Last night I tossed and turned, sleep was not easy. My sinus’s are acting crazy. So about 4 am I finally got up and took some benedryl. Now I feel drugged. I hate that feeling, but I can breathe…………I hope the little filly I’ll be riding in a couple of hours doesnt want to get all broncy on me!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYes, I know this is cheesy, but I am a fan of Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson. Not the wrestling personna, but Dwayne Johnson. I have never liked WWF or whatever they call those so-called-professional fat ass men in tights bouncing and throwing one another around in/out of a wrestling ring. That stuff is too fake and some of those wrestlers just gross me out prancing around in their neon tights with giant, beer bellys and scary back hair hanging out everywhere-ack! Anyhow, The Rock is hot, or at least I think so. Most of his movies sucked, such as “The Rundown.” But, I really liked him in “Walking Tall.” even tho he is NO Steve McQueen, I liked the movie……
Gridiron Gang (2006) is Johnson’s newest movie. It’s about football, so naturally, I want to see it but the bonus is that The Rock is starring in it. When it is released 9/15/06, son #1 and I are planning on seeing it.

I am shocked that the Ramsey Prosecutor is having to Defend her Decision to Pursue Karr and bring back to the USA to answer questions in JonBenet’s murder. I just cannot believe that some people are criticizing this prosecutor’s decision. Karr is a sick, perverted, dangerous creep who needed to be investigated further in the Ramsey murder. He has no business being in our communities preying on innocent children for sex, whether it is in Thailand or the USA. Geesh, is Sheenan amongst the prosecutor’s hate-group? It sounds like something outrageous she would come up with.
Lacy said she wouldn’t change a thing about how she approached the investigation, except perhaps making a stronger effort to keep details from the media. She said Karr’s graphic, detailed claims and his growing fascination with at least one girl in Thailand forced her hand.
“We felt we could not ignore this, we had to follow it. We also had … there was a real public safety concern here directed at a particular child,” she said. Lacy added that a forensic psychologist “advised that this person was dangerous, this person was escalating.”
end snippet

Okay, I agree 100% on this one. Karr is a sick creep who needs to be removed permanently from society to keep all children safe. Now that he is answering to child porn charges in another state(CA), maybe he’ll be some other prisoner’s bitch for the rest of his miserable life.

Kudos to the cop who made the Traffic stop ends search for notorious polygamist. The polygamist leader Warren Jeffs,was wanted in an investigation of child-sexual abuse and underage marriage among his followers. The self-proclaimed prophet was arrested north of Las Vegas during a routine traffic stop. 50 yo Jeffs, described as “armed and dangerous” on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list, had said he would never be taken alive. But he surrendered without incident. He was unarmed. The leader of the 10,000 member Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was wanted in Utah and Arizona for allegedly arranging underage marriages, rape and sexual assault. He is believed to have 40 wives and nearly 60 children. Holy crap 60 children!!! No doubt our government is paying for their raising too. John Lewis, special agent in charge of the FBI Phoenix division, reported the trooper became suspicious when Jeffs identified himself as John Findley, using a contact-lens receipt from Florida as identification. Now that is too funny!!! A contact lense receipt, no doubt colored-contacts too!! Okay, I can see why the trooper investigated further. Not to mention the idiot was driving a 2007 RED Escalade-thats the way to keep a low profile and fly below the radar. What an idiot, I am glad he was finally arrested.

On another happier note, I was happy to read that Florida is relieved as Ernesto loses punch before striking state. My friends in Florida are spared. I hope this hurricane season is a light one, they’ve had it too bad lately.

This picture is for all my cow-lover friends. I was amazed at how many of y’all really like cows!

Have a super Wednesday! Our weather is perfect today. After my blog rounds, I am off to ride that pretty, little, filly who is no-name – she has no name! How bad is that?!? Mr. D. didnt even know her registered name….sigh. Some people! Especially rich$$ people. He told me I could name her. After I spend some time with her, I’ll be able to properly name her.

Bang Bang
By ZZ Top



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10 responses to “No-Name

  1. whose cows are those?!?! they aren’t yours are they!?!

  2. Aniin BG,

    Have a great time riding and naming the filly. I like cows!!! Mooooooo!!!

    Looks like light rain this morning, maybe some storms this afternoon.

  3. BG!! How’d the little filly ride for you? Did the benedryl last for you? No name! How awful How are TT & #1 doing?Glad your weather is finally perfect. Ours looks cloudy & grey. No rain from Ernesto, as yet. See ya ’round! D

  4. kt

    i love cows too!!! but i like your horses better πŸ™‚ good to hear the weather is cooperating. it is finally and i mean finally cooling off in my neck of the woods too, so tired of humidity!!!

  5. butterflychic26-nope no cows at the homestead. But I am thinking about getting a few winter steers for butchering πŸ™‚ these steers live out at the ranch where I am riding the filly.

    bri-I hope no bad t-storms headed your way!The filly was okay, she was a bit goosey but she settled down. Havent got a name for her yet either

    felinefrisky-hi D! the boys are great today. The benedryl did work, I think it finally has worn I need another nap-ack!

    kt-humidity SUCKS…I hate flat hair, its a throwback from my 80’s daze….

  6. Damn! 40 wives?? 60 kids?? wah waaahh! Sometimes, I just don’t get it. How do we all get s different?!

    The cows in your picture look soooo cute! Such divine bovinity πŸ˜‰ But I still prefer the horses.

    My ex was a big fan of The Rock. I like him too. He’s watchable and he seems like an affable man off screen. And yep, his movies suck so far! lol. I hope he gets this new one right. Wld be nice to see him get that big push.

    I hate humidity too!! but here at home, I have to live with it. Drives my skin crazy with that can’t-see-but-feels-itchy feeling. YUCK!

    GG xo

  7. kel

    I too didnt think that she should have defend herself on bringing Karr back, he said he did it, what was she suppose to do ignore that, he at the least is very very sick and could have been the killer or if not locked up could kill a girl as excited as he got about this and confessing for this.

  8. First off, girl, I LOVE THE COWS!!! Moo!!! I’m a total cow person- you’ve made my day! :0)

    Second, I’m sorry to hear about your sinuses, mine have been giving me a fit, too. I took a benedryl the other night, and slept until 3:30pm, that was so not good.

    Third, I totally agree with you on that sicko with the Jon-Benet case. Even if he didn’t do it (which the DNA evidence is saying he didn’t) He’s still a sick ass that needs to be away from any and ALL children.

    I also didn’t realize they got ol’ Warren Jeffs- that’s WONDERFUL news! Thanks for keeping me up today- I don’t even have to watch the news when I check your blog :0)

  9. GG-crazy about the 40 W and 60 Kiddos huh? freak! the Rock just does it for me, all those muscles and big brown eyes…..umm Ill stop there.

    kel-yep, I agree, the sicko was going to anything to make himself famous, hopefully we wont hear anything else from the perv

    miss1999-lol, I have many cow pics too, Ill keep you in mind πŸ™‚

  10. I think you should name her Jenny

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