Wednesdays Musings

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Lastnite’s sunset. This is my favorite time of the day. I am not sure why. Sunrise is also a favorite time of the day but not as much as sunset. I like the dark as much as I like daylight…….maybe moreso. I used to be a night-owl but since Ive grown older with kids, I am not so much anymore.

Yesterday’s doctor’s appointment went very well. Toddler Terror received a new ointment that is working and another round of meds by mouth. The last 3 times we have seen the NEW pediatrician Indian Health has hired and he is excellent! We still like Dr. S. but the new Dr.E. is better equipped to deal with my little one. He comes to the IHS Clinic we use 2X a week, kind of a pain when scheduling appointments but if we want to use this MD we have to work with his schedule-thats okay. Wee One’s next appointment is in 3 weeks. I am not thrilled about hauling his portable medicine cooler with us all the way to N.MI but it will be something we HAVE to do…sigh. One HUGE and important thing we found out from the blood tests is that Wee One is HIGHLY allergic to ALL dairy products and Wheat Germ. Even a tiny bit of dairy will set his itchy rash off (thats what his MD said) so when we kept a food diary, a lot of the items had dairy in thier ingredients, which is why we could never narrow it down to the exact food. Same goes for Wheat Germ. That sh*t-its in everything!!! Wee One also has an allergy to detergants and something outside, not sure how we’ll figure out exactly what that is tho.

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The dairy thing is a BIG deal. Wee One is a HUGE milk drinker and always has been. So on the way home I stopped at our ONE grocery store that does not have much to choose from and picked up some soy milk. They OF COURSE do NOT carry rice milk or oatmeal breads. So I bought what was available. The chocolate SILK soy milk, Toddler Terror likes and has drank 3 cups of it but the OFF BRAND vanilla flavored soy milk he said “thats nasty, gross”. and handed his cup back to me this morning. The OFF BRAND was the only kind our ONE grocer had….maybe the SILK vanilla brand is better? I hope so! Anyhow, this afternoon, Wee One and I are driving to B-ville to see what is available for him at one of the BIG grocers. This is a huge pain in the *ss since we are leaving in less than a week for our trip but Toddler Terror needs to eat between now and when we depart on our adventure up North.


Here are some random thoughts that have been bouncing around my empty chamber where my brain is supposed to reside, its taken a hiatus from me the last few days it seems.


I am so thankful the highway sniper was caught. A teenager was behind this horror? so it says here Teen Faces Murder Charge in Ind. Shootings.

Was anyone suprised by this: Lance Bass: I’m Gay ? I was not, it was quite obvious. I am waiting for the rest of the band members to ackowledge thier sexual preference in the news now (not really, I could give a sh*t less) but it still amazes me when celebrities or public figures try to lie to the public, it never works. Reminds me of Clinton’s: ” I did NOT have sex with that woman!” yeah, sure I believe ya, uhuh. I could give another sh*t less who the president boinks, or ex-pres in this case. It makes little difference to me as long as he is doing his job of running the country. Just do NOT lie about it!

I watched the video of Jockey Head-Butts Horse. This creep does not deserve to be in the company of horses ever again! He says his act did not actually hurt the horse. He butted his helmet to one of the most tender parts of a horse, the horse’s muzzle. This jockey has also been reprimanded for using his whip improperly and is also being investigated in another event while riding a green horse. O’Neill faces a ban of up to 21 days if found guilty. Not nearly long enough in my opinion. This incident makes me wonder what this idiot jockey does when nobody is watching!

All over the blogosphere, bloggers were talking about jeopardy-champ-ken-jennings-blasts-show . It appears Jennings has his own blog and was dissing Trebeck, calling him a cyborg and a robot, then he was rudely blasting the show that made this nerdy software designer a millionaire. Talk about ungrateful! Jennings needs to go back to his nerdy little life and his nerdy little job. I had forgotten all about this nerd until I hit the blogs lastnite. Ill give the guy credit, he is very smart in some areas and obviously very stupid others.

This past weekend I read a story in the news about a missing 5 yo girl, Destiny Norton from her backyard. She vanished within 10 minutes. It appears over 1 week later her tiny little murdered Body was Found in Neighbor’s Basement . This neighbor shared a backyard with Norton’s family. Norton’s Uncle tried to search this house and was told by police he would be arrested. Police knocked on the neighbor’s door but did not have probable cause to search it. This is just like the Lundsfords case. Child kidnapped by a neighbor and the child is literally FEET away from the child’s home and police still cant find the child. I believe it is time for our laws to change. It should be mandatory that houses within a certain perimeter are searched for a missing child. If a child was missing in my area, I would gladly let police inside my home and property to search. If my child was missing I would expect the same from the people neighboring my home. They would welcome a search, most of them are good people who Ive known since Ive moved to Oklahoma.



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17 responses to “Wednesdays Musings

  1. Aniin BG,

    I was fine until I got to the bottom of your post. *deep breaths*. Not your fault.

    I tried soy milk but soy bothers my stomach which is why I switched to rice milk. I am sorry to say though, it doesn’t taste any better. You can get lactose free milk, sine the lactose is probably what wee one is allergic too.

    Wheat allergy is also pretty common. I’ll help in any way I can with info.

    I’m glad the new meds are helping and that the doctors are available.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. kt

    wow you gave a mouthful! lance bass doesn’t surprise me either. that is so sad about the kidnapping case. the laws should let us search for kids anywhere

  3. Which reminds me, if you want to check on any future posts before you leave let me know and you can peek.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, so sorry that wee one has dairy allergies & wheat! Common, but tough to get around, especially at his age. He will probably not care much for the alternatives, be strong, have the whole family use them. Bri has both, too. Is Elvis de-skunked? How’s the heat today? Just surfing blog world, I’ll be back later. Diane

  5. Hope the new meds work.

    And Ken Jennings seems like a concetied mother f*cker to me.

  6. Hey BG,

    At least Wee One’s responding to meds. But poor babe 😦 It must be a big deal to a kid to have to deal with an allergy, especially when it stems from something his fav milk might contain. I’m so glad I have no food allergies. With the amount I eat, and the variety, I would be pretty miserable if I had to watch myself.

    Have a safe journey and HAVE FUN!

    GG xo

  7. Damn…you have alot going on! The milk thing (lactose intolerant right?) is pretty common. I have several friends that suffer from it. AT least it’s early in life…rather than developing an intolerance after you decide YOU LOVE milk and cheese..then have to give them up.

    Lance friend B is gay and might be excited about this! It made me giggle…I was never much of a fan, but I found the statement amusing after the whole girl gone ga ga syndrome yrs ago.

  8. bri-wee one is not going for the soy milk unless its chocolate 😦 pizza is his absolute favorite food ever…how can I tell him he cant have it?!?!

    kt-yes, the laws are needin a changin

    diane-howdy, its going to be 100 today. elvis is still super stinky, our groomer is in the hospt, he had heart surgery-ahhh! when I get a chance, Ill try one of the homemade rememdies someone has listed, they sounds good.

    kari-very well said about Jennings!

    GG-I know, he loves all dairy products, I am at a loss…

  9. Aniin BG,

    I think you can get non-dairy pizza? I am not sure, but with the amount of people who don’t eat dairy. Try Amy’s Pizza at sprawlmart, her products are in a section by themselves. Also, you can ask around at a Seventh Day Adventist church, or go to Trailady’s blog. She may be able to help on that score.

  10. It is soooo hard when your kids have special dietary needs…..I hate having to tell my son that he can’t have the foods that he loves…..especially since he doesn’t eat enough to begin with. He has a growth hormone deficiency and has to take injections and be on a special diet.

  11. Anonymous

    You mention your groomer in hospital..a lot of people use the vet out here for groomer…I think she is a great, caring vet..I am just not sure who does the grooming..n aide or her hubby??
    I am not talking about Sam’s clinic, I am speaking of Jan’s near the smoke shop..on 99..worth a call..9990..otherwise tomato juice works well..

  12. kel

    My son is allergic to dairy…he prefers the rice milk out of all of them but he will drink the silk, it was quite a change for him still is we have to be so careful and it can be a pain but I can tell such a tremendous difference when I am being dilligent with ingredients so that helps me stay focused on it.

  13. You might try to stay away from “flavored” soy milk (other than the chocolate, obviously).

    Walmart has their own version of “plain” soymilk, and it has a very nuetral taste, which is great for cereal.

    For drinking try either “8th Continent” or Silk “plain”. Both have a very light vannila taste already, almost that of rice pudding or something. Sweet, but not overly so.

  14. Hi BG. I’m so sorry to hear about your little one having allergies like this. My oldest son is autistic and there are some things he shouldn’t eat because it causes him more anxiety and tension.

    He can’t drink cow’s milk so we would have to buy him rice milk, “Rice Dreams” was the name, I believe. I wonder if your little would be able to drink this.

    It’s hard to see your little one not be able to eat things that other kids can’t. Hopefully you’ll find him other alternatives.

    Lance is Gay? There’s a surprise. Like Iago in “Aladdin” said, “…someone could die from that surprise!”

    I am so glad to hear from you that they caught the b*stard in Indiana.

  15. Okay who did not know that Lance was gay? I’m like u I’m waiting for the rest of them to come out of the closet.

    I’m so sickened with all the kidnappings that are going on now. I don’t know but since i’ve hit the 20’s it seems that kidnapping is happening more and more. I never rmember so many happening all at once when I was younger.
    It’s a scary world we live in these days.

  16. omg!! I answered each post and Toddler Terror did something to a phone in another room, it kicked me offline and it was lost-grrrrrrrr he is such a BRAT!his daddy was playing with him and got sidetracked watching 1 of the 3 channels we get off our antennae (sp?) I will be glad when we get more channels ( not until after we are back from N.MI tho) friggin direct TV people!

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