Counting Crows

Daylight Fading
By Counting Crows

One crow means sorrow,

Two crows mean joy,

Three crows a wedding,

Four crows a boy,

Five crows mean silver,

Six crows mean gold,

Seven crows, a story thats never been told.

When I was a little girl, I’d guess about 6 or 7 yo, my Grandmother taught me this poem. She also gave me a small book of poems and the Crow poem was inside of it. I have no idea who wrote it. Ever since I first learned this poem, I cannot see a crow (or a raven) without reciting the poem. Alittle bit OCD huh? Anyhow, today I saw 5 crows 2X. Maybe Ill be winning the lottery this Saturday! As far as I am concerned, it is a GOOD omen.

Today, I had some whitetails in my pasture…..dont they know it is deer season soon? I smell venison………….

Earlier today while I was at Indian Health Services (IHS) with Wee One waiting to give his MD’s nurse some medical and insurance papers, I over heard a young woman’s mother lecturing about her and her husband allowing their toddler, who I guess as the same age as Wee One, sleep in their bed. The young woman finally explained to her mother that after their daughter was asleep, that either she or her husband put their toddler into her own bed for the night. And, sometimes their daughter fell asleep in their recliner, then was put into her proper bed for the night. She stated this in a a-matter-of-fact tone of voice and her mother shut up, thankfully. Both of my boys as infants slept in my bed, a lot. It made it easier for middle of the night feedings because both of my boys had hearty appetites as babies, they ate A LOT. They were both bottle fed, so hubby shared in the middle of the night feedings sometimes. We never had any trouble getting either one of them to sleep in their own room. Wee One still needs to be asleep, but he’ll sleep in his bed until morning. He sometimes also will voluntarily on a rare occassion to take his afternoon nap in his bed too, those times, he just lays down and goes fast to sleep (of course Elvis is at the foot of his bed all cozy in a blanket!).

I woke up this morning not feeling well at all. So tomorrow in between my many things to do, I have to see my personal MD. I hope it is nothing serious and tomorrow I can eat and drink. I am worried about my sugar, I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies but it left as soon as I delivered, ack! I hope that is NOT what it is…..diabetes runs rampant in my family, good ole genes…

I cant quite get myself to sleep tonite so Ive been watching livecams, not sex-cams but horse Barn Cam 1 and Jimmy-Jam-Cam(Utahwildhorses) cool stuff I found over at Bridlepath. I am a horse crazy nut, arent I? Oh well, it could be a lot worse, right?

While browsing Oklahoma’s news, I see we Oklahomas put to death another no-good, piece of human sewege early this evening. I just LOVE capital punishment. A Chickasha Man has been Executed For beating Death Of 13monthold Daughter . Now this IS THE REASON we have the death penalty.

I’d have liked to serve him some ground up glass in his last meal of mashed potatoes as a goodbye present…………



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15 responses to “Counting Crows

  1. Aniin BG,

    I hope you are are feeling better.:) I HATE being sick. Bad memories.

    Bambi: Look at all the pretty cows!
    BG: Look at all that tasty meat!


    So what you gonna do this long weekend? Maybe we’ll get a camera and expose ourselves, err….I meant flash you, I mean show you around our world.

    I am such a brat. :p

  2. kel

    Cool pics as always.
    I hope your doctor appointment goes well.

  3. Howdy! Sorry you are suffering, hope the appmt goes well and it’s something just passing through. It’s officially Funny Friday, stop by for a smile when ya have a chance! Take care & feel better! D 🙂

  4. I agree withn the death penalty..I mean why should we have to pay to house these wastes of life?? Like they earn a roof over their head for the splendid lives they have lead.

    I hope you are feeling better and today goes good for ya! I am so happy it’s Friday I could scream!!!! Well, I will still feel better at 4:00 today!

    Only 7 more hours!

  5. Hope you feel better quickly, BG.

    I hadn’t heard about the man who killed his 13 month old daughter. How awful! Just let me know which switch to flip.

  6. aniin brian-woohoo! pictures? I hope so. Yeah, we have a few things planned…I wish we didnt, Id love to laze around all weekend. But no, that cant happen. I am making a big tastey lasagne (a small wheat/dairy free one for TT) and a huge loaf of garlic bread right now, in between my running around and appts. Company tonite and tomorrow….umm, yes you are a BRAT 😉


    diane-Ill be over in a few 🙂 wont know anything until tests are back next week 😦

    Rebecca-I hope those 7 hours fly by on wings!

    paval-you bet! another one bites the dust, I have NO MERCY for anyone who hurts/harms/abuses/murders a child.

  7. I sometimes let my kiddos get in bed with me…..When I put them in their bed…..they sneak back into mine. I am so with you on the feedings… oldest wouldn’t even use a bottle when he first came home, we had to feed him with a dropper every hour, it was so much easier to have him in bed with us. My youngest I breast fed but he was a hungry, hungry baby so he was up and down all night…we finally put him on cereal and he slept through the night.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I hadn’t heard about that guy either… could someone hurt a baby like that? Glad he’s getting what he deserves!

  8. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, and I hope everything goes okay with the Dr’s.

    Personally I think people who are to be executed shouldn’t even get the luxary of having a “last meal”!!!

  9. Aniin BG,

    Sounds good! Maybe we’ll drop by.:)

    BRAT!, oh, shucks, *ducks head*, you say the sweetest things.


  10. 5 crows x 2 = 10 crows = Why did you have to take ’em all?? Don’t forget if you hit the lottery, I luuuuurve Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos. Just sayin’ is all..

    You know, everytime I read about your kids, I see it in my mind. And I get all fuzzy inside. This post today, the joy of feeding, it made me yearn 🙂 I really must be clucking. Now, if I can just find the necessary equipment i.e. man, I’ll be on my way. Besides, it’s the cheapest way to have bigger breasts 😉

    GG xo

  11. Doe

    Hope you’re OK! Love this song; thanks for choosing it today. Brings back some nice memories. 🙂

  12. I just realized that my post didn’t show up! Thanks for sharing the poem about the crows, I hadn’t heard it before :0). As for that sicko who killed his kid- I agree with ya, I think I would’ve slipped some glass into the potatos too!

  13. Don’t you love Brian’s blog roundup? Really enjoyed your pictures and your site.

  14. greek shadow-brian is a gem, I am so lucky to have found his encouraging and wonderful blog. Thnx for stopping by the res 🙂

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