Sizzling Sunday

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Hubby and I were outside working around the barns and garage so I decided to take a picture of Scooter before I fly sprayed him.

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Of course he isint going to pose all pretty for me.

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See why its harder than hell for me to get decent pictures of him when he is in his pasture all by himself? This was a trick too, because I had to be quick before my camera died. After I got a good look at the Ole Guy, I decided to give him a soapy bath before he was fly sprayed. I let him dry off tied under the big shady tree where he couldnt roll around in the dirt. When he was dry, I fed him a few carrots and a snack cake, fly sprayed him and retied him to the tree so the spray would dry.


Wee One helped out by hauling some stuff in his John Deere Gator while hubby and I fixed a small part of a paddock and set up my panels for a round pen. I am hoping someone calls soon with some work other than working cattle. I would love to have a horse or two here at home to train. Its been several weeks since I finished up with the sorrel and sent him home. I am ready now to start working again. Son #1 is all enrolled into school, it starts on Wednesday. We are all set for school to start!



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9 responses to “Sizzling Sunday

  1. so any pics from the vacation?


  2. Boy, I’ve never been THAT close to a horse, BG. I could almost smell him on that last pictures!

  3. kel

    Gotta get your camera battery soon because I love your pics!

  4. i cant believe summer is over (only according to the calender not the temps) and school is fixing to start.

  5. portascat-I already posted them!

    paval- really? thats the closest? horses smell great, my favorite smell, especially my own horse!yeah, I know I am strange.

    kel-I know! I hate living miles from Wallyworld at times..

    unacknowledgedgenius-yes, you and I must be on the same thinking level this AM cuz I just wrote my Father a snail mail letter and said the exact same thing!

  6. portascat-I already posted them!

    I mean the lakeside ones!

  7. I’m learning a lot about horses from your blog. You’ll have to tell me the process of fly spraying a horse. It sounds like it can be rather involved.

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