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Bright and early this morning I went outside to feed Scooter. As I stepped out onto the porch my nose was assaulted with that awful smell of a skunk. It triggered long put away memories of my coon hunting days and having a young or new dog trash on a skunk. That was the worse case scenario when out hunting in the night. Anyhow, this morning the guilty party was not a blue tick or walker hound, but my own little bitty Elvis hound dog. It seems he must have met up with Mr.Skunk sometime last nite and got himself sprayed-ick! I am so PO’ed I could just choke the little *sshole. At 9am I am calling our doggie groomers and hoping he is working today and not too busy to get stinky Elvis in. I hope there is something he can do for the little jerk. Wee One loves to play with him and he cant now.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Last nite Wee One all lathered up in his special skeeter spray jumping on his ‘Bubba’s’ trampoline. He is getting braver and was jumping by himself.

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Another jumping picture. We’ll have to show these to his older brother because Toddler Terror would never jump alone, only with his ‘Bubba’ (who he kept talking about while jumping). Last nite hubby killed a Black Widow spider inside the garage. So he took everything back out of the garage and sprayed some high powered, super-potent bug spray inside the garage. The Orkin Man was here just before we moved, he was supposed to have treated the house, yard, and ALL of the out buildings. I am calling the Orkin Man today and seeing if the idiot guy even did our garage! They charged us for it and they are NOT cheap. Oh, and I almost forgot I am the lucky one who gets to put all that stuff back inside the garage sometime today-grrrrrr.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wee One washing the sticky skeeter spray off in the big bathtub. Earlier I had both of the bathroom doors opened but Wee One wanted them closed which is a big no-no so we compromised on leaving 1 of the double doors open. How can a 2 yo be modest?!?!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Old Guy getting himself a drink out of the old black water tank. He is barely drinking from the stock tanks. I guess the water just tastes better in that old black round one. He has always done this. Silly horse!

Toddler Terror has his follow up MD appointment today. I am hoping they were able to find out more from the lab tests they were supposed to have did. Its back up into the high 90’s again, still better than 106′ thats for sure!



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8 responses to “Stinky!!!!!!!

  1. Aniin BG,

    Poor Elvis. The continuing story of a weiner that’s gone to the dogs. Man, you have got some critters out there in the hinterlands. I guess you need to shrink wrap the buildings and live in a bubble.

    I think wee one is going to be on the X-Games pee-wee version soon! lol

    Stay cool today.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello BG! Oh, heavens! Little Elvis gets into such trouble for a little guy! Big spirit! I can identify with Scooter – I hazve a favorite glass I like to use – it’s ust the right size and, yes – things taste better with it. MORE spiders! Tarantulas, black widows – what other nasties do you have to watch out for in OK? Hope that junk for the garage is light – you shouldn’t be stressing in the heat. Stay cool – in all ways!
    talk again soon. Diane

  3. Hey BG!

    The Wee One is soooo cute!! lol @ modesty. Indeed, how can a 2 yo be modeat?! Well taught, I say!

    I hope the lab tests are good. I hate not knowing what is wrong when it comes to health.

    GG x

  4. Awww….poor itty bitty Elvis. I bet he is thinking that “it was SO NOT WORTH the hassle chasing after that stinky skunk”. He sure gets into trouble a lot, but as all the books say, “THey are the most Curious Dogs, and do get themselves in a heep of trouble, more so then other breeds” LOL. And looks like yours is putting all that to the test!!! I hope you can deskunktify him!!! He’s so freaking ADORABLE!!!

    Wee One Is braver than ME i do not do trampoline’s!

  5. Ugh, poor you! You can de-skunk a pet using hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap: Much cheaper than a groomer. 🙂

  6. I saw your comment over at CG’s. Maybe the solution here, I should just clone myself. I am so wicked. Bad, bad. 😉

  7. Tomato juice will also take the stink off him.

    Hope the tests come back ok.

    Wee One is sooooo cute!

  8. So many animals so little time!
    So you were a coon hunter..hmmI live right near a military base (Ft. Benning, Ga) and well, I got a 22 just to have at the house with me….one of my buddies took me to a shooting range..OMG each shot I fired I must have jumped 20 feet in the air…There were at LEAST 10-15 miliary guys in there and well…they laughed so hard at this city gal and my goofyness with a gun…You’re more woman than I am!

    Hope the Skunk got rid of all his Funk and lets you and doggie get to smelling fresh agan.

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