Before and After The Storm

By 3 Doors Down

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Saturday was blazing hot and it blew up a nasty storm during the afternoon.

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Early evening it crashed down on us. 65+ mph winds, hail, bad lightening, and lots of badly needed rain. I picked up anything in the yard I thought might blow away and put it inside the garage. I did not put Elvis’s doghouse or my grill in there and they weathered it okay, except the heavy-duty manufactured doghouse blew about 35 feet until it hit a fence in the driveway. I think Elvis was glad he was watching the storm from inside the barn with Scooter. Neither of them like to be out in the rain…..sissys!

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I took this picture after the storm.

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Scooter got his nose wet in the wet grass.

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Elvis had a couple of rain drops fall on him, so he wanted back indoors.


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8 responses to “Before and After The Storm

  1. Nice pics. It’s cloudy here….very overcast, guess God knew how to represent how I am feeling with my job right now. It’s still REALLY HOT!

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful pictures–got a new Pentax digital myself–love it!

    Any more news on Jarrett Clark?


  3. Cool pics, BG! Hey there, glad you made it thru the storm. Elvis looks real nervous, though. Gonna give that dog a heart attack, watching his house blow about the yard! lol HonBun says HI! Boring weekend here. We had a whole day of rain on Friday, lots of lightening. Hope all goes well today. talk with ya tomorrow! D

  4. rebecca-bummer about your classes
    😦 I hope this week goes better..

    anon-thats a great camera! nothing on Jarret Clark, NOTHING, I am a bit disgusted that nothing has been in the media….

    felinefrisky-today is kinda gray in Oklahoma too, a refreshing break fromt he blazing sun! I see the Keys are being evac-ed….

  5. Aniin BG,

    Elvis looks so miserable!!! Poor baby. The forecasts for Ernesto are all over the place. We won’t know until Tuesday what kind of weather we can expect.

    I just posted a small info post.

    Have a good night.

  6. I’m glad ya’ll got some much needed rain, and that everything held up ok! I don’t blame the animals, I’d wanna be in the barn instead of outside in the rain, too! Great pics BTW! :0)

  7. kel

    I love the horse after rain pic. It looked like rain here most of the day but I think it all went around us.

  8. we’re finally getting rain here too, yay!

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