Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes! Wee One’s surgery went well and he is doing good. I am glad that is over. Stressful! His poor Father was a wreck at the hosptial, worried and annoying. I wanted to beat him over the head with the 2004 May issue of Field and Stream I found in the waiting lobby to read. Men-Ack!By the time late afternoon rolled around yesterday, Wee One was back to his Toddler Terror Self and feeling great….terrorizing his poor mother.

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This is Wednesday evening’s sunset. It was a gorgeous evening!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Wee One drove his gator around Wednesday night while son #1 and I stacked hay bales and filled the horse feed tubs. Then we all went for a long walk. We saw lots of squirrels, Elvis was happy ’bout that!
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I am so happy Friday is here. Sometimes I feel like I am wishing my life away, but I LOVE Fridays, my favorite day of the week!

“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”
Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator


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23 responses to “Thank You!

  1. SailorMoon

    Been waiting and checking for word about WeeOne!! Glad everything went well! Awesome pics as usual. Happy Freaking Friday! Have a good weekend! Homecoming here tonight so I’m laying low & just dropping off and picking up my HS cheerleader. My 4yo is still sleeping, tired from big h/c parade last night. Lots of candy! Need to wake him but its so peaceful………

  2. I love that quote. I notice more now that I am older how quickly time passes. Last Friday feels like yesterday and here it is Friday again.

    I’m glad WeeOne is doing well so soon after surgery.

    That sunset WAS gorgeous, nice pic!

  3. What a beautiful boy, so glad all is well with him.
    I am partial to fridays myself…. have a good one.

  4. I am so glad all went well with wee one! I understand about the worring father being annoying…lol my ex is the same way.

    Beautiful pics!

  5. sailormoon-homecoming! FUN! I cant wait or maybe, now that I think about it, I can. Let your little one sleep! you need rest and so does he..howd the game go the other nite?

    unacknowledgedgenius-thnx for the compliment on the pic :)This past summer FLEW by, where does the time go? I hate getting old…sigh

    hope-thnx! Have a super friday!

    redneckgirl-Im relieved the surgery is behind! Hubby had himself all worked up about the anesthesia part, worrying TT might not wake up, he just needed to shush up! He was really bothering me, I am not too much of a worrier, but when I do, I dont irritate the peeps around me-grrr

  6. Aniin BG,

    I am not mean. :p I will be sending you the rest of Real Magic this weekend. Thank you for the update on TT, now I know why you like my story so much. πŸ™‚

    Happy for you I am, happy for you. Have a great weekend my best friend, *giggles* I will see around.

    P.S. You need a nickname for Elvis.

  7. I’m so happy that the surgery went well!!

    That is a very very very beautiful picture of the sunset!! I was in bed before the sunsetted last night…I’ve been extremely tired lately!!!

  8. Oh, it’s so good to see him running around terrorizing his mother! He’s beautiful.

    Elvis is so cool!

    And I love the quote at the end.

  9. Anonymous

    Awww..what good lookers you live with!!! Glad your little blond is okay..Children are so amazing!

  10. bri-okay, Ill wait impatiently for your email..we have a nickname for Elvis, we call him Elvie . He rec’ved the name Elvis because when u call his name he howls like a hounddog. or if someone like TT is crying…

    butterflychic26-what? girl, your gonna snooze your life away!

    paval-thnx! he is being a BIG terror today….

    anon-thnx! kids, they ARE, Im glad he healed FAST πŸ™‚

  11. Aniin BG,

    Elvie??? Sounds like something from LOTR.

    I was thinking…Snoutapuss or
    Chocolate Floppy Ears of Death. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi BG,

    I have a question today which you will like….Swing by The Keep Your Knickers Humming Ranch and check it out.

    DK xo

  13. I get so jealous when I see your land. I wanna get a few acres of wide open space that I can feel alive, free and all around happy!!!

  14. I am thank ful that wee one’s surgery went as well as expected!


  15. I just wanted to add that Elvis is so gorgeous (sp?) He’s the most handsome weener i’ve eva did see!

  16. That is an amazing rebound after surgery! Strong little man, you’ve got there! So glad everything went well. D :}

  17. bri-I know an Alaskan Malmute that weighs over 200 pounds his name is Froto. “Chocolate Floppy Ears of Death” lol I laughed OUTLOUD when I read that… hubby calls Elvis the ‘pussy pooch’ he is kind of spoiled and doesnt like to be out in the cold/hot outdoors. Hes a lap dog πŸ™‚

    okay dewey, Ill be round to se ya

    rebecca-I could never live in a city or an apartment, Id perish…literally thx for the well wishes!

    butterflychic26-thnx! he a handsome devil isint he? he knows it too, BRAT!

    diane-yes, hes a lot better, nothing gonna slow him down!

  18. I answered on my blog but I’ll do it here too.

    Bud Light. I love beer.

  19. SailorMoon

    Afternoon BG-Kid chauffer here, already had to p/u cheerleader, said pep rally made her miss the bus! Sure. Thanks for asking about Jr. High game, tied 0-0. Undefeated so far,a couple of ties, but to them that’s not a loss! He’ll actually start next week, away game of course & I have work next week so won’t see it.He’s kicking butt in soccer as well, starts, plays nearly the whole game, those are Saturdays in my spare time. Got 7-8 dogs too, if you need a spare!! LOL! Have a safe weekend.

  20. Today’s post is by far the most eclectic and informational. Glad to know the toddler is back to toddling. The sunset is beautiful. Elvis is his same handsome self. The quotes are inspirational. I loved your “description” about hitting him over the head with a copy of “Field and Stream.” Great to have a sense of humor in a stressful time.

  21. I’m so glad all went well! I was thinking about ya’ll today, hoping everything went ok! BTW, I love the pics! :0)

  22. Wee one is adorable. I am glad he is doing well. I want your dog….. oh man Looking for a dog like yours… shhhhh do not tell my husband cause he will not be happy I want another dog. lol

  23. unacknowledgedgenius-yummm, bud is my hubbys favorite, I like it too but I like all beer, as long as its cold πŸ™‚

    sailormoon-omg 7-8 dogs? Elvis would not be happy about best friend L. who gave me Elvis has offered my another AKC pup like Elvis, but Im just not ready…

    swampwitch-its important to be able to laugh (atleast to me) laughter is the best medicine, right?

    miss1999-thnx! all my blogger friends make everything MUCH better, really, I had no idea when I started blogging how it is πŸ™‚

    mysti-dacshunds are good dogs. Elvis is a good watch dog, he is tiny, easily managed and actually, very well behaved most of the time! My best friend L. has been an AKC breeder for years, she only has a few litters a year, home raises them, she has excelent pups, they are kinda small tho (like Elvis!)

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