Sunday Wino

Earlier to day, I was able to have a good visit with best friend L. We talked mostly about our horses and dogs! She has some wonderful puppies. The one who stole my heart was a tiny chocolate female. This little one reminded me of Elvis when he was a pup. Best friend L. is always trying to give me another mini-doxie so Elvis will have a friend. No thanks! Elvis is all I can handle right now…maybe when Toddler Terror starts pre-school. She listed her pups in the Sunday papers here and I bet the little female is the first one bought…

I went to again and read some more confessions. I thought I’d post some for you. If you really want a laugh read the comments that people left…

I tell everyone that I’m trying to eat healthy. the truth is i barely eat at all. I have convinced everyone I love that I eat,and they just never see. I think im becoming anerexic, and im scared. but I dont to be fat..

I killed my friend’s guinea pig. I loved squeezing it as hard as I could in my hands, and when my friend asked me to put away her guinea pig, I would stuff him into the very corner of the cage and just SQUEEZE him until I was satisfied. I also banged and smashed him around in that cage whenever my friend was out of the room. This wild joy came over me–even now, years later, I feel licks of that pleasaure in my chest–and all I wanted to do was make that thing suffer. I don’t even hate guinea pigs. When my friend found him dead the next morning, I was terrified of being found guilty of his death. Her parents asked me if I was careful with the animal, and I nodded yes immediatly. A few weeks ago I felt that same pleasure of wanting to squeeze the life out of my other friend’s kitten–it startled me so much, I immedialty got away from the kitten and had to breath deeply. I LOVE kittens. I don’t EVER want to do anything like that again. Am I crazy or something? ;_;

Last night I went to the bar and got very drunk. I had a black out and I really don’t know how I made my way back to my house. The problem is I came home with more money in my bill fold than I had originally. Like $20.00 or more. I think I might have taken money off the bar and I called my bartender. He told me not to worry about it and laughed. But it bothers me. I know I need to stop drinking, but I like it and it helps me open up.

I had a one night stand a couple of years ago and he fell asleep on me. So when I got up to leave I stole his watch. I have carried the guilt of that for years.

I am normally so happy when my friends get into fights, they cling to me more and more, and I can finnaly let out all of the other friends dirty secrets! I know it’s bad, but I’ll feel bad about it later.

These were the not-so-bad ones too. Some people are just strange!

Tonite our dinner turned out so good. Nothing left. When son #1 came in from the lake a bit ago, he polished off the beef kabobs and all the veggies. Shishkabobs are so easy. The next time I cook out for people, Ill cook the same things again. It seems everyone likes them and preparation was fast and simple. I think I drank a whole bottle of the blush wine……yes, I am serious. I am tired and going to bed very soon. I bet I sleep good tonite!

Last night, I was at the roping arena helping pen steers and my horse stumbled. Nearly jarred me halfway out of the saddle. My hip popped and now its sore. I hope it feels better tomorrow. Geesh, I hate getting old. It sucks.



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5 responses to “Sunday Wino

  1. Aniin BG,

    Morning!!! Remember, I am six years older than you…just saying.

    We bought a digital camera last night, we will be trying it out today. We ordered a printer, they were out of stock.

    No big plans today, just catching up on chores.

  2. Glad ya spent some time with your best friend- that’s always time well spent :0) I loved the confessions! I used to go to a website, it’s sorta the same thing- people never cease to amaze me! Anyway, hoping your hip is feeling better today! :0)

  3. aniin bri-6 years isint diddly! lol

    its sprinkling here this morning, no outdoor plans tho. chores should be a cuss word-yuck!

    get that camera figured out 🙂

  4. miss1999-lol, some of those confessions had to have been fake!

  5. Google is the best search engine

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