Noli habere bovis, vir! (don’t have a cow, man!)

Yesterday afternoon was crazy! About 4 pm, Son #1 and I decided to zoom to Tulsa to buy new football cleats and I wanted to pick up some groceries for Wee One’s special diet at Akins. The sales people at Academy Sports & Outdoors were useless. I honestly have never seen a bunch of worthless workers in my entire life. Even our cashier was a loser! And on top of that he was slower than molasses in January, which was not good for son#1 and I because we had people in line behind us that stunk so BAD that son #1 moved to the end of the check-out counter leaving me closest to their stench. It was bad, real bad. Anyhow, we needed lots of new football equipment and Academy was the place we needed to shop at otherwise I would have went to Foot Locker and paid $25 more dollars for the same cleats we bought at a better price at Academy. I love Academy Sports stores-except the sales help. There were 2 other mothers trying to outfit their boys with cleats just like me. For a few minutes we contemplated throwing a huge fit and hollering for a manager but then we came to our senses. Any manager managing these lazy, dont-give-a-sh*t employees cannot be much better. Well, son #1 and I made it out of the store with his new cleats, the ones he just had to have, and some other football stuff, and a couple of new t-shirts for school. It was worth the B.S. and avoiding a trip to the mall.

I also went grocery shopping for Wee One’s special diet at AKiN’S Natural Foods Market in the Fontana shopping center. What a great store! I loaded up on all kinds of wheat-free and dairy-free foods and treats for Wee One. I went crazy food shopping for him. I even found non-dairy yogurt and puddings for him, his favorites. I was very pleased with the whole store and the sales people. Especially a guy named Scott who has promptly answered my emails and questions about the store and their products. He also has helped me set up a way to shop online at the same exact store without having to make the 1 hour trip SE to Tulsa when Wee One needs foods! Yesterday I took my ice-chest to haul the perishable foods home, that wont be necessary now, I can order online.
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This is Toddler Terror’s new cow(a Hereford ), it and the black & white Holstein cow go everywhere with us now. Toddler Terror has let it be known, the tag on brown cows leg stays ON.
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While son#1 and I were in T-town, Wee One talked his daddy into letting him move his train set out of his room. I had it set up in there for a reason! The last few years I have gotten really obsessive about clutter. Hubby and I have had a few good fights over me throwing stuff out and his ‘junk collecting’ behavior.

This morning on the TV news, I caught a glimpse of Suspect confesses to Jon Benet’s murder/sex assault. This creep said “it was an accident, I am sorry.” Ummm, yeah, sure, ya are-thats why you are being held in Thailand on unrelated sex-charges.1. Accident you didnt cover your tracks better, 2.sorry your worthless scum sucking *ss got caught.
I never was sure 6 yo Benet’s murder was an inside job or an outside one either, all of the facts were never publicized to make a decent opinion either way. Altho, I do think that parents who dress their small children up and put them in beauty pageants need their crazy heads examined. Some of that beauty pageant stuff is crazy!

Well, if they need someone to throw the switch on this Karr creep or give him the lethal injection, it would be my pleasure!



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7 responses to “Noli habere bovis, vir! (don’t have a cow, man!)

  1. Aniin BG,

    So where do I begin today! My friend Trailadyhas two recent posts about the lack of customer service and about JonBenet. You must be related! Having been in the service industry for many years, I know the realities of the business. Low prices equal low service. As much profit as possible is sucked out by the company by providing as little untrained help as is legal. Quite frankly, most stores would like to get rid of employees altogether, they *eat* too much and don’t taste good.

    Unlike those yummy cows!!!

    I am with you on clutter, I bet Hubby doesn’t do any of the pick up, does he.

    Good news for wee one with the store, makes me happy when you are happy.

    Love B

  2. Doe

    What was he doing in the Ramsay house in the first place? I was incredibly shocked when they announced an arrest, as to my mind the family just seemed so…shifty. That’ll teach me to swallow what the media gives me. FWIW, don’t know what it’s like elsewhere, but in Ontario you need a police check before you even start teacher’s college.

  3. brian- you are such a sweetie and no hubby does NOT pick up anything, in fact sometimes, he tosses his dirty clothes towards the laundry room door, how irritating is that!?! I am pissed at him today, I want to wrap my hands around his throat and shoke th elife out of him, but I cant, I was raised properly, dammit.

    doe-yes, the family always seemed odd to me too, but I just couldnt buy that Patsy R. could live with someone she suspected murdered her daughter( like her hubby or one of the sons) I know in Okla teachers have to pass background checks but thats about it, sad, it should be a lot stricter.

  4. BG: I like toddler terror’s new cow, label on leg and everything!

    And I can so relate about the clutter stuff. The fights… ooooh…

  5. I feel better for Benets parents cause they were always considered suspects. See people like him should be castrated slowly…let hi agonize in pain before we give him a lethal injection.

  6. kel

    Fort Smith is getting an Academy sporting store opens next week of course my crazy SIL is suppose to go work there so that tells me they will hire anyone, because it will be job 19 in a year.
    Tulsa has a couple of good health food stores, I order a lot of my stuff online because unfortunately Fort Smith as big as it is has no good health food stores.

  7. glad you found a good store, that actually has sales people that do their jobs….sooooo hard to find these days.

    I am with you on the Karr thing…..this guy was a teacher?!? Scary!

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