Happy Friday!

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Yesterday morning when I was outside at daybreak, I took this picture of the full moon.

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The scorched, dry grass in my front yard. It used to be green.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All day long I watched the clouds trying to blow up a thunder shower.

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It was still about 100+ degrees when I took this picture yesterday evening while I was outside doing my evening chores. It was so hot, humid, and still-no breeze at all…it felt horrible. About 5-10 minutes after I took this picture the wind started to blow very hard and then it stormed a little bit. The winds blew more than anything else and we need A LOT more rain. The weatherman said it’ll only be 99-100 degrees today, better than the 108 we had yesterday!

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7 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. kel

    We had 107 here yesterday….I am enjoying the clouds we have here this morning with a 40% chance of rain…maybe…maybe….of course then it will just be humid and sticky.

  2. You poor folks! We’re in the lower 90’s and I’m dying. Rain come quickly!

  3. kel-these temps are killin’ me! I am tired of sweating…glad these hot temps shouldnt last much longer.

    paval-Im preparing to go outside and do a rain dance this very minute..

  4. kt

    hope you get some cool weather. if finally…FINALLY cooled off here. we were in the >100degrees last week. it was so nasty. in the 80’s this weekend. i welcome the breeze.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow – 108! Whew! Come to FL, it’s only 96 here and sunny, slightly humid. I’ll clean out the 2nd bedroom and the boys can sleep on our queen size sofa sleeper. You can do all the touristy stuff during the day and relax by a pool at night! (N, I don’t work for FL Tourism!) Let us know!! Diane

  6. kt-I am jealous of your 80 degrees

    diane-dont be suprised if you see me on your front porch some day!

  7. LOVE the picture of the running horse. It’s been hot and humid here too in Missour-ah and I can’t tell you how many times the last few weeks where it has gotten dark and cloudy, looking to promise rain and then it DIDN’T rain. AAARRRGHHH. Frustrating.

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