Game Day

Mas Tequila
By Sammy Hagar

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls-they give us hope!”

–Toni Robinson

WooHoo!! Today is game day. I’ll let y’all know how it goes tomorrow. I hope I am able to get some decent pictures. I also hope Hubby gets in from work at a decent time to give me hand with Toddler Terror at the ball game….. he said it shouldnt be any problem, but you know how that can be.

Son #1 brought home his grade check paper from his math class. His teacher wrote “Very smart boy, no troubles learning and grasping math at any angle. But, he talks too much and occassionally disturbs class.” Imagine that! Not my kid, disrupting class? never…yeah right! So, I wrote back on the grade check paper, “If N. continues to talk and disrupt your class, please speak with Coach P. about N.’s annoying behavior and have him reprimanded thru his favorite thing in the whole world-Football. If this does not solve the problem, please call me and I will deal with N.” I am hoping this does the trick, because son #1 saw me write that and said, “Not fair, mom. That is just wrong” So, I am thinking this might nip the bratty behavior in the bud early on…..lets hope so. Football is son #1’s all time favorite thing in the whole entire world, seriously, he lives, eats, breathes football 24/7. So, this is something very tangible in my effort to make him behave and be a better student….mean, yeah probly, but dammit, it works! or I could administer the ultimate torture and make him watch “Little House on the Praire.” like mommy kel

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how yummy does that look?

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Scooter says, “you cannot be serious, I am supposed to eat this crap? you ruined good feed.”

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Then he said, “ack! no way in hell am I eating this crap, I’ll starve first or eat grass!”

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Toddler Terror yesterday. He said the black trampoline was HOT! Well, I tried to tell him but he just had to jump. After about 5 minutes, he was ready to go indoors. It was nap time anyhow.

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Elvis, Protector of the Homestead. He has been spending more time tied up or indoors. He tried to bite the vet and her assistant the other day when they were here. Acted all growly, giving his best guard dog impression, hair standing up and all. So, I tied him up and he sat over on the lawn chair growling and yapping every so often, it was very bothersome to me. He also acted like he was going to take off one of the rural route garbage men’s legs when they were at the end of the driveway yesterday. I am not sure what his deal is. Getting too big for his little britches I think. He better watch out or I’ll take him in and get his little hiney neutered….then we’ll see just how tough he is with out his cajones.

Busy day ahead and I so conveniently woke up wide awake at 4:01 am. I need more sleep, dammit! I am not near ready for today as I should be. I have to lunge the Ole guy this morning before it warms up. I am trying to ride/or exercise him more. I lunged him last nite, he did his usual 2 or 3 misbehaved stunts until he realized he was not going to get away with such behavior and straightened up. I even put on my good saddle and let Wee One trot around while I lunged Scooter. He was too tired/lazy to act up at the end of his workout and Wee One got a kick out of riding solo in the saddle, hanging on for dear life. One thing about Toddler Terror, he can sit a horse. He has never fell off, ever. He has never even came close. Son #1, is a decent rider, but does not sit like Toddler Terror. I think TT has inherited the trait. When my cowboy friend R. first saw TT riding, he said ” that kid has velcro, wherever he is touching that horse, he is stuck to him.” And, that about sums it up too.



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16 responses to “Game Day

  1. Aniin BG,

    You do live an interesting life. I just love that pic of Elvis, he looks about 10 feet tall. LOL.

    You are such a great mom, expanding your boys knowledge by watching Little House. Next thing you know they will stop eating cows. 🙂

    Have fun at the ball game.

  2. Aniin Bri-Elvis likes to think he is 10ft tall, he was on the tramplonie when I snapped that pic, yes, our Elvis likes the trampoline even w/ TT bouncing about. Elvis is part cat, he likes to sit up high-hes a weirdo

    “You are such a great mom, expanding your boys knowledge by watching Little House. Next thing you know they will stop eating cows. :)”

    were you being sarcastic? ..wink..Little House On the Praire would be torture, it is for me anyhow! No offense to those who enjoy it. I really doubt they’ll stop eating beef, but if they wish, thats fine w/ me…..altho I doubt Ill ever see that day….not my by own free will, anyhow.

    wish us luck!

  3. kel

    I had the best behaved kid ever yesterday since the one episode of Little House on the Prairie the night before…LOL. I dont like it either what started it was Brittney saw it one time and loved it and wanted the dvd and so we all tried watching it, hubby apparently watched it when he was a kid (not me) so Braden and I didn’t like it and then I came up with the punnishment and so far it is working.
    Good luck at the ballgame!!!!!

  4. Do I forget to wish you luck???

    Well, spank my bottom and call me a vegetarian. 😉

    btw, I loved readind the Little House books when I was a wee lad. Seemed like such an exciting life. Come to find out, they left a lot of stuff out.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. I love Little House on the Prairie! I actually bought several of the series DVD. I also LOVED the Waltons!
    How can that be punishment????

  6. Talk about socking it to Football Boy 😉 That is a most cruel thing, Mother Goddess but I’ll just bet it works. Meow!

    Poor Elvis! How can Elvis be without balls??? No no no! lol!!

    GG xox

  7. Hi barngoddess. As usual, I love your pictures and I think your solution for the chatterbox is a good one!

    For your uppity pooch, I don’t know the specifics of your situation but I can tell you what I learned from all my dog training books and teaching. Usually a dog, especially a young male, behaves like an a**hole when he is not sure of his position in the pack. He feels compelled to make leadership attempts. A truly alpha dog in a pack and the underlings are generally good natured and easy going…they have nothing to compete over. Often a very subtle but effective technique to enforce YOUR leadership position is to go back to basics…what I learned as the ‘no free lunch’ program. Pooch is never given treats or pats without earning them, ie come and sit or obey some other command. Pooch is never allowed to barge through doors in front of you and is not given a lot of freedom. Some crate time teaches them patience and that you are in charge of their schedule. If a dog is inclined to violence, tying them up usually heightens their anxiety and energy and can undermine some of the control you’ve gained.

    The no free lunch program combined with controlled, safe opportunities to learn (with rewards) how to behave in all situations, usually straightens them out.

    I have found that if these behaviours aren’t corrected early, the dog often ends up the ultimate loser, with euthansia somewhere down the road. Good luck!

  8. Good luck and can’t wait to see the pics! Yeah I bet your son was freaking out when you mentioned talking to the coach….but you have the right idea….hit them where it hurts you get better results. I can’t believe that your little one rides already….amazing.

    Great photos, as always.

  9. SailorMoon

    I’m with the Old Guy on this one. I wouldn’t eat it either! Good luck on your game tonight! I have game #2 this week, my daughter (oldest)is a JV cheerleader but there game is away so will try to make it. My middle son plays soccer in addition to football, so my butt sits on those bleachers alot! With my 4yo son who’s much like TT. Never stops!! Let us know how it goes!

  10. kel-I wouldnt misbehave either if my punishment was Little House On The Praire…..Wee One and hubby like the reruns, they watch them a lot. Poor Braden! I bet he behaves from now on.

    bri-yeah, they DID leave a lot of stuff out! lol, like how it sucked to be a woman in those days!!!

    Rebecca-you bought DVD’s? the show is on TV for free, well…not counting the cable bill….

    GG-call me ‘the punisher’ no just kidding, I am actually not too mean,sorta… Elvis doesnt need his gonads anyhow, he doesnt even like his girlfriend…

    kyahgirl-Elvis is almost 7 years old, weve had him since he was a small pup. He has always been protective, but now it seems to have gotten a lot worse, especially when one or both the boys are outside with him, in the car or in the house. He has never attacked anyone. He hates strangers!If he is around someone and knows them, he is fine. He minds really well, usually. In fact, he minds a whole lot better than my kids! how sad is that!?Elvis even has good manners, he never takes/snatches food/treats.He sits/heals/comes well.I am at a loss….hopefully he gets over it, I do have a beware of dog sign tho.

    redneckgirl-TT doesnt even mind wearing his helmet, I know they suck, but he usually wears it w/out complaint most of the time.

    sailormoon-holy cow, you are busy!!! Does your 4yo ever cut you some slack? I hope so :)sports are great for kids. I wish y’all good luck on your game too 🙂

    ******Thanks for the good luck wishes everyone!**************

  11. You definitely have a busy life girl! I love the pics- I was cracking up over the captions! *LOL*. I can’t wait to hear how the game goes. I believe you did the right thing with your oldest. He’ll behave if he knows football is at stake! Good Luck :0)

  12. Sounds like you have a lot to handle. good luck with that. about talking in class, I personally think that was a good decision you made. Thats the only way he will know he has to start not talking and being disruptive.

  13. This post has been removed by the author.

  14. hi again 🙂 … Sorry, I didn’t realize Elvis was already a mature dog. That is kind of worrisome. Maybe something has happened to make him fearful? I hope it works out for you guys.

  15. What a fat ass horse . That horse needs some serious running !


    GAME DAY YAH!!! I hope he has a great game!!!!

    I don’t blame scooter, lol, you’re animals have such personality!!!

    Great pic of TT, and Elvis 🙂 Mine are getting very snippy as well, the little neighbor girl wanted to bet the “Puppeths” (hehe she’s so cute!) and both Jade and Katie snipped and I had to tell her no no maybe not today. I don’t think they would do anything, but I don’t want to chance it! Maybe it is the change of the weather!!! Or mine just hate being home in cage for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week, i’d be a little snippy too!!!

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