Burnt Carpet And Bike Rodeos

I never made it to Bartlesville on Saturday. Instead, I went early this morning. I tried going to Wal-Mart early while everyone was at church. brian and diane said Wal-mart is not as busy at that time, that is when they like to do their shopping(early Sunday morning)…….I guess Bartlesville is filled with a bunch of heathens, because Wal-Mart was BUSY at 8:30 am!

Yesterday I stayed busy around the house. I washed and detailed my car. It looks and smells brand new! I am quite happy with the job I did. I also scrubbed the water tank and set out a new mineral block for The Old Guy. I rode him for about 30 minutes when Wee One was napping. He was being lazy in the heat, it did not take him long to work up into a sweat.

Son #1 went to a dance Friday night. I asked him if he had a good time. He said, “yeah.” I asked him if he danced, he said “yeah.” I asked him if he danced with any girls he liked, he said “yeah.” Wow, talk about too much information at one time! He is turning into such a man.

Son #1 and the few Gifted and Talented group kids had to take the IQ Test thingy over (I forgot the nameof the test!) because it seems 1 kid wasnt suppose to be in the GT group and someone’s mother (a real witch) was making a huge issue of re-testing…..so I gave the okay for my son to re-take the test to ensure his placement in the GT group. The new kid who was in the GT group didnt score high enough, the school did not disclose his score but the kid in question is ineligible. Son #1 has not taken this test since 5th grade. Tuesday of this week they all took the test, he scored the highest out of 7th, 8th, and 9th grade! He got a 99%. He is guaranteed to be a member of the elite group until 12th grade, unless he has bad issues with his grades, attendance, or behavior. I am very proud of him.

I felt bad for the new kid who’s transferring school set him up for this let down. Sometimes, I really dislike some of the other school kid’s parents.They can be just horrible. I also feel badly for their child/children. Sometimes, the kids behave a lot better than the parents-sad!

Son #1 participated in a bike rodeo/bike jump contest Saturday evening. He rode his homemade ‘trick‘ bike. Toddler Terror and I went to watch when it started. There were a lot of kids there. I had my camera out ready to take pictures when son #1 came speeding up to us on his bike. He said, “mom, put away the camera, your embarrassing me.” His friend, K., who is a great kid and the same one who spent last saturday nite, rode up to us with him and was sitting on his bike. He said, ” geez N. who cares if your ma takes pictures.” Son #1, “Please mom, no pictures, okay?

So, not to cramp cool son #1’s style, Wee One and I left the festivities. We went to the park and played for awhile, then home to feed and brush the Old Guy, and take the pictures I posted.

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Elvis suprised Wee One and I when he jumped into Wee One’s gator for a ride. He quickly changed his mind when TT took off.

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Saturday was hot, 90 degrees, no breeze. In the evening when I took these pictures, it was still hot outside. Elvis has some BAD breath going on. Its time for another teeth brushing. Back in 2002 I had him sedated and the vet cleaned his teeth, he had minty fresh breath (sorta) for a long time. It didnt cost all that much either, it was money well spent. He doesnt have a lot of build up on his teeth, so I think a brushing might cure it for awhile.

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Saturday’s sunset.

Saturday evening about 8:30 pm I decided to take a shower. I was feeling grungy from all of the outdoor activities. Hubby ran to town to fill up my car and get his ‘ice cream fix“. He was craving strawberry ice cream. Son #1 and Wee One were enthralled with America’s Most Wanted with John Walsh and catching the bad guys. I told son #1 to watch his brother then I snuck off into my bathroom and got into the shower. Just as I was soaping my hair, I heard Wee One come inside my bathroom. (he picked the lock, yes, he really did, he actually picked 2 locks, bedroom door AND bathroom door, yep- hes that clever) I hear him climbing up the cabinet where I hid all of my make up, perfume, hair dryer, hair rollers. He got my hair dryer down and ran off into my bedroom with it. I hurried in the shower..no sign of son #1 to see what no good his little brother is up to. I can hear the blow dryer in my bedroom, then Toddler Terror comes into the bathroom, grabs my hair brush, brushes his hair and looks at himself in the hand mirror, he sees me watching, he says “Im fixin’ my hair.” I say ” put the dryer away.” Wee One says “No.” and takes off. I can hear the dryer going in my bedroom as I exit the shower, I am headed into my room when I meet TT running at me with the dryer. He hurries and shoves it in a bottom drawer in the bathroom, then he says ” Ummm, I made a mess, I am in trouble, smoking!” When Toddler Terror gets his hands on the hair dryer, he NEVER voluntarily puts it away, so I am alarmed. I smell burnt carpet. I see a perfect circle melted/scorched into my bedroom carpet. Ack! It just burnt/melted the carpet, none of it stuck to my hair dryer-I was thankful about that. Now hubby is complaining about fixing the carpet, it bothers him. I think I’ll just put a throw rug over it for now…….

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A thousand horse and none to ride! –
With flowing tail, and flying mane,
Wide nostrils never stretched by pain,
Mouths bloodless to the bit or rein,
And feet that iron never shod,
And flanks unscarred by spur or rod,
A thousand horse, the wild, the free,
Like waves that follow o’er the sea,
Came thickly thundering on,…

~Lord Byron, XVII, Mazeppa, 1818



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13 responses to “Burnt Carpet And Bike Rodeos

  1. Aniin BG,

    We get to WM by 8am not bad at all. Still, I bet even at 8:30 it was less crowded. Your son is athletic and smart, a double threat. Too bad he takes after hubby, doesn’t watch TT, grunts when spoken too, Mom is cramping his *style*. You got your hands full out there.

    Diane and I had fun today, movie, lunch and pics. We will have a full report tomorrow. 🙂

  2. kel

    Great on son #1. Our school had a big ruckuss last year by a few parents on gifted and talented too and this was with 2nd graders….ugh. Uh oh on the carpet.

  3. brian-im looking forward to hearing, seeing about your day tomorrow 🙂

    kel-2nd graders? oh my, we have only a handful of GT kids in the entire school system, we only have ONE parent that causes ‘disturbances’. She likes to think her daughter IS the ONLY kid in GT……her daughter is a nice girl but the mother reminds me of a sneaky snake.

  4. Aniin BG,

    Already posted tommorows posts. They way blogger has been lately, decided to post before we go to bed.

  5. SailorMoon

    Evening BG! Wow, your son’s IQ score is awesome! Glad he went to the dance, my 12yo gifted & talented son probably wouldn’t go, although he might surprise me. His name starts with N. as well. They grow into men so fast, his new soccer cleats this year were a size 9. Scary! Heat was bad here in Tx as well, 95 & end up sitting in the sun at soccer for 3 hrs. We won, but geeze it was hot. Your TT, he’s something! That’s so funny, “smokin”. I love having a young one as well, but he’s growing up too fast too!

  6. …heathens in The Ville? That’s funny. I always love your pics. I never had a horse, so these are especially intruiging to me that you can get so close…I know, you can actually sit on one. Cutie patootie pics again. Son #1 sounds like he has it all going for him. Thanks for the advice at Bad Brad’s. Julie has spent so much time helping me that buying her lunch is just a small token of my appreciation for her.

  7. BG – Had hardly any access to the ‘puter over the weekend, soory I am late.

    That is SO great about son #1! I am so happy for you. Rotten luck on the carpet, son#1 needs a little more awareness on that end.

    Elvis is always so cute! D :}

  8. Wow You must be so very proud of your son~! He sounds like he is growing into a little man… sheesh, sounds like my sons! Its like pulling out ones eye teeth when trying to get any kind of info from them…. lol

    The pictures are gorgeous as usual! Thank you so much for sharing them. Wee one is so cute. He looks like he is having fun.

  9. He picks locks at age two? hahaha amazing. The little stinker!

  10. I hope when I have children they are as intelligant as both of yours are (yes, i said when, i’m growing up…ahhhh!!).

    It’s funny when kids don’t want their pictures taken. My nephew who is 11 didn’t want me to take his pic with his football jersey on, but my niece who is soon to be 8 (this thursday) was all jumping up and down “take mine take mine!”. LOL. Why is it such a bad thing to get your picture taken!?!

    Elvis is so stinking cute, which I’ve let this be known before, lol. I know all about the STINKING BREATH…good gawd i have to that have the stinking breath!!! But once I give them some greenies, their breath is much better, but it only lasts for like 1 day. Greenies are good 🙂 No i haven’t tried them, the doggies seem to like them though!!

    TT picked 2 locks!?!? That little smart devil!! He knew he was in trouble when he burnt the carpet…how cute! I can see it now…”HUH OH….I am in big trouble with the boss lady! Run! Run! Run for my little life!” He sounds so stinking cute!

  11. I am sure You are so proud of your sons both of them sound so smart….although your little guy seems to use his for trouble now…..but hopefully that’ll change soon. Sorry to hear about the carpet…..eek that must have been a horrible smell.

    My oldest son is only 6 but he’s getting where he doesn’t want me to take pics of him…..they grow up so darn fast.

  12. Anonymous

    Ahhh…The joys of motherhood…Lucky you!

  13. You get alot done on a Saturday. We watched a movie, took a nap and went to Atwoods. You win!

    How’s the little guy doing?–>

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