Prison Justice…

Since I am restless and cant sleep, I thought I’d share something with you folks. Earlier I was over at CrimeBlog.US, reading a post by Steve Huff: Revenge for Katie . Lilo at Lost In Lima Ohio- The Blog first wrote about this story and obtained the picture of the no-good child killer below. Attractive Tattoo, huh? I think all child rapists and murderers should have one on their forehead….done as tasteful as this one here that Stockelman received from his prison peers.

In March of 2006, Anthony Stockelman pleaded guilty to the molestation and murder of 10yo Kaitlyn Collman in Crothersville, Indiana. Kaitlyn’s murder happened in January 2005. Her body was found dumped in a creek.

The Tattoo story goes something like this: Stockelman’s (he is a confessed childkiller/rapist) cell block roomies came together against Stockelman and gave him a daily reminder (the new tattoo) on his forehead of the little girl he molested, then killed.

I hope Stockelman lives every single minute of every day he has left in his worthless life in horrible, bone-chilling fear. What comes around goes around….

Vigilantism usually just creates more violence, but in this case… my opinion, I feel it is a good thing.



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15 responses to “Prison Justice…

  1. Whoa, that is creepy and something he will never forget. It is amazing he hasn’t been murdered…that may come.

  2. I cannot comprehend acts like this upon other people, especially our children. My thoughts are with that litte girl’s family. The creep in the picture looks like his forehead is very red…either the tatoo is new or his head is infected. If he doesn’t hurt for what he did maybe he hurts physically from the tatoo, which looks like his head is infected by the all the redness around the tatoo. This gives me the creeps.

  3. Wow….. Very appropriate in my opinion.

  4. Amen, sister. Child molester/killers are the worst kind of murderers because they prey on the most weak and innocent.
    I agree, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been killed in prison yet.

    Isn’t Wee One’s surgery today? I hope all goes well.

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t get me started about people who hurt children. That makes me so mad.

    I hope wee one’s surgery goes VERY well today.


  6. This is a case that I followed closely since it wasn’t too far from where I live… broke my heart to hear her parents talk….I just wanted to hug her dad you could tell how much he was hurting.

    This case was a weird one from the start…..since a different guy confessed but they knew he didn’t do it….strange.

    I think the tattoo was well deserved and I think it speaks volumes about someone that hurts a child….if the other criminals do something like this to punish him….the legal system should show no mercy….I think we should castrate all child molesters and the tattoos should go along with that…no one should get by with hurting a child!!!

    Big Hugs to you and your little guy!

  7. hi everyone, were back from Tulsa, the surgery went well and Wee One is doing very good. He had some sprite and flamin hot cheetos (MD said it was OKAY) and now he’s napping in mama’s bed. His daddy snuck off to work for a few hours (no big suprise there!) I have lots of TT’s fave snacks and videos on hand. Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂

    Y’all know my policy on anyone who hurts, abuses, harms, kills a child: NO MERCY. Im glad this creep got his new tattoo, I hope he gets MUCH worse in the end….not nice of me…but thats how I feel.

    Have a super Thursday!

  8. It makes you sick doesn’t it? Makes my stomach hurt. I have a 10yo girl. Your mind can’t even allow you to think of what you would do because you can’t let yourself think it could happen.

    Tatoo is as it should be. Flaming, red, sore and always there. I have always said that I think that all Child Molesters should be branded with CM on their forhead so we know they are coming and what their agenda is. will show you how many child molesters live in your area, show you their picture and where they work. Just type in your address.

  9. I agree with you completely.

  10. I agree with the tatoo idea. I really think we should do all the murders in as they did thier victems, rather than house & feed them for 100 yrs. Not only should the rapists have tatoos, they should be neutered.

    How’s THAT for harsh. Good thing I;m not in charge!

    How is TT? How did it go, or is that a tomorrow post? D :}

  11. I agree with the tat comment…but I think it should s-l-o-w-l-y be ENGRAVED on their forehead as their penis is chopped off in one fell swoop!

  12. I think that’s MORE than FITTING for him. Child molesters are the LOWEST of the low. I hope he’s treated in prison the way he treated that precious child. He should have to reap what he’s sewn.

  13. SailorMoon

    Love it! Of course you already know that! Now, let me start the donation fund for the Carrolls and Amy Baker (Marcus’s murders) so it can be ready when they enter prison. Ahh, forget donations, I’ll pay for all 3 scumbags myself. I really hope this gets out (and inside of prisons) so it can be done more often.

    How’s Wee One doing? Take care!

  14. jen

    Wow. I want to frame it.

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