The Drama…

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My best guy friend D. called earlier today. He is a good friend, just a friend. Very much like an annoying brother who needs slapped on occassion. D. is nice looking, can sure make a pair of wranglers look good, year-round tan with nice muscular arms. His nose is a bit large, more so since hubby broke it for him a few years ago(that’s a whole other story). D. called to say he was coming by after work today. He is getting off early because of the heat and one of his hands having a heat stroke or something like that yesterday. The hand was still in the hospital so it must have been serious. D. said he needed some advice from me about his girlfriend. They have had an on/off relationship for a couple of years. She is atleast 10 or more years older than D. and left her husband of 20 years for D. but she keeps running back to her ex. She moves out of D’s house about once a month (maybe NOT that much but it sure as hell seems like it!) I get along fine with R. but I always get the feeling she has to be the center of everyone’s attention, not just D.’s either or that she might have a Dr.Jhekle/Mr. Hyde personality. My hubby doesnt like her much and calls her ‘the ole’hag’ which is not nice. He says she is always bitching when he’s around her. But then again, my husband thinks everyone bitches about everything, except for himself. My life is drama-less, has been for a few years now, and I like it that way. I get tired of other people’s games and bull shit very quick these days. So, Ill sit and listen to D. yak about his girlfriend, I wont say much because, like any man, he wont listen to what I say. But, D. has been there for me when I really, really needed someone . Those times are rare, but D. was there when I needed someone at a very crucial point in my life, so I’ll be here for him, even if his drama is just that, drama. Once I bailed him out of jail tho, only because he paid his back child support……that was my one condition to bail his ass out-pay the child support he owed! I am happy to say, he has not lapsed in his payments either…guess jail taught him a lesson.

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I am all prepared. I have Wee One’s pool filled, and sun warmed for him to swim in and lawn chairs nearby. I also have near freezing Mike’s Hard Lemonade for me and iced sweet tea for D. (he doesnt drink, never has) When we stopped in Missouri at the Beer Store, I bought 2 packs (buy 1 get 1 free) of Swisher Sweet Strawberry flavored little cigars(filtered). They are delicious! I smoked one on the 4th of July. Made more like a cigarette but taste tons better. Yep, I am very well prepared for D.’s up coming drama session……



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5 responses to “The Drama…

  1. LOL!! You make it sound like a party waiting to happen!! I loathe drama too. I don’t mind listening to other’s and will always stick arnd to hand-hold if need be but I never get involved. Yuck. Drama is horrible horrible. And err…R does sound like she actually needs the drama.

    I hope D chirps up and have fun with the strawberry cuties 🙂

    GG xo

  2. kel

    I like keeping life as drama free as possible, but I always seem to be listening to others drama which is okay but I may take a cue from you next time and have the lawn chairs set up the liqour ready…sounds like a much better way to deal with someones elses drama.

  3. Hey!

    Sounds like you are prepared.

  4. GG-the drama session went by fast and painless with the help of Mike!

    Kel-yep, the alcoholic beverage made it much ‘smoother’….and painless for me too.

    cowgirl-is that really you?

  5. Hmmm…I’m sorry your friend has a taste for the drama. It certainly looks like the girl likes to create the drama…its a good way for her to be the center of attention. I think only D will be able to exit drama for himself. He may ask for your advice but if he’s not ready for the truth, he won’t want to hear it and/or ignore it. He may not be ready to leave the relationship, but if he’s coming to you for advice or to vent, he may be one step closer to leaving.

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