic26-Elvis has been running down the road and visiting a neighbor doggie…..he is about 1 step away from living life in his dog pen-hes a brat~

    kel-me too!

  5. Hey bg, Elvis is so cute half awake on that share!

    Be careful driving through Indiana and drive REAL FAST!

  6. You really wanna torture me with your pics of serenity!

    Elvis is cute!!! He looks like I feel when others wake me up!!!

    ANy chance you saw the Music fest on ABC tonight?? So many good looking cowboys I lost my mind..(that is what is left of it)

  7. paval-cant drive too fast thru Indiana, lots of hypos (highwaypatrols) 😦

    rebecca-no, didnt catch it altho it as on 1 of the 3 channels we get w/ our antennae (sp?) cant wait until we are able to get some REAL TV channels!

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