Call Me

Call Me
By Blondie

This holiday weekend is shaping up into a good one, tiring, but decent. Tonite we are having friends over for dinner. I am going to grill shishkabobs, with lots of exotic fruits and veggies. Ive stocked our little extra drink fridge/freezer with tons of ice, beer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, pop, sweet tea, vodka, and a few bottles of Turning Leaf wines, 1 blush, 2 red. It is a great wine for the low price..I hope the rain holds off, we need more rain, but after dark would be better.

When we drove past the BLM refuge on our way to the movie theatre, I snapped some quick pics of the mustangs. The bay with the extremely long mane was off down the road further on the edge of a canyon.

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After I dropped son #1 and his best friend off at the movies, I sped over to US Cellular and finally got a new phone. When we left for B-ville, hubby said, “get a damn phone while your over there, whenever I need to call you I cant!” Me,”do I have a price/plan range limit?” Hubs,” just get whatever works for you, and is not outrageously priced.” Okay, that did not make one ounce of sense to me, our ideas of low/high priced items vary in a huge degree…oh well!

I have had the same plan for about 3 years and never upgraded my phone, even when my old one broke and was under warranty, I just got the same ole one. So, I was like “overwhelmed” when new phone shopping. Hubs has a razor (sp?) and he loves it. But I think it is BIG and BULKY! I almost bought one of them, but then the excellent sales girl, who by the way did an excellent job, informed me she has 2 phones, a razor and a motorolaV323. She likes her V323 better and it does everything the razor does and just as good, maybe even better reception. So, I went with that one. Now, I have to figure it out, like read the manual and stuff. I have 30 days to decide if I like it or not, if not, I can get a different one. I cannot get into my old phone to get my contacts because the stupid POS is dead from no charge-grrr. I really hated that phone. Maybe now I’ll be better at taking my phone with me now that I have one I like.

Last nite before I went to sleep, I was reading a bit, then just before I crashed for the night, I did some random reading of the voyeur kind. I stumbled across ConfessionJunkie and read for a few minutes. OMG! most of that sh*t cannot be real. Some people are so gross-ack!

Update on the Old Guy, the vet is coming out thursday afternoon. My regular vet is short-handed, under-staffed and just kept trying to fit me into her schedule but it seemed like too much effort for a non-emergancy. Even tho I think J. is a superb horse vet, I called a new gal from a few communities away. She is a fairly new horse vet but Ive spoken to at least 5 people who use her on a regular basis and this little gal comes highly recommended. Not to mention, she made a huge effort to get here Tuesday(I called thursday!). Scooter is a new patient, and in the horse world, new patients do not get the best treatment until they are an established patient, I know it sucks but thats how it can be with a lot of vets. Its easier to have a farm call instead of hauling the old guy to another town, with Toddler Terror. I could if it was a last resort, but very inconvenient for me. I’ll give y’all a report on her after she visits.



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5 responses to “Call Me

  1. Hey BG,

    Sounds like a great bash you got lined up! Food and drinks? I am so there. I am still working off the pounds from all this stew, so I’ll have to watch what I put in my mouth. 🙂

    Love the horsey pics.

    DK xo

    I am working on my templete I am putting in all the Blog Stew links so I can check back with all my favorite bloggers, not just my sistas.

  2. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Fantastic pictures. Makes me kind of miss all the trips to Altus when my son was stationed there. Beautiful countryside.

  3. kel

    Sounds like a fun weekend in store. We are headed to Tulsa for the night. Shopping tommorow, and visiting. I have a razor phone and i like it alright but it isnt really all the hype I dont think.

  4. I hope the dinner with friends goes well! I hope the old guy is treated really well with this new Vet! I wanna be out in the country !!!!! Enjoy it and the peacefulness that comes with it for me!

  5. Hopw Scooter gets a clean bill of health. And that the new vet works out well for you. New toys! Yea! We got a digital camera today! Toys! giggle 🙂 D

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