Somethings Wrong Here

Something is definately wrong here at the homestead. I’ve always known my family is an odd one, but here lately they are getting stranger, (in my opinion.) My 2 yo insists on watching the Jurassic Park Movies, all 3 in the series in the exact order. When son #1 was very young, he also loved the movies. So did I-they were good movies. I was a dinosaur nut when I was a kid too…but son #2 is so young-I thought the movies might scare him but obviously I was wrong. Hubby said not to let him watch them, but I gave in because I had a stabbing headache from hell yesterday and did not have the strength to try to reason with Toddler Terror’s 2 yo mind. He is going to be 3 yo in November so he is getting a bit better on his reasoning skills, but it is a huge battle over certain things, and the movies was a big issue. Then on top of my crippling headache yesterday, I over-hear 12 yo son #1’s phone conversation with his father. He was waiting for hubby to pick him and his dirt bike up to go ride on some trails on 200+ acres that hubby’s company owns while hubby worked at one of the well-heads. So, son #1 called his father to see when he’d be at the house to pick him (son#1) up.
Here is what I heard:
Son #1 “Dad, where ya at?”
Son #1 “okay, Im ready, huh, huh, what?”
Son #1 ” What kind of rattler?”
Son#1” Dad! Dad! Hello?!”
Son #1“Dad!…oh, where’d it go?”
Son #1 “How big was it?”
Son #1” huh?, okay, Im ready, hurry, kill it and come get me!”

Then son #1 hangs up the phone, grabs his helmet and heads for the door. I am in a near panic, hubby is atleast 8 miles from anyone where he is working and does not have his snake killing gun because I locked it up in the gun cabinet when we went on vacation. So, I know he’ll try to kill the snake with a shovel-grrrr.

I stop son #1 before he gets too far out the door.

Here is our conversation:
Me “Where’s your Father?”
Son#1 “B. Lease”
Me “What was he doing?”
Son #1 “gonna kill a snake”

son #1 puts on his helmet

Me “What kind?”
Son #1 “rattler”

son #1 adjusts his goggles

all this time son #1 is taking baby steps across the porch to escape me.

Me“How was he killing it? His gun is here.”
Son #1 “shovel”

son #1 pulls on his riding gloves.

Me “sh*t! I swear, your dad is going to get snake bit!”
Son #1 “nahhhh, it crawled under his truck, he said he’d probly just run it over then kill it, if he can get inside his truck.”

then son#1 jumps on his dirt bike and peels out in the driveway gravel.

I keep reminding myself, all 12 yo boys act like this, I know because I took a poll among my 12 yo’s friends mothers, and they said yep, their sons act the same way. I also have to keep reminding myself that my 12 yo is at the top of his entire 7th grade class and is in the accelerated academic program for gifted and talented children…somedays he sure doesnt act like it!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My 2 sisters (J. and K.), and I went on a shopping excursion one day when I was in N.MI. We saw this van parked at one of the Lake Michigan parks while we were taking a short walk at dusk. We noticed vendors and workers setting up on the Lake front and we pulled into the pier entrance. We stopped a good looking man and asked him what was going on, he told us in a know-it-all but flirty way the info we requested. He was a cutie, if your attracted to the Green Peace, sandal wearing, professor eye-glasses outdoorsy type.

I mentioned to no one is particular while taking the pictures of the van it looks like someone doesnt like our good President Bush.” Sister J. answered, “I dont.” Then all 3 of us discussed our President, other Presidents, and the good ole boy network (the good ole boy network is how things work where I live, the ONLY way things work too). Sister J. had some very good points in her feelings towards our President. I certainly could see where she was coming from. But, I also support Bush and I like him, I do not always agree with him, but I think he is doing a decent job in the White House. Thats why we are so lucky to be citizens of the USA, our Constitutional Rights….such as Freedom of Speech, our ability to voice our opinion without being persecuted for it.



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16 responses to “Somethings Wrong Here

  1. My kiddos are the same way they watch things over and over. But if he likes them and isn’t scared I don’t see the harm in every once in awhile. Probably a phase and he’ll move on to something else soon.

    I can appreciate cuties from all aspects and walks of life… I am a equal opportunity gal.

  2. Aniin BG,

    I only liked the first JP movie, didn’t know there were three?

    I just realized that I didn’t eat my blueberry yogurt granola bar this morning at work, no wonder I feel weird.

    We crunchy granola types are always flirty. *bats eyelashes* For my favorite queen of the plains, I’ll do anything. 😉

    Btw, *whispers*, it’s not you, it’s them. Be warned.

  3. Hey BG!

    I love love love the convo Son#1 had with the hubby! Too funny 🙂 Children are precious like that. Excitable when they shldn’t be, unflappable when they shld be.

    Err.. I am with Bunny on JP movies. I’d always thought it was just the one. Probably because it’s not a chick flick. My attention span only allows for sappy “ooh ahh” movies :p

    GG xo

  4. redneckgirl-like you-I do not discriminate against a fine male human speciman 😉 altho I prefer the redneck, camo wearing type for my own personal viewing pleasure…

    Aniin brian-oh yeah, there are 3 movies
    part 1 Jurassic Park
    part 2 Jurassic Park The Lost World, and
    the 3rd Jurassic Park Part 3 this is the one with the taradactoyls (sp?)

    lol, brian, I appreciate a fine male form, even if he IS a granola eating, mineral water drinking man.

    GG-you have described my son #1 perfectly, he doesnt fret much but when he does, its usually over something minor! I liked all 3 of the JP movies, but like all movies Part 1 was the best. I also LOVE scary, horror, mystery, and all that good stuff too! I have a few good pornos too since were talking movies.. But, hubby doesnt like scary movies, he is more your mystery or “Hope Floats” kinda movie guy-you two would be perfect for a movie date! He does like my porn collection tho ;)even has added to it

  5. Doe

    What sort of mysteries do you like? Any recommendations? If you like the Brit detective sort, the Foyle’s War series is UNBELIEVABLY good. 😉

    OK, so what happened with the snake?! I’m dying to know now…

  6. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I am sure he LOVES your collection! And I am in no doubt he has added to it 😉

    GG xox

  7. BG,

    Does that mean the collection appeals to trouser snakes? Maybe that’s why there are so many dangling around the homestead.

  8. GG-my best guy friend D. does not like porn! how strange is that for a man? he is such a wishywashy/mushy guy tho!

    brian-you are such a MAN! lol, I am sure my collection appeals to the trousers snakes, maybe not the “male sex slave kept captive in the basment” video, but its a fav of mine!

  9. doe-I love all kinds of mysteries! thnx for the recommendations 🙂 the snake got away when hubby jumped into his truck, he said he wasnt going hunting after it either.

  10. Oh BG,

    Does that mean you have a basement too!!! *swoons*

    *Checks MAN card* Yup, still valid.;)

  11. brian-heehee, nope no basement here at the homestead, just in the porno movie….sigh I dont even have a scary cellar anymore!

  12. So, can we come visit anyway?

    We had a scary cellar out in the country, all dirt and limestone.

  13. The van was cool…and Did you not take a picture of this cute guy you asked questions??? He sounds like my type…

    I like Bush. I think he has done the best he can with what he has had to work with…Anybody is better than Hillary Clinton. I liked Bioll but the thought of Hillary in charge scares the shit out of me. I mean hell she couldn’t satisfy her hubby…so what makes ANYONE think she could satisfy the U.S.???

  14. hola Equine Goddess.

    It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by and dropped a line. As always you have some interesting pictures up. Were you a hippy in a former life?

  15. BTW- I agree with you about W. He is doing a decent job and I think history will credit him for a lot more later down the road.

  16. brian-scary! I dislike cellars and will NOT go inside one, unless of course I cant out-run a tornado. Sure, c’mon down to Okla, tornado seasons over (I think)

    rebecca-omg! I am still laughing like a fool all alone at my puter about what you said about hilary!! I cannot stand that woman, not for a mini-second, she gets on my nerves so badly, worse than fingernails on a chaulk board! I hope she never makes it to the White House. No, I didnt take pics of the directions guy, he was very handsome in a save the earth/professor/clean cut kinda way. Not my type but definately liked looking at him 😉

    Jake! my absolute favorite soldier (‘cept for my cousin M. over in Iraq) I have missed your handsomeness lurking around my blogger. No, I wasnt a former hippy but I bet Id fit in pretty damn well. I think it has something to do with my strict Catholic up-bringing. I like Bush, I voted for him 2X and Id do it again if I could 🙂

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