Ponderings From The Reservation

Today, I visited with an acquaintance of mine who trains horses professionally. She works with her brother, and they train a lot of nice, very well-bred, expensive horses. Her family’s business is mainly the Western Show crowd but throw in a few hunters under saddle in the mix, and thats what they do. They charge a lot of $$ for their services but they also give you what you pay for. A programmed winner in the show ring.I have evolved over my years. I no longer want my horse to have his/her nose dragging the ground and loping at a near standstill. I want a natural, comfortable head carriage for my horse. I want my horse to show some spirit. Do not mistake me. My horse or any horse I teach, will poll to the bit correctly, have his/her hindquarters underneath them and stop on them when asked, the horse will understand what I am asking thru leg cues, and so on.

I do not agree with this type of training method. But, it does produce results. But, I prefer a more less invasive way to achieve a proper headset. I am not beyond using a tie-down on a head thrower if I am roping. My own horse does not throw his head, but a lot of ropers do. It can be a huge pain in the ass while roping if your horse is slinging his head all over the place.

I like this horse by the way! A very sharp looking gelding who is just as flashy without the saddle in the pasture.

This gelding has a long, springy stride. I would have loved nothing more than to jump in that saddle.


A Country Boy Can Survive
By Hank Williams Jr.

Toddler Terror’s doctor’s appointment went well. It took forever waiting for the MD to finish up with a minor emergancy, he apologized. I told him we understood, if it was my kid having an emergancy, I would want the same amount of time and energy put into the situation as his MD did. I was kinda pissed at Wee One tho. Dr. S. his old doctor and Dr. C. my doctor both tried to entertain Toddler Terror while we were waiting for his pediatrician to free up and Toddler Terror wouldnt have nothing to do with them. Instead, he wanted to play in the drinking fountain and break into the X-Ray room to visit with the X-Ray lady. Grrrrrrrrr! It didnt help matters that we were planted in 1 chair outside the pediatricians examining room. We’d have been better off out in the lobby with the little kid toys to keep Toddler Terror busy-oh hell, who am I kidding, he’d be a giant brat out there too……

Wednesdays, is the only day I usually make a slight effort to watch the Montel Williams show. I am not a big fan of his, but I do give him credit for airing the many, many missing persons cases and unsolved cases that deserve media coverage. This is something I am grateful to him for. On Wednesdays, Montel has psychic Sylvia Browne as a guest. She answers questions and stuff like that. I am not sure I believe her to be a true psychic but I do get a kick out of her answers sometimes. More than once, Ive noticed that Montel and Brown have a sort of routine they play for the audience. When Brown is having difficulty dealing with an audience member, Montel jumps in and diffuses the situation or goes to a commercial or goes to another audience member with a question. I have never read any of Brown’s books but people who have read them have told me they do enjoy them. Brown speaks of spirit guides, which I believe in, altho I think her definition of ‘spirit guide’ and mine are not the same. My idea of spirit guide is derived from my Native American culture, Shamanism Animal Spirit Guides Core. (I missed the program today, the only daytime TV I ever watch too!)
I did some light internet searching on Brown. I came up with Psychic Sylvia Browne once failed to foresee her own criminal conviction and Sylvia fraudulent Browne and FOXNews.com – TV Psychic Misses Mark on Miners. I suppose being a celebrity, people are going to nit-pick at her but, the 1 million dollar challenge is not something to scoff at….I’ll let you make your own decision on her. For now, I dont think I’ll be paying her $800 for a reading……….

A few days ago, we all went out for chinese food. My fortune cookie said this:
you show your true face to the people who really matter.” Hubby and son#1 are still talking about how my fortune cookie fortune was RIGHT ON…..I am not so sure. But, just to be safe, I am going to play the numbers on it today in the Powerball Lottery and the Oklahoma Lottery. I’ll let y’all know if I win.

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It looked like it was trying to brew up a storm outside. However, I think it missed us.

Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin
The Great Spirit is in all things, he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us….



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9 responses to “Ponderings From The Reservation

  1. Aniin BG,

    *sigh* As usual, I had just left a comment on yesterdays post, look a new post. Anyway, my mother used to do channeling, which is having a guide speak through you. I also had one session with someone who channeled, it was interesting. I myself have always been able to sense things clearly, but physic is more about sensations and feelings than seeing the future.

  2. Hi 🙂 I haven’t been by for awhile. As always you have lovely horse photos!

    I can relate to the problems with toddlers at the doctor’s office. Very stressful!

  3. I’ve seen Sylvia on an infomercial a year or two ago. I recently went to Books a Million and was flipping thru a few astrology books and some poetry ones..Well Sylvia had a whole 3 shelves dedicated to her and her books/Cds. She is apparently quite popular. I’m not sure what I think…meaning I think the stars hold some depth…and I’ve had my cards read on several occassions…but I take it with a grain of salt.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful horse. I’ve never been on a horse, sad I know being from KY where so many horses are raised…..unfortunately the closest I’ve been to one is at the track…..when I go I have to go to the paddock where they walk them before the race….they are such beautiful animals.

    I completely feel your pain on the MD issues. When I was preggers with my youngest I was on bed rest had to go to the doctor several times a week & keeping my oldest occupied, who was 3 @ the time, was close to impossible.

  5. I’m sorry my well wishes for TT’s behavior didn’t hold true 😦 I just hate waiting on physicians. I know that everybody needs time. But I get antsy waiting and irritated – not good for doctor/patient conversation. Great looking horse! Horse training sounds sorta enjoyable. I imagine it’s also hard work. Hey, if ya win the lottery, you could move football training closer to home! Money talks. lol D

  6. SailorMoon

    I used to try not to get into the daytime tv when I wasn’t working but I have to say I did enjoy Montel and the shows with Sylvia. She seems sincere enough and I’ve wondered if she does do anything with the police as far as solving things. To me, it wouldn’t hurt!

  7. Wow! So much information, where to start? :0) First, I agree with you about the horses. I don’t blame you for wanting them to be more free when they’re trained instead of something so invasive.

    Next, toddlers- they’re unpredictable :0)

    Lastly, Sylivia Brown. I’ve watched her many times. I do believe she does have some powers, but I don’t necessarily believe that she has them to the level that she potrays herself to. I just don’t know? If nothing else, she definitely entertains me :0)

  8. Hey Barngoduss I like that horse in the photos to hey I was wondering if you know how to tran a horse to do corsage I have a 2year old filly that has great foot work ,and loves to dance when lunging ,and i was thinking about traning her for show can you give me any tips or anyhelp .

  9. brian-thats neat, I believe we all have ‘gut instincts’ that are strong, mine has NEVER been wrong. Some of us have cultivated that power more than others…

    kyahgirl-hi stranger! glad your back ’round 🙂 toddlers ack!!!

    rebecca-brown has wrote a lot of books! I had a reading once by a psychic and he was correct on a lot of things. It was funny because he knew(the day of the reading) a little song bird flew into one of my dad’s huge windows and knocked itself unconcious, my dad being the bird/animal lover that he is, rushed outside and breathed into its beak, it cam eback to life, about 3 hours later it flew away. No way the psychic knew that, I didnt even know it!

    redneckgirl-this certain horse is a stunning animal, truly a beautiful mover.

    felinefrisky-$$ does talk! unfortunately I didnt win..sigh

    sailormoon-I think all psychics should help the law

    miss1999-yep, I find brown entertaining too, I htink she has a higher power but no that bog of one

    hope-email me and I can maybe help. I have never trained a horse at dressage level, but I can certainly get you started or point you in the right direction. lorinokla@aol.com

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