Whisky In A Jar

Whiskey in the Jar
By Metallica

I wonder if Bryant Gumbel will ever learn to keep his big, stupid, mouth shut. I love the NFL. I love watching football, any kind of football-‘cept Arena Football. (I especially enjoy son #1’s games-maybe I’ll be watching him in college or The NFL games someday). I cannot tolerate Gumbel. I think he is an arrogant, loud-mouthed, opinionated, SOB who needs canned. I refuse to watch him on HBO’s NFL rundown program. I hope he gets into a lot of career trouble over his last remark. Not nice of me, I know it but Gumbel is a mean-spirited man who needs someone to put him in his place. Maybe incoming commissioner Roger Goodell and Steve Bornstein, who runs the NFL Network, will take action against Gumbel’s suggestion ON AIR that Paul Tagliabue show his successor “where he keeps Gene Upshaw ‘s leash.” What a jerk!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Yesterday afternoon, Toddler Terror was just begging to go outside and play in the rain. Hmmmmm, no wonder I have a few flys inside my house. Shut the door!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Both of my boys LOVE this beef jerky in a pretend snuff can. Why is that? It doesnt taste all that good. It must be the packaging!

Yesterday late afternoon after son #1’s football practice, I picked up babysitter B. I took hubby over to B-Ville to Montana Mike’s for a birthday dinner. It was delicious, the margarita’s were EXCELLENT. Lots of top shelf liquor in them. After a couple of those and our huge dinners, we went to super Wal-Mart to walk it off and sober up for the drive home. Once I get hubby into a Wal-Mart, it is harder than hell to get him out! Anyhow, we picked up a few things, and barely made it home before 10pm babysitter B’s school nite curfew and our 12 yo’s bedtime.

Hubby received a fifth of Crown Royal Whisky from his best friend R. for his birthday. It is good whiskey. I like it mixed with Coke or just chilled and on the rocks. It wont last long if hubby leaves it in the liquor cabinet, I’ll drink it! I told him to fill his flask with some for work, but he declined…hubby isint much of a hard liquor drinker.



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11 responses to “Whisky In A Jar

  1. Oh, how I love love that picture of Wee One!! It is such a wonderful shot, almost poignant for some reason. The tiptoes, the little hand still safe within the house..almost out but not just yet. That’s how it is, isn’t it? We’ll always want our kids (well, when I have mine, that is..) to leave just that tiny hand still safe within our care, never mind that their eyes are cast elsewhere in the adventures they must seek.

    I love this photo, BG!

    GG xo

  2. oooh margaritas and wal-mart…..fun! I am the same way I can’t get out of wal-mart for under $100 even if I only go in there for one thing. LOL. Crown and coke good combo although I’m not allowed to drink whiskey anymore….lol

  3. Annin BG,

    I think you should submit that photo of wee one to a contest somewhere. Very nice.

    Let’s see, beef jerky and whisky, something I know nothing about. 🙂

  4. SailorMoon

    I love all your pics but — is that rain?? Real rain?? Texas can sure use it. This has been one long hot summer. WeeOne reminds me of my 4 yo son. Always into something!

  5. GG-I love what you said about Wee One’s photo! and here I was thinking about all the flies getting inside. You certainly made me see it totally different, THANK YOU!!

    redneckgirl-are you a bad girl when you indulge in the fire water?

    brian-thnx for the pic compliment! I have no idea where Id send it to tho. Since ya know nothing about jerky and whiskey,Ill be happy to give you a lesson, if Diane approves

    sailormoon-boys will be boys! Ill do a rain dance for you in Texas 🙂

  6. While you’re dancing for Texas, you might as well include Florida, too. What an adorable little man wee one is! My Mom used to send me out in the rain – a real downpour – in my under wear with a bar of soap! Good clean fun! D

  7. kel

    We finally got some rain yesterday evening, enough to keep the weeds growing!

  8. What a cutie!! :0) I’d enjoy the Crown Royal myself ;0)!

  9. Wish we could get some of that rain! It’s cloudy this evening and I can hear thunder in the distance but it was the same story yesterday and we didn’t get a drop. Love the picture of TT wanting outside.

    I love good beef jerky. Try No Man’s Land peppered jerky if you can find it..and I bet you can, it’s made in OK…good stuff. I agree though that most jerky tastes like crap.

    How are you putting music on your blog without the player showing?

  10. Love the picture of your little ‘un looking out of the open door. That’s a frame-worthy pic.

    We don’t have the jerky in a can here…might be western midwest type thing (I think I’m in the northern/eastern part of the midwest) I bought a package of jerky while in Seattle that was sooo good. But do they sell it here? Noooo. LOL.

  11. Ditto on the cool pic of little man looking out the door! Very cool pic indeed!

    I’m glad it’s raining for you, that way you’ll have a little relief from the heat that has been plaguing you for weeks!

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