Blazing Sun

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I really want to practice throwing my rope but its hotter than hades outside right now. There is a good breeze but its HOT. Maybe when the sun is setting….we are not going to the round up club play date. I should be packing for our vacation or doing something productive but I am not. Ill pack last minute in a rush on Monday, I hate packing.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The back of Toddler Terror’s gator. A few old girths that need throwing out, a tomthumb snaffle bit that is older than the hills, some rocks, old hay, 1 old leather rein, a toy car, another toy that I have no idea what it is, and son #1’s old basketball- not his good wilson ball……yes, there is a difference!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I took this picture of the sky just outside of the barn, the sun went behind a cloud for about 2 seconds, it was a nice break from the blazing sun while it lasted.

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This is the bean I removed from The Old Guy’s urethra. In all of my horsey experience years, I have never removed one this large from any gelding. Scooter was just cleaned in early March and an itty bitty bean was removed from his uretha then. I about fell over when I finally got this huge thing removed! I am wondering if I didnt get it all removed last March. Anyhow, he finally cooperated, even for the 1 and 1/2 minute he allowed me to gently removed this from his tender part. I am hoping that is all of it, it most likely is but I will still have to take another look at him. Scooter was interested in the bean and I had to move it from his sight because he kept trying to get it where I set it down on a bucket in the barn-silly horse! I brought the thing inside and took a picture of it before I threw it out. Just after I was done taking the picture hubby walked in from work to get more ice for his water can. He said “what’s that?” I told him what it was and where it came from. He grimaced and said”it came from inside his what?!?” I said”yep, sure did.” Hubby said “what the hell is it a kidney stone?” I told him no, it was dirt and secretions. Then hubby said “ouch, oh my gawd, that HAD to have hurt! I thought the vet check out all those things?” Ummm no the vet does not check specifically for those things, its a horse owners responsibility to clean thier geldings or breeding stallions……

Anyhow, I know you are all thrilled to be hearing about my horse’s pecker! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Old guy even looks happier. He is so hard to take pictures of because as soon as he sees me outside he speeds over to me. Then I back up to take a picture and here he comes chasing me down, so I have to be quick. I wanted to ride this evening but it doesnt look possible now, its too hot and I am not sure when hubby will be done at the new well head. Sigh…..such is life in Oklahoma.



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8 responses to “Blazing Sun

  1. OUCH for the old guy! How is it you live with a horse, a doggie and a barn and you are not a country music fan????

  2. YUCKIE!!!! I bet he feels better though!!! But still YUCKIE!!!

  3. Anyhow, I know you are all thrilled to be hearing about my horse’s pecker!

    LOLOL!! Hahahahahahha! Oh yes, I am. Errmmright..yep…hmm, ok.

    I hate packing too. I am one of those plan forever but pack late as can be. The worst are those early morning flights where I always think it’s a good idea to head out for drinsk so as I won’t fall asleep, and then I get home and it’s panic time. Yep, typical.

    Happy holidays, BG!

    GG x

  4. rofl! I bet if that came out of my pecker, I’d be happier too!

    Geesh, bg, is there anything you don’t do? I bet you can change the oil on a tracker WHILE cleaning a horse’s, errr, you know what, wash the skunk stink out off of poor Elvis, plus keep your wee one safe without blinking an eye.

    My hat’s off to you…

  5. YIKES–getting rid of that would cheer anyone up!

  6. rebecca-Im a die hard rocker…..except my passion for Steve Earle

    butterflychic26-yuck is right!

    GG-lol,I have to laugh about it too, poor old guy. I am forever running late at the airport, hate it when they call my name while Im trying to speed thru security!

    paval-I can do ALOT but nothing mechanical whatsoever…you wouldnt want me changing the oil in anything you might be driving

    bridlepath-I was shocked about the size!

  7. Have a really great time! I’ll miss your post…

    ps: Beautiful pics, as always.

  8. lol Thrilled indeed that bean just looked painful

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