The Birds

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This is not the best picture but it was the only one I took. My camera needs new batteries already (I think!) My zoom isint working very well. Anyhow, see these birds by the blue bucket?(bucket is full of water) There were about 20 of them but most flew away when I went outside to get a picture except for these 4 or 5 determined ones. I put some scraps in the small white bowl for Elvis yesterday afternoon. I came inside to wash the dish and saw Elvis was chased away from his food by those birds!

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Here are the determined ones, they were watching and waiting. I felt like I was in a Alfred Hitchcock movie. As soon as I went back inside the door, they came back. I was not able to shoot them, I couldnt find ANY pellets or beebees for the guns-grrrrr. Either we were out or hubby has stashed them somewhere.

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Some kind of creature came out of this hole in my driveway. I have no idea what kind but I bet its creepy. Hubby said it was a crayfish. I thought those things live in/very close to water. They do in Michigan.

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I caught 2 mice in the barn this morning. I tried to get a picture without them escaping but couldnt. They are gone for good now.

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It hot and muggy outside today.

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We did get a little bit of rain last nite, we need more.


There is an alligator living in a pond in Broken Arrow, OK just outside of Tulsa Alligator Spotted In Broken Arrow Pond. They were trying to trap it and let it loose in SE Oklahoma. I guess we have alligators in Oklahoma.

I am so glad its Friday! even if I did read this in the news first thing this morning: Cindy Sheehan Buys Property in Crawford. That woman needs to give it a rest and fade away…..please.



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14 responses to “The Birds

  1. Dang those determined birds picking on poor Elvis and not letting him eat those scraps.

  2. Aniin BG,

    I can’t tell from the pic, but if the birds are black, short torpedo shaped, they are probably starlings. They only travel in flocks.

    Crayfish? Alligators? I thought we only had weird stuff in FL.

  3. Anonymous

    Crayfish?? I think Emeril and people in Cajun country call them that..Here in Pska, we have always called them crawdads…I never knew why…??
    They also like my driveway and like to get under my creeping phlox…Hubby usually puts something down their hole and they are gone..forever..sometimes he poured used motor oil, but cannot do that in flower beds..

  4. I saw that story about Cindy Sheehan but didn’t read it..on purpose. I feel sorry that she lost her son but it’s turned her into a stalker.

  5. kel

    I saw the alligator story even on our news (about 2 hours from Broken Arrow). As for Cindy Sheehan yuck I too felt sorry for her but she has gone too far.

  6. Alligators? HUH?!?! I don’t know what to think about that!! Kinda creepy if you ask me, and I thought they were salt water creatures? Or is that Crocodiles? Humph, I dunno!

    Birds are wierd, and annoying creatures, unless they are pretty ones! LoL. I have a bird that sits on my window air unit in my bedroom (of course outside) and sings it little heart out everymorning, it only bothers me on the weekends when I am trying to sleep in. Makes me feel like it’s there just to annoy the heck out of me!

    Call me an Idiot, but, I don’t know who this Cindy Sheehan person is. Although I did go to that link and she is SCARY lookin`!!!! YUCKIE!!!

    Hopefully tomorrow I will drag out some vacation pictures and post them on my blog, and you can see we were attack by a flock of Seaguls!!! YUCKIE AGAIN!!!

    Have a nice evening, and try not to be attacked by Alligators, birds, or Crawfish (or whatever it was!)

  7. anymore that 2 or 3 birds starts to creep me out….lol I’ve only seen the birds once but that was enough…..poor elvis.

  8. alfred hitchcock all over the place… too funny all the critters lurking.

  9. kari-yeah, Elvis had a bad week

    bri-they were nasty blackbirds

    anon-crawdads, thats what hubby called them, we call ’em crayfish where Im from

    unacknowledgedgenius-yep, shes a stalker alright. People grieve and I understand that, but she is off her rocker

    kel-that alligator story was too freaky. I feel bad that sheenan lost her son, I feel horribly about that, but shes not the only mother to lose a son in this war.

    butterlfychic26-lmao, you do not know who sheenan is? bless you!

    redneckgirl-ick, I agree more than 1 bird creeps me out. No bird feeders at my house!

    drcharles-yes, always somthing lurking about the homestead! too bad yesterday they were from a horror movie…

  10. Oh i forgot to mention something about the mouse trap. To bad you didn’t get a picture of the mice. Call me crazy I think mice are SOOO STINKIN` CUTE! Course not when they are in my house and pooping in my kitchen cabinet drawers!!! But they are cute!! I’m wierd, and you know what’s sad? That I admit it, LOL.

  11. Don’t let those birds harass poor little Elvis! lol…
    I didn’t know there were alligators in Oklamana?!

  12. Hey BG,

    it sounds like you’ve got everything under control, no? I wld be a total idiot were I to try. I can’t kill anything except ants. And once in a while, I’ve caught myself going, “Oh you poor ant. why did u have to come so close?”

    But dammit. The food STAYS Elvis’ 😉 Poor Elvis! I’ll bet he doesn’t quite know what to think.

    GG x

  13. Aniin BG,

    Diane and I are at the library, she working, me playing. 😉

    Hope you are doing ok with all the last minute stuff. I wanted to let you know that I put a post up just now. A song I wrote for a post I just read.

    Have a very safe trip my friend.

  14. Yep looks like a crawdad hole to me,or maybe a snake….
    Cindy needs to go away. She is not serving any purpose anymore. BTW how can she afford property in Crawford??????

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