Short Day

Today was a short day. It was sunny but very windy. Warm wind out of the South. The temperatures have warmed up too, going to be near 90 degrees and hot this weekend. Not quite Fall yet, but close, very close. We started sorting the steers early. The trucks (semis) were about 3 hours away. So we had the choice of either going to another range about 2 miles away and driving more steers or going home until noon. My choice was home. I would have liked to stay and worked the whole day (especially since I was riding Joe again) but Wee One woke up feeling puny with a bad runny nose and not feeling good at all. I just didnt have the heart to make him stay at his mean Aunties until late afternoon(I also has son#1 to pick up at school). So, before noon, we were both home, I had already showered off the cattle dust, and we had PB&J with plain chips for lunch. Toddler Terror’s rice bread isint too bad-I kinda like it myself. I have a quick trip down to AKiN’S Natural Foods Market in Tulsa this weekend to get more non-dairy, wheat-free goodies for Toddler Terror. Since his surgery is Thursday, we’ll be down there Wednesday for his pre-op and paper signing, we might go by Akins, but one never knows how Toddler Terror will behave….so I am going this weekend too so he has a variety of his foods especially when he wont be feeling well at all the end of next week.

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I took a picture of this scary spider last night. Son #1 wanted me to get closer so I could zoom right in but I told him “no way!” and zoomed from a safe, very faraway distance. I hate spiders. I was going to dispose of it but I was distracted. If it is still there today, I’ll get rid of it with the raid spider spray and the shovel. Wee One is always playing all over outside, I do not want him to get bit by it. I dont think these kinds are poisonous or usually come indoors…but I still do not like it hanging around….

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Our tiny little hamlet’s water tower. I am not the best picture taker while driving 1-handed on a dirt road….I’ll try to get a better picture in the daylight. Up higher on the hill, the view is tons better.

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My stinky neighbors, for all you cow lovers..

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More dusk pictures of my stinky neighbors.

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This big white-faced heifer stopped and let me take all kinds of pictures of her. Then, when I turned around to chase after Toddler Terror who was slinging horse feed around in the barn, she ran at me from behind- sneaky heifer! I was in my horse pasture at our fence line when I took the pictures. Just one more reason I like ’em med-rare with A1 sauce. No offense to my cow lover friends…but sneaky bovines suck.

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Dirty horse Scooter after Toddler Terror rode him around bareback. He was not too thrilled but tolerant, such a good horse. The Old Guy isint too thrilled about his new exercise regime either.

I was over at An Audience of One the other day and went to this link: Parenting Advice for Toddlers through Teenagers. They had this little questionnaire. Kinda neat.

How many of these questions can you answer right now?

Who is your child’s best friend? son #1-T and C wee one-me or his daddy

Who is his greatest hero? son #1- some football player, I do not know the name but I know his face wee one-Woody from Toy Story

What are his heartfelt dreams? son #1-to play pro-football someday wee one-to be like his brother

What is his favorite activity? son #1-football wee one-outside, any activity outdoors

What is your child’s most precious possession? son #1-dirtbike or MP3 player (not sure) wee one-his Woody Doll or his stuffed snakey(its s tie)

Which talent would he hope to have? not sure about this question…

What attributes of his personality does he consider unique? son #1-makes and keeps friends very easily wee one-well…hes just 2 yo so Im not too sure what exactly he is thinking some of the time…

When was the last time he got really angry, and has he gotten over the incident yet? son #1- 2 weeks ago, grounded from his dirtbike, yep hes over it wee one- this afternoon when he wanted to play in the kitchen sink with water running and I said NO, yep hes over it.

Who is his favorite teacher, and what is his best subject in school? son#1- math and geography. Mr. T (who also happens to be his defensive plays football coach) wee one-he loves reading, since I am the only one who reads to him, I suppose that makes me his fave teacher?…

At the end of the survey it said not to fret if you could not answer some of the questions. I am a nosey parent and always give my 12 yo the ‘3rd degree’ as he so lovingly calls it.




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9 responses to “Short Day

  1. Well..since I have no children (except me cats) I can’t answer these questions =(

  2. Aniin BG,

    Actually, it’s Saturday. Went to bed at 7pm last night, just wore out from the week. Still writing, wrote 15 and 16 the last two days, I have to go back and fix some errors.

    Once and for all, just cause I don’t eat cows, doesn’t mean I like cows! Horseys are much purtier. Have a great weekend, I’ll check in later.

  3. Just one more reason I like ’em med-rare with A1 sauce

    – Hehehehehehe!!! Oh, you’re such a meanie 😉 I’m still chuckling over this!

    I think you did pretty darn well on the quiz! I shld make my mother do it altho I’d be afraid of what bratty answers she’d come up with. G-u-l-p! :p

    GG xox

  4. rebecca-well, save the questions for when you DO have kids, then you can be called ‘detective mom’ like me (my 12yo loves to make up names for peeps)

    bri-what? 7pm? I was just breaking the seal on a brand new bottle of Jose Quervo Black….glad you think horses are better than cows 🙂

    GG-well, look what the cat dragged in, where ya been? Oh partying, thats right!

  5. Aniin BG,

    Got your e-mail…you are so BAD! And you call ne a brat? :p

    I updated Real Magic, check it out. 🙂

    Yes 7pm, by the end of the week I am dragging. 😦

  6. In reading, TULSA, stood out very clearly. I now have to go back and read previous posts to see if I can learn where you are. I moved “here” from Bartlesville.
    Next, the pictures are wonderful. Did you use blogger to post them? If not, how? Because I can get none of my pics to post in the last 24 hours on blogger.
    Your questions are poignant to me because my daughters are now 31 and 25. So many wonderful memories came flooding back as I answered all of them in my mind. Thanks for a great post today. (Saturday).
    Go Sooners and Go Cowboys !
    (We are a family divided.)

  7. I agree with you, except I like ’em rare with ketchup. I lnow, it’s a crime – but i dont like steak sauce. Very sneaky cow, put a bell on her. Quiz was great, I can’t even remember what my answers would have been. Talk with you soon! D

  8. Ree

    Hey, Barngoddess! I found you through Swampwitch. Love your blog and thought you might want to drop by mine sometime…we share a similar genre! 🙂

    Going to browse yours more…

  9. brian-yes, I am baaaad. I spent wayyyy too much $$ today, but I had soooo much fun!

    Swampwitch- I like BOTH OU and OSU, my 12 yo calls me silly, hes an OU fan. I went to B-ville today and shopped til I was dog tired-FUN!!Ill c’mover and tell you how to post pics.

    diane-nothing wrong w/ ketchup!

    ree-welcome to the res! Ill be over shortly 🙂

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