Simple Sunday Pleasures

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Wee One helping me bake his Daddy’s birthday cake.

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Sunday evening, Wee One helped me with the evening chores.

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My little ranch hand. He was feeding the Old Guy his hot tamale candys earlier!

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Hubby and boys want to hang a swing in one of those branches. I am not too sure it is a good idea…….

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Elvis, my little hunting dog! He is a great squirrel and rat dog, but thats about it…

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Its hot and humid, but it didnt make it to 100 degrees which is great!

I am not a country music fan, but I like this song. Of course, I love hunting, and I love hunting with a good hound even better….

Ol’ Red
By Blake Shelton



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12 responses to “Simple Sunday Pleasures

  1. I am not a hunter…but Blake is a cute guy!

    The Arkansas river looks like it hasn’t had much rain lately…

  2. He’s so cute baking there!!! Gotta get ‘im an apron and complete the look!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Barn God!!

    GG xo

  4. kel

    That last pic of the horses is beautiful. I love that video, of course I am a huge country music fan.

  5. Aniin BG,

    Happy birthday to the hired hand.;)

    And hope you have a day off soon!

  6. Hey BG!! Great pics! TT looks in fine form in these pics, you should document him when he misbehaves (for blackmail later in life!). Elvis is SO cute! Happy B-day to the Hubby. Love this song, it’s one I’ve heard during my country music stage of listening. Hope all is well, have a cool day! D

  7. rebecca-The Arkansas is low, Okla is over 24 inches below our normal rains 😦 if that’s Blake in the vid, he is delicious…..I like his voice, but I like even better he is singing about a houng!

    paval-your right, he needs an apron!

    GG-Mr. BarnGod received breakfast in bed, lucky man 😉

    kel-thnx! Im not to hot on country music but there are a few I like.

    Aniin brian-Have a super monday

    felinefrisky-good morning! I have TONS of blackmail pics on n=both of my boys…heheheh locked away safely

  8. cute pics…..looks like you got yourself a good lil’ helper. Love the song. 😉

  9. Hehe TT is so stinkin` cute! Hot Tamales (sp?) are my favorite! Elvis looks to be up to no good 😛 He’s stinkin` cute too 🙂

    Happy birthday to the Mr. Barn God!

    you have yourself a nice and relaxful Monday, if that is even a possiblity!

  10. aw sweet little cook. lol Love that song too

  11. redneckgirl-thnx! Wee One can be such a sweetie sometimes!

    butterflychic26- no relaxing here on Mondays, its cleaning day-ick!

    dakotablueeyes-it is a good song, isint it?

  12. Doe

    I used to go to Texas a couple of times a year, and once went in July. HOT?! I thought I’d died and gone to hell. 😉 (spot the Canadian!) Your Wee One is adorable–I can’t believe the horse actually ATE the Red Hots!

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