The horses paw and prance and neigh,Fillies and colts like kittens play,And dance and toss their rippled manes, Shining and soft as silken skeins;…

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I rode the little paint filly yesterday afternoon. She is such a sweet horse. I reckon only 1 more week and she’ll be about where Mr. D. wants her. I hope he isint planning on taking her to some huge dispersal sale. They are common here in Oklahoma during the Fall. What a waste that would be. She is just a nice and trusting animal, not one ounce of orneriness in her. Ive finally named her. Ive been calling her Cookie. The other day, I had packed some of Wee One’s wheat-free/dairy-free chocolate chip cookies in an open sandwich baggie. He was sitting on the pipe fence munching on them while I saddle her, she was interested in Wee One’s cookies and I had to make him go sit inside the barn with the barn cats and the baby bottle fed goat (he loves the baby goat!) to finish his cookies. He didnt mind, but the filly did. After that, I just started calling her ‘Cookie”. Plus, she is sweet like a cookie. I wish I had a sh*t-load of cash right now, because I’d offer to buy this filly. If I mentioned it to Mr. D. I am pretty sure he’d cut me a deal, allow payments, that sort of thing. But right now, I just cannot afford to drop 5 grand on a horse. I’d be hard pressed to afford 1/2 of that today. And, I rather have a gelding but, Sigh…….she is such a sweetie tho. I didnt even mention it to hubby. I am sure he’d say that was over my spending limit………..jerk.

This morning when I woke up, it was 60 degrees!! Elvis was left outside after the yard work was finished at dark. He was holed up inside his doghouse until he heard me stirring about, then ran up onto the porch, scratched, then gave a little yelp to come inside. He is such a sissy! I let him in, and picked him up. He was still all warm from the inside of his doghouse. What a pain in the *ss he can be sometimes.The 3-day weekend wrecked havoc on my house. I had better get my housecleaning started early so I finish early. I want to be done when the vet gets here this afternoon. Ive tried for 2 days to find someone to keep Toddler Terror for me for 1 hour. No one is available, our regular babysitter is in school until 3 pm. I hate not having any of my close family nearby. It is so hard to find someone trustworthy and dependable- even for a freakin’ hour!!! I envy the people with kids who have parents (Grandparents) that will come over and sit with them and such. My MIL is a wonderful lady, but she is older with rhuematoid arthritis bad. No way, can she babysit TT even for an hour, that would be a nightmare! She walks with a cane all the time now. My FIL is funky about coming over and just visiting….see why my hubby is such a homebody? It’s genetic!!

I hope I can squeeze in a afternoon training session on Cookie today. Maybe sometime after the vet visit and before picking up son #1 from football practice. TT is usually very well behaved while I am at the ranch, he’s been hanging out with the bottle-fed baby goat and Old Lady D. who has to be near 70 years old. Old Lady D. spends a lot of time in the horse barn brushing a certain buckskin horse, I havent gotten the story on that just yet…but Im planning on asking one of the hands as soon as an opportunity arises. She has a nurse, not quite what I picture as a nurse, but that is what they call her. More like a maid/babysitter because as far as I can tell, Old Lady D. is in great shape for her age, and very quick witted, altho, I think I heard her cussing out on the ranch house’s back porch….I wasnt quite sure. The nurse’s name is Felicia and she lives at the ranch. She always comes out to greet me in the yard if no one else is around. TT likes her. She is a short, tiny, white-headed woman with an undistinguishable accent. The Nurse and Old Lady D. spend a lot of time playing cards inside the screened-in porch. I hope like heck, if/when I get elderly, I can live a nice, peaceful life out in the country brushing horses, bottle feeding orphaned goats, and relaxing outside in the screened-in porch. Really, old age does not get any better than that!

Whole Lotta Trouble
By Stevie Nicks



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9 responses to “Cookie

  1. Sorry about your babysitting dilema…is there any kind of day care facility near you??? Do you go to church where you could ask around about a reliable sitter…even if you only take a day to yourself wandering out in the wide open spaces (I am so jealous)…or for you to spend a few hours cleaning, shopping and pampering yourself??? Just a thought….The 5ooo for the horse…could be made in installments and to the hubby if it’s something you would really like to do ….all he can say is it’s not a good idea..and well…at least you tried…know what I mean?

  2. That horse sounds wonderful! And the name “Cookie” is too cute! Although I’m sure Cookie was pretty pissed when the TT and the cookies went away *L*- Anyway, I do wish you were able to her. I understand what it’s like being short on cash.

    As for the babysitter, I’m so sorry to hear about that! I know it can be hard and frustrating this day in time to find someone you trust to leave your children with. Although I have no children, I have two godsons, and I can imagine how Jen would feel if her in-laws or me weren’t around. I wish you the best of luck there.

    As for house cleaning- I did a lot of mine last night, but *sighs* there’s tons more to go!

  3. Cookie….that’s a great name and an adorable story to go along with it! I totally agree….when I get old hopefully I can live somewhere peaceful and enjoy the golden years.

  4. Hey, how’s your day been? How is Scooter? Is the new vet plesant & thourough? Did TT sleep? Did you get to ride Cookie today? It really sucks that your in laws aren’t able to takee him for a bit. I know Grandma’s house was a depository for all of us when the parents needed space. We couldn’t wait for the next time! lol How’d your weekend go with the dinner party? Gotta chat with Bri now, be back ’round later. D

  5. Aniin BG,

    Cookie is such a *cute* name! And Elvis is a wimp. Does he like snow???

    Did you like the pics?

  6. Cookie is a cute name..and it’s nice how it came about too.

  7. I have a sissy dog too,lol
    She whines and cries and pants when we have a storm,bugging us to no end.
    Then the neighborhood I mean dogs come and camp out on my porch and before you know it,I have 3 wimpy dogs in the house,lol
    Yep,I’m a sucker;p

  8. kel

    Did you like the new vet?
    The pics are great.
    I also love the horses name!

  9. Cookie is a great name. I know how you feel about the babysitter issue. I used to have to worry about that. But now my children are all grown. I still have 2 at home. But they are 19 and 17. Still my baby’s though.

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