Parent/Teacher Conference Reports , TGIF Friday!

Yesterday I went to my 12 yo’s parent/teacher conferences. I drove up to town in the 40+ mph winds, I am so thankful I have a nice car. I felt bad for some of the drivers going about 50mph, white knuckles gripping their steering wheels.

At 4:30 p.m. there were not too many parents roaming about the Junior High’s halls. Thus, making my conferences lasting about 10 minutes with each of his 6 teachers and hardly no waiting for my turn, if any waiting at all. Son #1 has all A’s. Every one of his teachers reported he is very smart, helps his peers, and is an excellent student but he likes to socialize, so he talks a bit much…..altho he has cut his socializing in half since school started over a months ago. The best report I received came from his math teacher. Ms. Y said my 12 yo is a ‘thinker‘. She said he knows how to think, how to analyze, and he is very, very smart. She also asked my permission for son #1 to join a special Math Club that meets after school on Fridays. They do these National Educational exercises and compete in Math Tournaments out of town. I was soooo happy, Math was never my strong subject, altho I did okay, it was the only subject I ever had to apply myself-making me hate math forever. Son #1 is a happy kid today. Since his school reports were outstanding, we have allowed his TV in his bedroom to be hooked up to the satellite. He is pleased with his reward. He doesnt have school today and he went to work with his Father. While working, they were also going to check out our deer hunting blinds.

While I was at conferences, I visited with son #1’s best friend’s elderly Osage Grandmother. She has sole custody of son #1’s best friend. When she finally gained custody of son #1’s best friend, he became such a happy and different child. I honestly think she saved this boys life, literally. It is too long of a story to get into what and where this boy had been thru. He is a good kid thru and thru, suprisingly after what his previous years were like. When he stayed weekends at our house and it was time to take him home, he used to ask to stay longer and cry. More than once, he just stayed days on end. Hubby would never take him home and always made me do it – making me feel just awful taking him home, I always took him to his grandmothers tho, I never once took him to where he was supposed to go ( a drunk/drug den). I would have happily kept him at our house but with all the legal troubles regarding his family, I could not-his grandmothers home was a ‘common legal ground’ for the boy’s family-now it is his happy home. He is thriving, both he AND his grandmother are great for eachother. They are so cute to see together. When they were leaving the school yesterday, I glanced out the doors after our goodbyes, and I saw son #1’s best friend grab his frail, little, grandmother’s arm and steady her in the wind as they strolled down the sidewalk to their car. What a great picture it made.

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A picture yesterday of the weather whipping up a storm before sunset.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another picture.

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This picture I took about 6 pm off the front porch looking straight upwards.

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I took this shot the same way.

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Wee One is feeling better but I am still keeping him out of the wind, for his ears. No trail ride today. I tried packing both ears with cotton but he isint too hot on the idea or the feeling, he yanks it out. So now I have to wait until his nap time to exercise the Old Guy. Today, I think I’ll ride him about 30 minutes in the round pen I set up with my stock panels, (yep still waiting on my round pen to get built!)He didnt get exercised yesterday, the weather was too rainy and way too windy, he did a good job exercising himself tho. After the rain stopped, he ran around the pasture, snorting, bucking, hopping, and jumping like he was a colt again.




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16 responses to “Parent/Teacher Conference Reports , TGIF Friday!

  1. Aniin BG,

    I can just see you beaming from ear to ear with pride. Way to go Mom for raising such a great son. 🙂 Math was always my worst subject, although I was a thinker, I thought about history and geography and things like that.

    Thanks for the pics of the skies, this weather slut thanks you.;) Today is in the mid 80’s, still high humidity 70% with a 30% chance of afternoon rain.

    Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much for children in need. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by me. (((hugs)))

    Have a great weekend my friend, I will see you around.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! Love to hear about son #1 being so smart! You sound like such a proud mom and you should be; that’s wonderful. They want him in a math club. You know you’re smart when they want you in a math club! I’m sorry to say I never gave my mom that satisfaction.


  3. Glad to hear the report was good….I was a socializer too 🙂

    Also glad to hear that his best friend is happy and in a much better and safer environment.

    AMAZING storm pics……I love ’em!!!

  4. bri- I would wilt all of the time if I lived in FL 🙂 if it storms again, Ill get more pics for my favorite author!

    paval-ohhh how I HATED Math, I had to take some HARD college prep ones, I actually HAD to work at passing-ack!

    redneckgirl-Itold son#1 nothing wrong w/ socializing, just do it in the hallways 😉

  5. I am glad son#1 is doing well. I loved math in school also. I am also glad he socalizes! Brainiacs tend to be introverts. Thank goodness the friend is in a stable home now.

  6. Such good news! Son #1’s accomplishnebts are very impressive. He is some one the others can follow with confidence. Glad Wee One is getting better, hope he naps long today for you & Scooter. D 🙂

  7. What great news on Son #1, how I would kill for straight A’s at that age…

    That is so sweet the story of his best friend and his grandma…i do believe my cold heart is starting to warm up, it brough tears to my eyes.

    It really never stormed here but the wind my goodness!!! We also had a very nice lightening show!

    HEHEH on Scooter snorting and carrying on!! He must of thought it was nice weather ;P

    I’m glad that TT is feeling better! I’m with him I hate cotton in my ears also!!

    Miss LA quit btw!!! WOOT WOOT

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I could sit here and stare at them all day.

    I have one of those parent teacher conferences myself coming up. Isn’t it wonderful when the teacher tells you how smart your child is! 🙂 I am sure you are a proud mom.

    I am so glad that your sons best friend got saved by his grandmother!

    Have a wonderful weekend. OHH I hope you do not mind I added you to my blogger friend list.


  9. Math club? Way to go! It must be in the genes. You know I tried out for math club but they were all full up on membership. ha! Something about actually being able to add, something like that I dunno?

    Great pictures of the Oklahoma Sky! Yours were earlier than mine. I was looking westward, which way were you facing?

    Hey horse people check out Under horse health, and then under oxyclean mess something.. that’s my horse that’s now better. I have before and after pictures of the 4 inches of bone exposed…

    Have a great weekend!

    Barn be sure to read my post tomorrow, it’s a riot!

  10. celeste-my son is the farthest thing from an introvert,lol now his daddy would be easily called one!

    diane-TT did nap for anout 1 hour and 10minutes, giving me plenty of quality time w. my old guy

    butterflychic2-I am glad y’all didnt get the storms. I was kinda worried ’bout ya

    mysti-It felt good to NOT have to worry about the grades report, I was kinda concerned he may have been a brat at school so I worried about that for nothing

    vicki-k, Ill check out the site and your site tomorrow 🙂

  11. new to your site, I click on mysti links.
    Beautiful pictures, the horss are gorgeous….
    My son also 12 has had his wings clipped a bit by a new teacher that is inflexble about chatting in class. It’s a tough one for me, because I don’t agree.

  12. Wow, you have been busy. So happy the PT conferences went well. I understand that not want to take your sons friend home. We use to have a young lady who spent many weekends with us. It is wonderful he has a wonderful Grandmother.

    The wind is blowing snow up here. Yes, I did say SNOW. It has been rainy all day.

  13. Hi,
    For an urban guy like me, I find those pictures amazing! Thanks for posting them.

    I saw your supportive comment over at Cathouse Teri’s (good for you for that, btw) so I wandered over this way. I’m glad I did.

    Have a great weekend!
    Andrew (“To Love, Honor and Dismay”)

  14. BIG congrats to your son for all of his accomplishments in school! Sounds like he’s one bright young man! I’m so glad to hear his friend is in a better situation now. It’s so hard when children grow up seeing things, and being treated in ways they shouldn’t.

    As for Wee One, bless it’s little heart, I know now badly earaches are. My husband has a severe ear infection right now. He went to the doctor this morning- and that’s something he NEVER does.

    I hope ya got to ride the Old Guy this afternoon, I know he’s probably dying for some riding time! :0)

  15. Oh those Oklahoma skies. The horses are beautiful, too. The story is wonderful and brings back so many parent teacher conferences. And I’ve not heard junior high used in quite a while.Thanks for visiting today. I’m interested in knowing where your site meter shows that I’m signing in from. Friday 9:15 p.m. It took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to get a connection.

  16. kel

    Great for son #1! Congrats.

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