She Talks To Angels
By The Black Crowes

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Last night, sleep was being evasive. As I was laying in bed, I was thinking about my visit with the trainer acquaintance yesterday. I recalled part of our conversation about a gorgeous Palomino thoroughbred mare she had trained in early spring. My friend was telling me about this mare and how she has placed #1 in a lot of her classes and was currently a competitor for the state’s #1 Palomino spot. She was also telling me that this mare had no personality, she was just BLAH, nothing. She was a smart horse and a quick learner, but nothing in the personality department. The mare never whinnied at feeding time or even a quiet nicker. As I was recalling this, I remembered ‘Puke’ NOT his registered name but it describes his personality. Puke was an American Saddlebred showhorse I showed for one year when I was 19 yo. He was a stunning horse and an absolute winner in the show ring. Once he entered the arena, he was all charm and business. He could make a sloppy rider a winner in an equitation class-REALLY! he was that good. But, he had a nasty personality. When someone would walk by his stall, he’d lay his ears back or turn his ass to the doors. He never kicked, or bit, just put on an act like he might. If his bluff was called, he would just stand there with his ears half back like he was pissed. Yep, a definate jerk as horses go. After awhile, he came around to me and I’d get atleast one nicker from him. His owner Joanie was amazed at this. I was the only person Puke ever warmed up to, but then I spent a lot of time with him that year. Whenever I looked into Puke’s eyes, I saw mainly boredom, and uninterest. I always wondered what made him that way in his younger years. When I look into The Old Guy’s eyes, I see a lot of different things: curiousity, love, impatience, interest….to name a few. Scooter definately has a personality!


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Wee One and brown cow. It slept with Toddler Terror last night.

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Toddler Terror this morning at 7:30 am, yes I am serious! See why I am crazy?

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Son#1 this morning after his breakfast of sausage and biscuits. Waiting patiently for his slow father to take him to school….his dad was hooking up the welder trailer.

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The Old Guy eating his breakfast. Elvis was trying to sneak a bite too.


Not a whole lot planned today, just some paperwork and housework stuff. Maybe a trip to the library for Toddler Terror and I…..and a trip to the walking trails…….if I get motivated. This evening I am planning on a short trail ride on Scooter, ALONE….if I do not get off ALONE, by myself, I will NOT be held accountable for my future actions……my family is driving me crazy this week.



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18 responses to “Puke

  1. Hehe TT is so cute πŸ™‚

    Elvis looks like a speck of dirt next to the horse!!! Weenie’s they live to eat!!!!

  2. I did not’ know that you show your horses. and weee one is so ltiile ,and qute but yes i can see why you go carzy lol

  3. kt

    i am such a huge fan of elvis! i love your little dog and the way he can hang with the horses. πŸ™‚

  4. butterflychic26-omg, yes, weenies Do live to eat, you said it right on!

    hope-I havent showed in awhile and showing Puke back in 1988 was another lifetime ago, the one I lived in N.Michigan…

    kt-elvis may be tiny, he he has the temperment of a german SHepard.

  5. That is a great pic of TT on the trampoline! Poor Elvis, looking like a little flea next to the horse…

    Thanks for your wonderful stories and pics!

  6. Hey BG: I think Elvis has himself a little fan club going on!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Knock knock…. Mind if I come in?

    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but I think Im back. You even inspired me to write a new post ((GASP!))

    Good to see you again Goddess πŸ™‚

  8. TT looks like he’s having fun..Why can’t we escape life that easily???

  9. Aniin BG,

    I couldn’t get the comments to open up all day on this post. Diane tried from home, had same problem. Love the pic of TT on the trampoline.

    How was the trail ride tonight?

  10. holy crap y’all I just came indoors from jumping on the trampoline w/ wee one and I am sweating horribly. Its a hot sonofagunoutside!

    I know you wanted to hear that! dont worry Ill be showing soon.

    paval-sometimes Elvis is annoying like a flea would be

    butterflychic26-lol, people are attracted to Elvis for some reason, I think its cuz he is so tiny and cute!

    rude1-???is that really you? be still my heart, Im comin’ over for a visit my friend!

    rebecca-I remember when I was a kid, I never worried about anything, it sucks being a grownup

    brian-blogger sucks sometimes, glad you made it thru tho ;)no trail ride for me, hubby is working until dark, Wee One is being a brat and my 12 yo isint too thrilled about watching him for me, I wont make him either, its not fair to either of them if I did 😦

  11. 😦 no trail ride for you 😦 if i lived closer I’d come babysit the TT for you so you could have a moment to yourself!

  12. This post has been removed by the author.

  13. butterflychic26-you arent that far away! Id even pick ya up!! you can bring your weenie dogs too, I KNOW they dont have fleas πŸ˜‰ Elvis might like one of them too. I bet TT would behave for you.

    holy shit, is that really you tara? no freakin way, I thought you’d like left the planet or something!

  14. πŸ™‚ If you ever need a hand with anything I’m here πŸ™‚ Even though we don’t actually know each other in RL (that’s real life), we have a lot in common…Hey I TT seems like he has some AWESOME toys!! I’d have a blast!!! LOL.

  15. They’re so cute! I’d take ’em, but I’d bring ’em back at the end of the day :0)

  16. Wow…ummm, your little dog is pretty bold to be trying to sneak food from a gargantuan horse. LOL.

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