Monday, Already…

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Our weather for the upcoming week, it looks GOOD!

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8am Sunday morning picture. This is facing North. We had a small cold front come in. The weather was perfect.

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Another one, but guess who was mad cuz it wasnt ‘all about him!’

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Wee One and I stopped to check out these steers. We took a Sunday drive and went visiting for a couple of hours.

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The creek is dried up…..we need rain.

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On the way home, we saw these 2 hounds in the road. Lost, skinny, and scared. I tried to get a look at this one’s collar to read it’s brass nameplate but he was not letting me near. The closest I got to him was about 4 ft with Wee One’s corn chips, when I ran out of food, he took off. The whiter hound did not even approach me, he/she was very skittish. Both dogs were wearing collars and radio collars (which was odd: the tracking collars let them get lost?) , they also look like they have been lost for quite awhile considering their physical state. I contacted a few people. I hope they are able to find their owner soon.

Today is cleaning day-ick! I did get a good start on things…so it’s not looking too bad. Son #1’s game is away tonite, about an hour and a half drive one way. Wish us luck!


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14 responses to “Monday, Already…

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck on the game!!!


  2. kt

    oh poor doggies! i want to feed them.

  3. Good luck on the game!

    Poor Poor puppy dogs!! I hope they find their home…it’s a wonder that they got lost with the radio collars on…I hope someone didn’t just dump them out there….if they did and didn’t take off their collars, that was mighty stupid of them. See I wish we had a ASAPA here and Animal Cops…I would so be on board to become an Animal Cop!!!

    IT’s gonna be a purdy day in the neighborhood!! WOOHOOO!!! Have a great day!

  4. Great pics as always!

    Poor poochies…..they look so skinny.

    I hate cleaning day….yuck!

    Good luck @ the game!!!!!

  5. thnx paval!!

    kt-yes, they were hungry, I gave the one I got a pic of all of wee one’s corn chips

    butterflychic26-dont even get me started!!!! some people do not deserve pets, they treat them like they are not living beings, grrrr Id love to be an animal cop in my area…….

    redneckgirl-thnx! I hope we win but they are a big school, a GOOD school too.

  6. Good Morning Miss Weather Dot Com.
    Thank you for the forecast. Glad to know you are having nice weather in your time zone.
    I so hope those poor dogs find their home and some food and water on the way. Have fun at the game.

  7. BG – The weather in OK looks OK this week! Great pics, the sky is SO blue where you ride. Oh, those poor dogs! They look starved! and to have lost their trust in humans. They’ve been mistreated along the way. Radio collars? Hmmmm. Dead batteries maybe? Great football weather – what’s son#1’s team name? Good luck, route the scoundrels! rah rah! D 🙂

  8. Good Luck on the game!

    It really is sad seeing those dogs like that. I feel so sorry for them. I wonder where the owners are.

    Your weather looks beautiful! Hope you are enjoying it!

  9. Aniin BG,

    Nope, still feel like crap. That cold front is due here tomorrow and I feel it coming. Good luck with the game tonight!

  10. Aww poor hounds:(

    Pretty sky and that creek looks like it’d be impressive when it flows. When I lived in Maple Ridge,I had a creek right outside my bedroom window.It was so reeeelaaaaxxxing,lol

  11. Hello BG x

    That was so sad 😦 I am a big dog lover and that just breaks my heart. Sigh.

    Good luck with the game and err..with th e cleaning too?? :p

    GG xox

  12. Cleaning! UGH! I’ve got to get to cleaning- but I just can’t seem to catch up on everything I’ve got to do! I loved the pics- I bet the old guy was pissed he wasn’t center of attention *L*- Glad ya’ll are getting some good weather- I’ll try to send some of the rain we’ve been having your way (just because ya’ll need it)

  13. Oh those poor puppies! I hope the Human Society found them and fixed them up so they could be adopted out. They look just horrible.

    The weather here was gorgeous today as well!

  14. I’ve heard that sometimes hunters will purchase trained dogs and then when season is over just dump them.
    Can you do a follow up on this for some of who are wondering?

    Makes me sad and angry both.

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