domus dulcis domus (home sweet home)

Saturday turned out to be another HOT day. Today is promising more 100+ degrees temperatures. Generally, the heat doesnt bother me, but this summer, it is kicking my ass. I suppose it is just another fun aspect of getting older. Shit, I wish I was 21 again! I also wish I would win the lottery too….

Hubby spent most of Saturday on his tractor and lawn mower in between naps. Son #1 rode his dirt bike in the early AM then went tubing and water skiing with a friend. Thursday, Son #1 had one of his best friends from school spend the night. They swam in Auntie S.’s pool most of the day. I was going to take them to the Arkansas River in the evening but it stormed, so I rented them DVD’s to watch. I am thrilled that on 8/17 the satellite installers will be here and we will have more than 3 channels on the TV!

Also, yesterday Wee One helped me bake a ham, wheat-free biscuits, and steam broccoli for an early afternoon supper. He and I went for a very short bareback ride on Scooter to the back 40 of the pasture. There is a little stream that comes from an underground spring on the neighboring pasture about 1 1/2 miles away. Its pretty and the water stays fresh and cold. Thats very unusual in Oklahoma-we are lucky it runs across our 30.

This is my $15 wingback chair I bought Friday evening. It was a good deal and I could not pass it up. I am not too wild about the color but it is in excellent shape and VERY comfortable. I am saving up for an overstuffed black leather love seat to match our couch. It is a very expensive one, I really like it so I am waiting until I can buy it to purchase any new furniture. Maybe by X-mas Ill be able to afford it, seriously-if I bought it now it would nearly deplete my own meager personal savings! Sad, I know. Our joint savings are not allowed for such purchases (a hubby rule, thats why he is nicknamed the money police). If I hold out until X-mas, I can buy it with some of hubby’s X-mas bonus(I need to keep my own savings for horse shopping) Meanwhile, Ill keep this chair and then put it in my bedroom(it’ll match perfect in there) after I am able to purchase the love seat. Son #1 and Hubby do not like the color either but both seem to like parking their hineys in it.

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Wee One’s cow. Yes, it still accompanies us everywhere. Yesterday evening, it became lost for a panicked 10 minutes when Wee One and I were out in the barn doing chores. He had set his cow down and couldnt find it when it was time to go indoors. Luckily, I spotted it behind a stack of extra feed buckets. Atleast he doesnt insist on sleeping with it(only his green snake from the zoo!). At night when its time to pick up all of his toys, he puts all of his animals inside his toy barn-its kinda cute!

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This is a signed 2002 Peter stonehorses model I keep in my BreyerHorses collection. I have many Breyers. Some are collectors items, some are worn from playing with when I was a little girl, and some are still in their origional boxes. I have A LOT of them. I unpacked them last night and gave the ones not in their boxes a good cleaning. I have models Ive had since I was 5 yo. Hubby made me some shelves for them at our old house and didnt take them down when we moved. He promised new ones. I hope he gets them done soon.

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This is the last model my mother bought for me before she passed away. She gave it to me X-mas 1980 when I was 11 yo. Every single model I own has a story. Many were given brand new as gifts, some I found at garage sales, some I bought new for myself ( like Docs Keeping Time, Cigar, and Rugged Lark models to name a few), and some were just given to me from friends who know I collect them, many of them show wear marks from being loved by another horse lover, but I always have a place in my collection for them.

My camera needs new batteries. I wont be going to Wal-Mart for darn near a week, dammit…



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3 responses to “domus dulcis domus (home sweet home)

  1. Sucks to be miles from Wally World. Sometimes

  2. I really like your little boy’s cow! You poor thing, I’ve been there looking for some precious object my children can’t live without, looking for 15 minutes after you were supposed to put him to bed, and 30 minutes after you wished you were laying down.

    Best wishes and strength to you!

  3. cowgirl-yes! it does

    paval-lol, you are such a good father, you kiddos are lucky ones 🙂 you are so right in your comment too 😉

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