Justice For Jarret Clark

Jarret Clark’s family has waited 3 long months for this news. Even tho, the autopsy reports are still pending, NewsChannel 8 Burt Mummolo reports he has learned from sources close to the investigation that the toxicology report that has been much awaited has come back very favorable for Jarret Clark.

The toxicology report is VERY important because up until this now, most of the witnesses(and suspects) were saying Jarret Clark was high on drugs,then he wandered into the lake, and drowned accidentally. The toxicology report reportedly refutes that, saying the amount of drugs in Clark’s system, if any, were substantially lower than witness statements.

Clark’s case orgionally started out as a missing person case in May 2006 until about 5 days later when his body was found in the lake. 18yo Clark allegedly flirted with another young man’s girlfriend while out on a camping outing. Jarret Clark was beaten badly and then left alone out in the Sequoyah Bay State Park near the Wahoo Bay by the alleged attacker jealous boyfriend. The alleged attacker had told many people that he did in fact beat up Jarret Clark and left him with his face in the dirt (obviously the attacker was confused between dirt and the lake). The only sign of Jarret Clark after this attack is that his shoes and jacket have been found. The alleged attacker/attackers rumoredly dodged law enforcement and is/was in possession of Jarret Clark’s cell phone. In my post Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing PT.2 the last person to have spoken to Jarret on his own cell phone before his attack was his ex-girlfriend who he had asked to come out to the lake.

I also posted about Clark here, Ramblings From The Reservation: Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing. From the beginning of this case, Ive felt foul play was involved, now I am convinced Clark was murdered, either intentionally or not, he was murdered……

No arrests have been made as of yet, I am hoping soon whoever is responsible for Clark’s death is arrested. I also strongly think that even those who did witnessed Clark’s assault, or knew of it and withheld information from law enforcement, be held accountable as well. Jarret Clark deserves justice.



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58 responses to “Justice For Jarret Clark

  1. Aniin BG,

    Thanks for keeping this case in the public eye. I am grateful for all that you do in helping the cause of justice.

  2. I am with Brian on this, thank for helping out the cause of justice.

  3. His family deserves to know what happened and to see the person responsible brought to justice. I hate to see senseless deaths like this….I can’t imagine what his family is going through. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  4. Kiki

    Hi Barngoddess, yes thanks for your concern,about Jarret. I think everyone feels the way we do, because we truly feel (know)that there had to be foul play in this case. Everyone out at that lake the night Jarret took his last breath is responsiable, as far as I’m concerned…and Anon (who said he was Brandon’s brother)was just talking CRAP on your blog before, because he know’s what happened too. There will be Justice for Jarret…God know’s when that day will come…and it will come…but for the sake of Jarret’s family, I hope it comes soon, so they will be able to get some sort of closure. Nothing will ever bring Jarret back, but at least for him and his family…Justice is Deserved!!! God bless his family.

  5. brian-I get so disgusted w/ the system when it literally protects the criminals.

    butterflychic26-I have 2 boys, if it were one of mine, I would demand justice.

    redneckgirl-senseless, describes Clark’s death.

    kiki-Ive felt since his disappearence and the use of his cell phone, that Jarret Clark’s disappearence, then death, was foul play….I hope the last people to see him alive are held accountable. I am in a sad way happy for this toxicology news report to ease the suspicians around his death, for his family’s sake.

  6. I hate when bad things happen to good people. My prayers are with his family.

  7. So young, so much ahead. Now, nothing. Such a shame that someone he knew caused this, his own age. How can they look at each other?! 😦 D

  8. hey how do you put the music on your page? I think it is so cool!!!

  9. Anonymous

    thanks for running the info on Jarrett on your web site.

  10. rebecca-yeah, it sucks

    felinefrisky-I cannot believe this is taking so long

    butterflychic26-I answered the ? at your site 🙂

    anon-no problem..

  11. How horrible! I hadn’t heard about this case before, but it’s so sad. I agree with you- someone out there knows something. I hope and pray they’ll come forward, and justice will be served.

  12. kel

    I hope his family receives justic and those are held accountable the ones that did it and covered it up.

  13. someone's mom

    Hey, Anon, what’s your story now for covering for your brother? Jarret wasn’t drunk & high and everyone @ the lake knows that! To you teens @ the lake that night, how can you sleep?? How can you live with yourselves?? Knowing that someone, a young man, beginning his life, was killed? Especially knowing he was killed because he talked to a girl! GROW UP! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! Call or email the OSBI and tell the truth about what happened! Give these loving parents and family the peace and knowledge they deserve for their beloved son.

  14. Kiki

    To someone’s mom…THANK YOU!!! And to the people who murdered Jarret,just like his families nightmare that they wake up to every day, just know that this is your nightmare as well, and it’s not going away! If you think that in time, this will all be over…you need to think again!!!! GROW UP AND GET REAL! You need to do the right thing, and the longer you drag this out, the worse it will be on you…and you know who you are and allot of other people know who you are! The only people you are fooling is yourself! Remember…this is not going away…NOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous


  16. anon-I am not sure what the reason is behind your BRANDON,COURTNEY post but I expect an explanation either in this comment box or via email. This is my blog, I do not have rules, but when I ask for an explanation, I’d like to get it thanks.

    has anyone heard about a grand jury in this looking into all of the witness statements ect from Jarret’s death?

  17. Anonymous

    Sorry Barngoddess,didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that it seems pretty clear to me everything, that I have read in the paper,seen on TV, or read in your blog all points to these people.I just didn’t want any of them to forget their names,because there are allot of people who know who they are.

  18. okay, no problem.

    has anyone heard anything more about possible arrests?

  19. Kiki

    No, I haven’t seen or heard anything about arrests. Just watched the news at 5:00 and 6:00 and didn’t see anything there.

  20. Kiki

    I just heard something was going to be on the Chan.6 news at 10:00 tonight and again on Chan.6 at 6:00a.m. So maybe there is some news about the case.

  21. kiki-thnx, Ill check out the 10pm news on channel 6 tonite! I appreciate the heads up 🙂

  22. Kiki

    Hey, I was just told about a web page for Jarret…it is so awesome! You can find it at http://www.jarretaustinclark.com. Check it out!

  23. kiki-thnx Im going right over!

  24. a person of interest hmmmmmmmmmm..

  25. Kiki

    Gosh, wonder who that could be???

  26. Rooster

    This question is for (Anon1)who back in May,claimed to be Brandon’s brother. I’d like to know why you haven’t been back on this blog, since the day the OSBI made themselves present? You sure had alot to say about your brother before then. Just seems a little odd to me. And is it true your brother has since moved out of state? What’s up with that?

  27. someone's mom

    No thanks necessary. My son & I knew Jarret, pre-teen years. He was a great kid then, and with Tammy as a mom; he was destined for nothing less than greatness.
    There were many stories / rumors @ BAHS after Jarret’s death; it’s hard waiting to see what shakes out as true and what’s not. But ALL the stories go back to the same two people – Brandon Hargrove & his g/f Courtney.
    The ONE THING that needs to take place is that someone from the lake that night NEEDS to step up and tell the truth! To those of you @ the lake that night – YOU will feel much better and be able to live with yourself as soon as you talk.
    Anon that’s been posting here, if you know for certain it was Brandon & Courtney, TELL OSBI!

  28. Kiki

    To someone’s mom, you’re so right someone needs to call the OSBI. And its like Jarret’s parents said last night on the news, this will never go away and they will never go away. This family will get answers.

  29. Anonymous

    Hi Barngoddess, you had asked about a grand jury in this case. Can a judge appoint a GJ and not let a case go to the DA? How does that work?

  30. someone's mom

    Has anyone heard any updates?

  31. nothing..Ive been contemplating emailing channel 8 news.

  32. someone's mom

    Well, another black mark for Brandon Hargrove this month….actually several! Taken from the Broken Arrow Ledger paper, that has the guts to publish criminals’ names:
    Brandon Wayne Hargrove, 19, was arrested June 7 for second degree burglary (2), attempted second degree burglary, knowingly concealing stolen property, possession of ecstasy, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    You can verify and watch this case on the following website:


    NOW….someone who knows what this creep did to Jarret needs to stand up and talk! He’s in jail now – where he belongs…but not for the most important reason!

  33. someone’s mom-wow, hopefully these charges will bring something on Clark’s case. Lets hope so!!!!!!

  34. someone's mom


    The family of Broken Arrow teen, Jarret Clark, feels like they’re one step closer to getting justice for their son. Clark was found dead at Fort Gibson Lake a week after his high school graduation last summer. Foul play is suspected, but has never been proven, now authorities have made two arrests in connection with his death, and are looking for a third person. News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports investigators say all three men failed to show up for court ordered questioning.

  35. someonesmom-thnx! I am so HAPPY to see this news article and hear that the sheriff hasnt given up. Obviously the investigation is moving along, albeit slowly but it is still moving. Justice for Jarret!

  36. someone's mom

    and where is Brandon Hargrove’s brother, who used to defend him?? Brandon’s other drug case is coming up on August 10th…hopefully, they’ll find him before that day.

  37. someone's mom

    update from court records:
    08-20-2007 Hargrove, Brandon defendant present. Case called for district court arraignment. Defendant sworn in open court. Defendant waives jury trial, enters a plea of guilty. Court accepts plea and withholds finding. Pre-sentencing investigation and report requested. Sentencing is set for 10-1-07 1:30 pm. Bond to remain; defendant recognized back.

  38. someone's mom

    Update on Brandon Hargrove from court records website:

  39. concerned person

    I was just wondering if there was any updates for Jarret? I just cant believe from reading this that no arrests have been made in connection to his murder, is this true? This is so sad, I graduated from BA and I can not believe someone did not come forward. They have to know something. I hate knowing its still left unsolved for his family, its terrible.

    If there are any updates I would like to know. Please post.

    When looking on oscn.net looks like Brandon Hargrove, Courtney Manzer, Tony Walten and Dayna Hargrove all have troubled pasts or ongoing problems. Come clean and maybe your life will turn around. Imagine if it were your parents having to find out who killed you.

  40. touched

    hi. i didnt know Jarret personally but many of my freinds did and after hearing all of their stories and seeing all of their pain…well, i guess it sort of touched me. he has affected so many people, including myself, that didnt even know him. and his family has as well. and i just wanted to tell them that i truly hope that someday they get some peace. Hargrove broke into my car last june. and i was informed that he received five years in jail when i went to court for the last time. im not sure if that is true. they didnt tell me very much. and while he isnt outright paying for what happend to Jarret, atleast SOME justice is being brought. and i wanted you to know that. God bless.

  41. I have not heard anything since the Grand Jury…..except rumors about the person implicated in the beating of JC being in trouble with the law for reasons other than JC’s case.

    I hope something is done, it’ll be 2 YEARS this May that JC was murdered. He deserves justice and ALL those involved should be held accountable.

  42. someone's mom

    I have not heard anything after the mini grand jury. Here is the info on Brandon Hargrove though; he is in jail finally, though not for Jarret’s murder:
    2007-3201 TULS Burglary Second Degree 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Unlawful Possession Marijuana-Second 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Unlawful Possession Controlled Drug 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Unlawful Possession Paraphernalia 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Malicious Injury To Property 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    2007-3201 TULS Malicious Injury To Property 10/01/2007 175D Minimum 10/23/2007 04/14/2008
    William S. Key Correctional Center, Fort Supply (580) 766-2224 10/23/2007 09/9999
    Address City State Zip Contact
    P.O. Box 61 1 Wskcc Blvd Fort Supply OK 73841 Donna Laymon, Warden

  43. someonesmom-thank you! I am glad to see he is incarcerated even if he will be out soon.

  44. someone's mom

    Petitions will be circulating in April and May for a grand jury investigation. If you are a Wagoner County registered voter, we need you! There will be tents set up in various Broken Arrow and Coweta locations – just look for Justice for Jarret signs!!

  45. I live up in Osage Co, otherwise, Id be there!!! I hope something happens. I cannot believe the 2 year anniversary of JC’s murder is coming up….he deserves justice. Where are those people who were there THAT night????????

  46. someone's mom

    If you are a Wagoner County registered voter, please sign the petition for Jarret!! You can find petition locations at:

    Justice for Jarret!

  47. I would sign that petition in a New York second if I lived in Wagner county!

    I hope w/ all my heart you get enough signatures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. We would like to Thank everybody for their support in our quest towards Justice For Jarret and those who signed our petition! Even those who stopped by just to let us know they would sign if they could, you too Barngoddess. We are confident we are getting closer to the truth and want to encourage everybody to keep their eyes and ears open. Thank You Barngoddess for you forum and dedication to what is RIGHT!

    Our hearts go out to the parents of the girls in Weleetka for the loss they have suffered and the long road they have ahead towards any sort of healing. We feel trapped in our healing process because of the lack of justice and hope they soon solve both of these cases.

    We encourage everybody to reach out to these people and help them in any way they can even if is as simple as helping feed livestock or mowing their yard. It will all show support for the family and let them know good people still care! I know there is a memorial fund for these girls so Please Donate if you can.

  49. Justice for Jarret

    New update all might be interested in knowing who are involved in this case. Brandon Hargrove was killed Thursday night (July 17). He was driving apparently under the infulence of alcohol and flipped his truck into a creek. 3 of the 4 people died in this crash. It is still sad that young people died, but I would have to say that Karma is a bitch and it seems as though Jarret served his own justice.

    here is the article that I read. This is so ironic. JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!!!


  50. wow! Altho I think rotting away in some cell as Bubba’s b*tch would have been more suitable……

    Justice for Jarret!

  51. someone's mom

    Wow! All that work for petition signing and God took care of it after all!!! I’m sorry for the others in the vehicle; at least the girl survived because she was smart and wore her seatbelt. The article in the link above does not say who was driving, but channel 8 website said it was the other Brandon Looper (or Looped from Channel 6 link) that was driving.

  52. SM-weird how things work out, eh? there are others who still need to answer for Jarret’s murder…..I hope they are punished.

  53. someone's mom

    I agree; the others who were involved need to “fess up” and take responsibility for their actions. RIP Jarret!!

  54. Dracoswife

    No matter what people think yes justice needs to be served but Brandon still does not deserve to die the way he did just like Jarret didn’t deserve to die the way he did they both were way too young to die for any reason. His brother is a really good friend of mine even though I really didn’t know Brandon I still feel for his siblings and parents no one should have to lose a child or sibling either one of them!!!!!!!!

  55. someone's mom

    Well, the grand jury investigation started December 1, 2008. I haven’t heard how things are going; I know people are testifying. Hopefully, Tammy & Eric will get some answers, and Courtney and the rest are charged!
    Justice for Jarret!!!

  56. Let me qualify my objection to Grand Juries in their “modern form”. The secrecy of the grand jury and it’s opposition to the 5th amendment had an article check to keep the government from overstepping it bounds written in to our Bill of Rights, it is mentioned in the Constitution as an instruction… the way it is now being employed is illegal and therefore should not be recognized unless it is restored to its original format.

    The U.S. Constitution mentions the grand jury in Article Five of the Bill of Rights:

    “No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or an indictment of a grand jury”…

    But they have now morphed from their original form:

    In the early 20th century a grand jury used their power to investigate and indict the mayor of Minneapolis and force the police chief to resign. Under the leadership of foreman Hovey C. Clarke, the Minneapolis grand jurors paid private detectives out of their own pockets to investigate corrupt officials. When the county prosecutor refused to do his duty, Clarke dismissed him and took over the role of prosecutor. Much has changed in last 100 years.

    From 1789 when the Bill of Rights was ratified, until the codification of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure in 1946, the grand jury was not regulated by statute.

    All three branches of government shared a common interest in limiting the power of the grand jury—the pre-constitutional institution unregulated by any branch.

    Gradually, the executive branch began to limit the power of the grand jury. It became standard practice for the government prosecutor to be present in the grand jury room to present evidence personally. With the government prosecutor present in the grand jury room, the adversarial roles between the prosecutor and the grand jury was weakened. The grand jurors tended to bond with the prosecutor and, ultimately, the institution has become a rubber stamp for the prosecutor’s indictments. In 1985 former New York Court of Appeals Judge Sol Wachtler, said, “Any prosecutor who wanted to could indict a ham sandwich.”

    Rule Six of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure limited grand juries to make presentments public only with the permission of a judge or prosecutor. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure passed by Congress, enacted by the Executive, and upheld by the Judiciary, removed the independent power of the grand jury to publicly accuse government officials of misconduct.

    But grand jurors can still write a final report or presentment of their activities, and they can ask the judge to make it public. If a grand jury’s report accuses the judge or one of his friends of misconduct it is unlikely it will be made public. Thus, the power of grand jury secrecy has been reversed to the advantage of prosecutors and judges who decide what can be made public.

  57. I posted the following article on my Facebook… I would like to see Jarret’s case go Viral……. there is so much power for the public in internet social media. If you want assistance in trying to get the word out on this case please let me know…. I believe it is just a couple of mouse clicks and a little bit of time away to bring pressure to bare upon the Local authorities.

    I believe this is the real reason the Government wishes to pass S.O.P.A laws.

    • serena read

      I’d love to help! Can you find me on fb? I lived by wahoo bay where Jarret was killed, actually a quarter mile from there, in Okay, OK. I took my kids swimming there every day until this happened, it still haunts me on how noone to this day has been charged.

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