Redneckgirl tagged me. So I must write 8 things/habits/facts about me.

  1. I’ve been a crazy about horses since I can remember, when I was about 4 yo.
  2. I am addicted to coca-cola classic in a can.
  3. I like to drink Mikes Hard Lemonade for an alcoholic beverage.
  4. I worked outside of my home until 2002. I handled insurance the world’s largest retailer. It was a very stressful position that I had to travel out of state in. It sucked. I have NEVER missed it for a second. Not even the paycheck.
  5. I hate clutter, I am constantly picking up my house and putting things in their proper place..if it does not have a proper place or looks suspiciously like trash, then I usually throw it in the trashcan.
  6. I have a lot of friends, but only a few are ‘close friends’.
  7. I am very moody.
  8. I am a republican.


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11 responses to “MEMEMEME

  1. Coke clssic, huh? I preger Pepsi, myself. It has taste. Coke just doesn’t taste cola enough. Like colored seltzer water. Good thing I read your post today, I was gonna tag you too! lol D

  2. You take the best horse pictures. I like Mike’s Hard Lemonade too. yum. I haven’t had one of those in awhile…hmmm, maybe I need to fix that! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  3. I am shocked BG!

    Moody? Can’t stand clutter? Horse crazy?

    I have stumbled into a twilight zone episode.

    But I love you anyway, you wonderful friend you.

  4. diane- I used to be addicted to pepsi, but after I had my bad car wreck and was in the hospt, Ive craved coke, weird huh? hubby said it happened when I was unconcious..

    chickadee-yummmm Mikes hard Lemonade is gooooood stuff!

    brian-my house is often like the Twilight Zone, I may as well fit in , right? Im glad you like me for who I am not who you think I should be 🙂 you are so awesome 🙂

  5. Aniin,

    GO SOONERS!!!! Yea haw. That would be awesome if he could play college ball, but you would be a nervous wreck.

    You had me at hello. 🙂

  6. kt

    boy oh boy do i know the moody one! can i just say yummy to the mikes lemonade? looooove it.

  7. mmmm,Mikes..yum!
    I want to try the cranberry one next. I think they have a Lime too,don’t they??
    I love that photo!

  8. bri-yep, just give me a strong sedative…..;) you are too nice

    kt-lol, that’d be moi…you too from what Ive read!

    ms.l-the lime ones are my fave too. delicious, nver tried cranberry but I will when I see them!

  9. With the exception of #8, Our answers would be pretty close! I love Coca-cola classic, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, horses, and worked in insurance for awhile. I can’t handle clutter, and have tons of friends, but like you, only have a few close friends :0)

    These are really neat, thanks for sharing :0)

  10. can’t stand clutter, Don’t like coke though. Mike’s hard lemonade is too sweet for me. had to have the really hard stuff like whiskey.

  11. Well…we do have a few things in common..the moody part YES that I am. I enjoy Coca Cola (especially this month cause Walmart has 18 packs with a free pic of Brooks and Dunn along with a download…(I luv my man Ronnie Dunn). I have a few close friends and others not so close.

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