A Rambling.

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Yes, Elvis is still kinda stinky. I did give him a bath yesterday in some potent soap Uncle D. uses on his coon dogs. It helped a little bit. I think maybe another scrubbing with it today(if it doesnt rain here) might damn near knock the skunk smell out. Then stinky Elvis will need another high dollar dose of his Advantage flea/tick monthly application. That is some great stuff. He NEVER has ticks or fleas and he runs all over the countryside.

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When I was outside feeding The Old Guy last nite, hubby and Wee One were out on the front porch until the skeeters got to be too much. Elvis snatched Wee One’s little stuffed horsey that whinneys when you squeeze its belly. Elvis snatched it and ran.

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Here he is with his catch. Wee One wanted it back but it was stinky and wet from dog slobber. Also Elvis hid it inside his doghouse for about 5 seconds until he wanted to play with it again. The Old Guy has a thing for this whinneying toy too. He tried to snatch it from Wee One last weekend when we were in the barn!

I’ll be glad when Elvis gets unstinky, Wee One is well behaved when Elvis goes in the car with us.

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The Old Guy after I fly sprayed him. Guess he had an itch. He really needs another grooming-badly!!

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The Old Guy sticking his tongue out. I went outside yesterday afternoon while Toddler Terror was taking his nap. I did a few things around the yard, picking up sticks and raking some gravel along the edge of the yard. I also gave Scooter a good fly spraying and some cut up carrots to snack on. I took my camera outside to get some good pics of The Old Guy but Wee One woke up from his nap, so no time for good pictures….

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But….I did catch a few pictures of this chopper that flew all around my area, for a long time too. All of these pictures are without my zoom.

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It was weird because I was out in the front yard raking and I thought I kept hearing a chopper. At first I thought maybe it was LIFEFLIGHT flying to Tulsa but it never went away. Finally they flew right over my house, pretty low. I was watching them and they circled back around a few times. I kept thinking maybe I knew them or our tiny town is getting an important visitor. They never did land anywhere that I know of. I also couldnt see any distinguishing characteristics on the chopper to see who it might belong too. I watched them fly around and could hear them off in the distance for quite awhile.


Hubby had a brainstorm this morning. He said we should rent an RV for our trip instead of driving his new truck. It would probably be the same gas mileage and a lot comfyer(is that a word?comfy?) Anyhow, I am not too thrilled about the idea. I havent watched the new movie out last spring called “RV” but I am sure our trip might resemble something similar to it if we drove an RV. OMG, I cannot imagine! Instead of 19-20 hours one-way on the road, it would be 30 hours one-way. But, just to keep his bitching at bay, Ill call the places in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, get price quotes and hope to hell they are so HIGH DOLLAR that hubby will think his idea is not so great…….

I do not want to drive my car, I want to save miles on it. It already has 16,000 miles on it!



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17 responses to “A Rambling.

  1. You have beautiful animals. Eeeew on the skunk smell…..that one takes a long time to wear off. I find it funny that no matter how many toys the dogs and kids have they always want the same toy….it cracks me up.

  2. Aniin BG,

    Mine I tell you, mine! *squeaky-squeaky*

    Renting an RV? And you are leaving in two days? Is this the normal planning timeframe for hubby?

    Is Elvis coming along?

    Let’s see. Cloudy today, warm, sticky, better chance of rain today have had none since Sunday. Good news on SSI, the lawyer said we should have the money by mid Aug. It should be, well, a lot! Diane is doing good.

  3. Anonymous

    Good AM BG!Elvis is still stinky – bummer. Hope the baths & fresh air help. Elvis is sooo cute! That toy horse is almost as big as he is! RVing is fun, but it’s just like horses, if you don’t “got it” – you won’t like it. Got to run, will check back later. Diane

  4. redneckgirl-thnx! you are so right about the tons of toys but they all want the same ONE-whats up w/ that?!?!!

    Brian-Aniin! we are leaving monday evening. Hubby’s finishing up drilling a new well for his company and cant leave until then. Oh yes, hubby LOVES to do things last minute! why plan ahead when you can suffer a last minute headache? I looked at a few local websites and there are some available but they are expensive, a lot more than a hotel, since hubby is so fond of his $$ I bet he’ll think his idea wasnt so hot..

    diane-thats good news about your ssi, ’bout time eh? I am NOT the RVing type..more like the Comfort Inn type of gal or Days Inn or Marriot or Drury Inn…..

  5. Ah yes, penny wise and pound foolish.

    When I travel, I want luxury, hot water, no bugs! You know, the little things.

    Never been camping, have no interest in roughing it. Although, one of those big buses look nice, just so long as someone else is driving.

    Leaving on Monday, gotcha, when are you coming back?

  6. The more I look at Elvis and Old Guy, the more I think they were separated at birth. Same chocolate bundles of adorable joy 🙂 Honest! Look at these pics. lol.

    I am not a fan of long drives unless it’s like in the movies. Open convertible, plush seats, coastal lines, handsome man (this is vital), driving-music, champagne and deli goodies in the boot, and a picnic mat for scenic stops.

    Yep. I love me some Hollywood :p

    GG x

  7. Oh yet again, Elvis is so stinking cute! Also your horsey is cute too!! Such personality!!

    When we went floating Channel 2 out of Ft. Smith was flying around the river, we all waved at them, they were probably thinking, “Yup their drunk!” EHEHEH.

    I think Last week or the week before a very famous man (from american Idol) was flown in by chopper to the little airport strip here in my work town, and taken by limo to a town north of here, his aunt who lives in this area past away. He had to be choppered out because his Personal Jet (can you imagine having one of those) could not land on this airports landing strip, so he was choppered from Tulsa air port to here and limoed to the surrounding town. Nobody knows this hehehe I have now spilt the beans!

  8. I’m tellin’ ya, bathe Elvis in tomato juice. It works.

    Scooter is lookin’ good. If ya want to groom some horses, come on over to my house! 🙂

  9. brian-I used to not mind ‘roughing it’ but I dont enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger.

    GG-your idea of a road trip suits me just fine!

    butterflychic26-who from American Idol? TELL TELL!! pleeeease, I never watch the show but I think I know the peeps on it…

    kari-okayyyIll give the tomato juice a try. Yeah, the old guy looks pretty good. The best compliment I ever received about him was “he always looks the same, every day, every time of the year” which means I must be doing something right! 😉

  10. kel

    Maybe the helicopter was for one of those survey company’s we have had one of them flying around here.

    The RV…let me know…I am suppose to be calling Tulsa and around to see how expensive they are for a trip upcoming and I dont wanna do the RV thing…I figure they are pretty expensive and I heard they get 9 miles to the gallon.

  11. kel

    Maybe the helicopter was for one of those survey company’s we have had one of them flying around here.

    The RV…let me know…I am suppose to be calling Tulsa and around to see how expensive they are for a trip upcoming and I dont wanna do the RV thing…I figure they are pretty expensive and I heard they get 9 miles to the gallon.

  12. Elvis is really cute! Hope the smell continues to fade…

    Spur of the moment can be a good thing…although the older I get the more I like to plan things…What kinda truck did hubby get? I’ve been wanting one for a good year now…and gas prices keep showing me otherwise…I like Ford Lariat 150 and Toyota Tundra, crew cabs on both….But when I put floors in this summer, the truck will have to wait. I have Honda Accord now..only have 65,000 on it and bought it new…so til i pay floors off, win the lotto or convince Ronnie Dunn to marry me…guess I’ll keep driving that Honda.
    Try to enjoy the trip!

  13. Okay, Okay, gee I’ll tell ya! LOL. But ya didn’t hear it from me, teeheee, because I never spill the beans *snicker*. It was Ryan Seacrest….I know Big WHOOPDIE DOO…HEHEHE…no really it was him who has his own jet, got choppered out here and the limoed to the surrounding town. I wish I had my own jet, and then I could lend it to you for your upcoming trip! Would be nicer than and RV and a heck a lot faster!!!

  14. Poor Elvis! I wonder if he can’t stand himself?

  15. Poor Elvis! I’m glad to see you are still posting photos of my beloved Oklahoma 😉

  16. kt

    elvis is so stinking cute! (no pun intended). he looks like he is having a good time with that toy.

  17. Aniin BG,


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