Lazy Sunday

Keep On Loving You
By REO Speedwagon

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When I was at the Mall yesterday, I browsed thru the latest PostSecret book. I was a bit curious if any of my postcards were in the book. I want this book. I do not know why I did not buy it. Driving home yesterday from Bartlesville, I regretted not buying the book, again. I think I’ll look online for this book today. I’ll be already looking on Ebay and Amazon for Wee One’s b-day gifts. His 3 yo birthday is coming up in just under 2 months. I am going to buy him a couple Backyardigans themed t-shirts and a Buzz Lightyear action figure from Wee One’s favorite movie, Toy Story . Son #1 also loved Toy Story and had ALL of the characters (I thought we still had them packed away but I could not find them anywhere when we moved to our new home).

While in N.MI this summer, sister J. and I hit a few good garage sales and I picked up a Woody Doll for Wee One. I took this picture the day I purchased it for him, he still loves that doll. There was also a Buzz Lightyear figure I did not buy because son #1 had 2 when he was a toddler (I did not yet know they had disappeared). Now, I am kicking myself for not buying the garage sale one!

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Today is gray and rainy. A small cold front has moved thru, it is only supposed to be near 80 degrees today. I am debating between homemade chicken and noodles or Jambalaya for tonite’s supper. Both are usually a big hit around here.

Last night hubby went to bed at 9:10 pm, just after America’s Most Wanted with John Walsh was over. Here’s our conversation when I commented on how tired he seemed to be.

me “going to bed already? It’s early, have one of these Bacardi Green Apple drinks, they are good.”

hubby ” I am tired, I am going to bed. Wee one did not cut me any slack today.”

me “what? Wee One is an angel.”

hubby ” I am going to bed..”

me ” I do not know why you are so tired, you slept in this morning a bit, did not have to work, didnt even pick up after you and Toddler Terror. Plus, you took an hour nap.”

hubby ” Toddler Terror did not let me rest for hardly a minute. Good nite!”

me, saying around the corner at him as he goes into our bedroom, “ I rarely get a nap during the daytime, and then you come home from work every nite and wonder why I am exhausted…..are you wiser now?”

hubby : no answer, then about 2 minutes later loud snoring is heard coming from the open bedroom door….

I have not accomplished a lot this morning. I did get up early before the rain hit. It was thundering and lightening something fierce, Scooter was inside his outdoor run-in stalls. I fed him his breakfast in there and gave him a good fly-spraying, fussed over him a bit. When he was dry and done eating, I let him go do his thing, which was stand inside out of the rain. I filled up his stall’s water bucket with fresh water so he would not have to venture out into the rain to drink. He is the most spoiled horse!

If you have been wondering why I do not post many pics of son #1 it is because he has informed me, I must get an OKAY from him directly of any and all pictures of him I post on the net. He said, he is almost 13 yo and it is his right. So, I am respecting his wishes. Until I get his approval on some pictures I have of him I am pending to post, I cannot put anymore into my blog.


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8 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. BG – Sorry OK lost, can’t figure what went wrong. They had such a lead! Aw, Scooter is spoiled ’cause he’s loved, he’s trained you right! TT is so cute taking his nap. He’s gonna be 3!!! Wow. Yea, you keep reminding Hubby, you do this for a living, without compensation. He’s got no excuses. The rain & cooler weather must be nice. It’s been so hot & dry this year. You would LOVE our area. There’s a flea market for every day of the week! And Thrift Stores?! Too many to count. Tag sales start on Fridays here in the Villages. Seniors with nothing better to do. lol Have a great day! Talk with you soon. D 🙂

  2. I’m telling you, men just don’t understand. That was definitely good for him having TT for a nice chunck of time. It’ll wear ya out quickly! I think you’ve sent the rain this way, our skies are looking pretty gray outside, but I can’t complain, we do need some rain. BTW that was the cutest picture of TT, he does look like an angel sleeping, but I’m sure that’s the only time he’s angelic ;0)

  3. Aniin BG,

    See the book…buy the book…be the book.

    Awww. did poor wittle hubby bubby get wore out by sweetie wee one?? Poor baby.

    You should tell #1 one that posting pictures will do wonders for his career. 🙂

  4. As I am with 120 kids all day in son #2’s age range…they are so funny about what is cool and what isn’ cool…You gotta love them for forming their own opinion and trying to make decisions =)

    Jambalaya….ever tried putting in a can of diced tomatoes(with or without the trinity–bell pepper, celery and onion) and a little less water it will add a surprising taste.

    I am off to shop some for me…watched highlights of my football game and well, so far so good, Saits are leading…

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  6. kel

    I am enjoying this cooler cloudy overcast. I am making tortilla soup for dinner and probably mac and cheese since the kids are acting like I am trying to kill them when they go look at the soup cooking.

  7. diane-Id go broke if I lived near you 🙂

    miss1999-yep, when TT is sleeping he IS a complete Angel 🙂

    brian-son #1 said he doesnt want to be embarrassed by pics I publicized of him whe he Gets rich and famous~

    rebecca-thnx for the recipe tip! Ill try it, we are cajun food lovers here in Oklahoma. I have a rockin’ cajun butter sauce for grilled shrimp, yummmmy

    kel-tortilla soup sounds very good today, I dont think its anywhere near 80 degrees outside!

    ack!!!!!!!!!Ive been spammed, atleast its not porno spam 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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