I Can Still Make Cheyenne
By George Strait

He is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in
him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him: he is indeed a horse:
and all other jades you may call beasts
–William Shakespeare. King Henry V.

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Yesterday’s vet visit went exceptionally well. I was not pleased we had to drug the Old Guy to get him to drop his pecker to be examined….but it worked for a very short time. He was not happy about being drugged either-poor fellow. Luckily, for about 75% of the visit Toddler Terror was napping. Just before we finished, he must have woken up and snuck into my bathroom, then decorated himself in mama’s makeup. About $50 worth! So add that to my $200 and sumodd dollar vet bill…..a very expensive day at the homestead. Anyhow, nothing serious was wrong. I have to crush up 14 pills, mix them in cinnamon flavored applesauce, and try to slip them into Ole Guy’s feed…….yeah, right. Scooter is a BRAT to give meds to. The Vet did not leave any injectable antibiotics. I’ll need to drive about 25 minutes South to her offfice today because The Old Guy is NOT eating his meds…..I should have done something about that when she was here, but TT had woken up, destroyed 1/3 of my make-up, I had to bring him outside and mind him half the time she was finishing up-grrrr. Anyhow, Scooter is in excellent health for his elderly age of 27, new-vet said, she has never seen a horse of his age in such great shape and health. Altho, he needs to lose weight and needs more exercise. Those 2 things I already knew, those 2 things never change. Wee One and I are going to take a short ride on him to the little creek and back about 9am. Its a beautiful morning.

After our ride, TT and I are headed into town to pick up his meds and send son #1 a gatorade bouquet for his first football game tomorrow. A tradition I started back in the 4th grade, I see no reason to stop now at 7th grade. Our tiny town’s IGA delivers them on game day(tomorrow).

Ive been on a George Strait kick the last 2 days-not at all normal for me, either. I saw him in concert once and actually met him at the Tulsa State fair years ago. He is a very nice gentleman and just as handsome in real person as he is on stage/TV/the movies. He also has some nice cutting horses, very nice horses.

I saw The Bullrider.. yesterday at the feed store. I didnt stop, I was driving by going around the block. I had passed my friend Mischa on Main Street. She waved me over, I had to go around the block because of the traffic, yeah-traffic in my teeny town! imagine that! Anyhow, he was standing outside talking with the owner in his long-legged, spurs and boots handsomeness. He was naturally wearing his trademark sunglasses, but I know he knew who I was when I drove past. JR waved, so did Johnny. I heard he was back in town for awhile. I wonder how long awhile is and if I’ll see him this Fall shipping cattle?……



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22 responses to “Cheyenne

  1. I love George Strait. There’s a radio station here, out of Ft Worth, called The Ranch. They play music by Texas artists. I’m hooked on listening to it which is not like me at all. I’ve never been all that fond of country music, but I guess “when in Rome…”

    I can feel the wistful temptation when you talk about seeing him. I have one of those too.

  2. kel

    I went with a friend to see George straight and her daughter was there as part of a special olympics group he was SO NICE to those kids, took extra time to take pics, etc. I was so impressed.

  3. Anonymous

    I sent you a email. Did you get it? Because you have not answered. I will be working the entire day at Nickys. Call or email me. Do you have my cell phone number? I will email it. I like the pictures, are those Les horses? Are you still riding for him? He is an ass, neverending one.

  4. Beautiful pics….although you should have taken one of your lil’ guy all dolled up in mommy’s makeup…lol

    I love George Strait!

    Ooooooh love the link to the bullrider story. 😉 I bet that seeing him brought up some interesting memories and feelings.

  5. Aniin BG,

    Hope TT behaves himself this afternoon. Traffic jams huh? What happened to the one horse town? 😉

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a Gatorade bouquet??

  6. brian,
    lol…i was gonna ask that too. 🙂

  7. Hey I love the horse pics that is some of the most beatufull horses that i have even seen. I also like George Strait I have seen him in concert before about 4 years ago in little rock ar. Glad to here that the old guy is doing so well , and he does look good for his age.

  8. anotherinternetnutter-Ive heard The Ranch!! I LOVE FtWorth too, its a great place :)Oh yeah, Johnny is all cowboy and rough ’round the edges but so easy on the eyes…

    kel-I am never impressed w/ celebrities much, but George Strait seems like a 100% genuine guy, he put on NO AIRS and was friendly to everyone, he wasnt even surrounded by a ton of ‘his’ people either.

    bec-I never r’cved any email from you, you’d better mail your # if u want a call! Yes, Im still riding for Les.

    redneckgirl-for COuntry music, GS is okay by me! Yep, I have some GREAT memories of the bullrider, glad I was wild when I was younger…makes getting old notsobad 🙂

    brian-yes, traffic in the one stop light town my son goes to school in, imagine that!! I think it was because it was about 5 pm and everyone (all 25 town workers) were geting off work, joking!

    GATORADE BOUQUET-2 school spirit helium balloons tied to a 2pk of gatorade (you pick flavor)I always add 2 energy bars for son #1 also. One year I added a baseball cap w/ the school mascot on it. This year I added a school mascot water bottle he has been wanting badly

    hope-those paints are lovely arent they?

  9. I’m so glad your horse is doing better- although it does suck he’s not wanting to take his medicine. It’s it strange how animals know, even when you try to disguise it in their favorite foods? I’m so sorry to hear about TT and the makeup- I’d be ready to die! I know how expensive that stuff is, and it’s not easy to replace!!!

  10. Thanks for the info!!!!

    I need one of those this afternoon. 90+ and over 60% humidity.


  11. Wow, what gorgeous horses. I sure miss ours (we moved from the farm). So sorry to hear about your troubles. My Mom is from Tulsa and some other smalls towns in OK. I have a lot of family there. Nice blog!

  12. miss1999-definately high dollar to replace..sigh and the clinique counter is about 35 minutes away and Ive already spent my budget until the 16th..sigh. I HATE not being rich!!

    bri-Id send u one of our little IGA has airmail,k? its nice today, 85 degrees sunny, some big puffy clouds, slight breeze. Ill be riding the little filly when TT wakes from his nap

    kathleenmarie-thnx for coming by! Oklahoma is an awesosme state. The people here are exceptional, strong, friendly, and genuine. Also thnx for the compliment 🙂

  13. On my Mom’s side – Cherokee, Choctaw and Chickasaw and Scots-Irish. On my Dad’s Irish. My Mom is very proud of her heritage and has taught us to be as well. It is very nice to meet you!

  14. SailorMoon

    A Gatorade bouquet – how neat! You’d think my small Texas town would have those, but I guess not. My middle son’s first jr. high football game was last night, would have like to have sent him one. They tied, and our colors are orange and black too! You’ve told me before, but now I’m getting serious about digital camera shopping, what kind do you use? Thanks BG – love your posts. Oh, you’ll get a chuckle out of this, I’ve been reading your posts for what, about 6 mons. at least, & must always have the speakers off because it was a couple of weeks ago that I discovered you have music on them!! I laughed my blonde self to death on that one!! I’m so clueless sometimes!!

  15. Well, glad Scooter is taken care of, sorta. Hope he takes his meds. Mom used to crush penicillan in applesauce – ewww gross! Really, it just enhances the med taste. D

  16. Pardon my intrusion, but you are obviously a horse (and animal) lover. We need to stop the inhumane practice of horse slaughter, and we need to do it now. We can do this if we try. If we spread the word, we can prevent Barbaro Burgers from ever hitting the marketplace! Sounds like a harsh reality, and it is! Please contact your representative and ask him or her to back HR 503 which comes up for vote on 9/7/2006.

  17. Mmmmm,I am lucky enough to live in a cow/horse town and get to see cowboys(real cowboys,not those sissy city posers) allll the time;)

    I hope the med giving gets easier for you!

  18. kathleenmarie-I like your pic, thats why I thought you were 🙂 Choctaw, a very interesting tribe to learn about. I once wrote a paper about them, one of my absolute faves 🙂 My Father is full-blooded, my mom was Scandinavian.

    sailormoon-Hi! glad to see your back ’round here 🙂 My son’s 1st junior high game is tomorrow nite, we are EXCITED! Orange/black are excellent colors. I am glad y’all won, I hope we do too, weve got a bunch of talented boys who’ve played together since 4th grade. I havent always had music,lol. I have a Kodak camera w/ a great zoom and night extras. Excellent priced and easy to use. I ordered it from Dell but it is also at other stores.

    diane-I just gave him his dinner with his feed mixed in and he is out there having a hissy fit.I did not make it to the vet’s clinic today, I had to ride the little filly.

    Why are my animals such spoiled brats? surely it cannot be because of little ole moi? surely not!

    jargontalk-Ive already contacted Oklahoma’s reps about this horrible thing. I DO NOT believe in slaughtering horses, especially for food purposes. NO WAY. I think people who eat horse meat or feed it to thier animals need to spend a day at a slaughter house, horrible, horrible-makes me sick literally, SICK! horses are a lot different than cattle……

  19. love your pictures. very pretty horse. hope everything goes good with the meds.

  20. melinda-thnx!! I see a half empty feed bucket standing upright..not a good sign fer sure…

  21. Doe

    Gorgeous paints! Did you get those meds down him in the end?

    Your bullrider sounds like a Bettie Page fan. 😉

  22. Well you sounded pleased with the new Vet. I’m glad. You also got good news on his health state for his age. The meds maybe a bit of a hassle…ah the things we do for love!
    I managed to see George Strait last year in Atlanta….I like his older stuff and not so much his recent (Jimmy Beffet and Kenny Chesney inspired stuff). Pure Country was on CMT last night…I just lose it when he sits down and sings “Cross my Heart”. If only I could find a man that dedicated….and well i guess I could use some roping lessons from a real cowboy…so send me one!

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