Ack! A Notso Pleasant Task…

orning I thought maybe I could have slept in until about 8am. No such luck. Toddler Terror and his father were up at daybreak and being loud. So since I was not allowed the luxury of more sleep I got up and went outside to start my daily chores. Here is Elvis begging for a belly scratch, I gave him one from a distance with a stick. He is still a bit skunky smelling. He tried to bite brother-in-law W. last nite. He even tried to sneak up and bite BIL when he was walking to his truck to get in to leave last nite-brat!

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Wee One playing with his farm animals and his barn. He and hubby played until hubby had to leave to work. This afternoon we are going with him after the drilling rig is finished up. Wee One will get a kick out of seeing the drillers tear down thier rig(we’ll watch w/ hubby from the AC inside the pick-up). Its kinda cool if you never seen it done. Wee One is already tired this morning so I parked him on the couch with his ‘Bambi’ movie. He seems quite content for now.

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The Old Guy bright and early this morning. I called him up to the barn. I had to perform a nasty task that is the most unpleasant thing about owning a gelding. A couple of days ago, I notice his Sheath seemed a tiny bit swelled. At first I thought it was just me but yesterday I checked him again, and it is swollen up a bit. He has been urinating fine and didnt seem sore or tender at first. I am thinking he has a bean but he is being a brat and not cooperating with me. Last nite I washed him with the hose hooked up to the warm water but he would not totally relaxed and distend his pecker-jerk! Usually the pervert has it hanging out every chance he gets but when it needs cleaned (he is so dirty too!) he sucks it up as far as he can into his belly-grrrrr. This morning I tied him to the fence post and let him relax again. Then I tried to see if he had a bean in his urethra but as soon as he saw me coming at him with the rubber glove he would not cooperate! This needs to be done before we leave Monday. I will be so p*ssed if I have to call the vet and have him tranquilized for this procedure. He is used to being cleaned and doesnt kick or fidget. He was fine when I attempted to clean him and was just a bit tender but its a tender spot for male horses anyhow. An hour before Toddler Terror goes down for his nap, I am going to tie Scooter up in the shade and then when Wee One is napping I am going to try one more time to get the bean out. I am almost positive that is what he has. If I do not succeed or am NOT able to do it up to my standards then Ill have to call the vet and hopefully she can come out Monday before we leave. I also have another vet who doesnt live too far away, he is a decent vet and most likely will come out this weekend if I call him. Sigh….I am NOT happy about this new develpoment with The Old Guy, he was just cleaned in late winter!!

Our heat-wave is back. We are AGAIN under a heat advisory and its going to be over 100 degrees today. The heat index is promising to be a sweltering 108+ degrees. If I win the lottery tonite I am going on vacation in Alaska!


Please go over and visit my buddy Paval, he has an excellent post up about how ignorant people REALLY can be. It is one of the reasons why I think people can really suck and another reason why I would rather spend my days with my horses than people in general. I am all for immigration reform but this is so far from THAT topic its not even funny. Paval is a hard working, tax paying, father of 2 who happens to be an American of Cuban orgins since he was 5 years old. Give Pavals post a read, he is very nice about the whole thing. I would have been screeching my car to a stop and then acting in poor taste, probly ending up in the county jail, if I were in his shoes.



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3 responses to “Ack! A Notso Pleasant Task…

  1. Awww, poor Elvis is still stinky, poor little guy.

    Wee One is so cute! I’m a big kid myself and his barn and animals sure look like fun!

    The Old Guy, well lets just say i’m glad its u and not me….

    I’m staying in the house all day long…I will not go outside unless it’s to potty the furbabies, go to the store, laundry matt, and my parents, its hot, i’ll melt!!!

  2. kel

    It is just suppose to get hotter this week…yuck.

  3. Wee One is such a handsome little guy, cute as can be!

    And thank you so much for your kind comments. You would NOT end up in jail, bg, you’re too sweet. You sound more passive aggresive, like you’d find out what car that guy drove and put a banana in his tail pipe. (smile)

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