My friend didnt make her horse show. ET was having truck problems, something about a tire. She has a new truck so I have no idea why her tire would be bad. Hubby offered me his truck to drive so she could still go but ET had her panties in a wad. She was angry with her parents and I was not about to put up with her drama…so I never really got the whole story.

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The Old Guy was making a lot of noise in these trees. Crunch, crunch.crunch on the dead leaves…..geesh, he sounded like a whole herd of horses instead of just himself.

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He saw me outside and wanted some attention. You cant see them in this picture, but he had gobs of cockleburs in his tail and forelock. It took me forever to comb, pull, pick them out. My fingers hurt. My good leather gloves seemed to have disappeared…….the cotton ones did not protect much so I just took them off, they were cumbersome anyhow.

At least The Old Guy stood still while I groomed. Well, not really still…..more like ASLEEP. I woke him up tho-I rode him for a good hour while Toddler Terror was sleeping, His big brother was actually home all day. Son #1 listened for Wee One napping so I could give Scooter some exercise. We also took a 30 minute trail ride at a walk to cool down.

Scooter was a little rusty on his lead changes again….getting lazy, he is. I rode him in a light 3 piece o-ring snaffle, no roller. Scooter is a horse that constantly works at the bit, he likes a copper roller. I usually ride him in long shanked ported snaffle with a small roller. But if I am just exercising him, I use a light o-ring snaffle as much as possible.

This cooler weather has The Old Guy in good spirits, his joints are stiffer, it takes longer to get him supple and warmed up. I am giving him his daily arthritis supplements which help tremendously and I also gave him a dose of Bute paste(anti-inflammatory) about 7:30 am with his breakfast. He was not sore-just stiff. He had another dose of Bute with his Equine Senior dinner last night. The paste is easier than an injection. Bute hasnt upset his stomach which it is famously known for. I use it sparingly just in case.

Yesterday evening, hubby and Wee One finished up winterizing the riding lawn mower, and weed eating some straggly weeds. They put a new door on Elvis’s doghouse so when it gets really cold, no wind or precipitation can get inside. Elvis liked it, altho it is kinda heavy for the little bugger but he can get inside. I finally broke down and gave him a bath yesterday morning. He is fresh smelling and freshly Frontlined. So he got to come inside and hang out in the laundry room and inside his crate. Wee One doesnt have any pet allergies but I am not taking any chances until we get more test results.

I cleaned both of the outside run in stalls. The Old Guy has been spending more time inside at night. Scooter is actually a clean horse as far as horses go…..he doesnt make too big of a mess inside his stalls unless he is given too much hay, then he wallers it.

Son #1’s last football game is Tuesday, an away game. I am waiting for babysitter B to call me back. If she cant keep Toddler Terror that game nite, we will take him with us and hope to heck he behaves…..

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Doesnt it get exciting around here? Always something goin’ on……..not always exciting either.



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10 responses to “nada

  1. hi,
    It is a very interesting one.
    Pics are very nice.

    Horse power is amazing….
    i wish to ran like an horse.
    How can i?

  2. Aniin BG,

    Very exciting, the fun never stops. 🙂 Scooter is such a hoot, I am glad he is feeling better with the cooler weather. The highs down here on in the mid 80’s all week, with 30% chance of rain from T-F.

    Last football game already. Does he have any postseason?

    Oh, my mom called last night. The first time this year I have spoken to her. Just idle chit chat, I know she wanted to get personal, but I am not going there. I don’t need the family drama anymore. When they want to talk to me as adults, they all know where I live.

    We are going out to Olive Garden this afternoon for lunch. Yum!!

    Talk to you later.

  3. Love the pics…Glad you managed (without gloves) to free up his tail…You’re a strong lady. How long did it take to clean the stall?

    Football season is over for my kids in middle school. Basketball tryouts start this next week.

    I am enjoying the cooler weather with the old guy! I’ll be stiff on mornings too.

    Enjoy your Sunday with your family.

  4. Beautiful pictures. We are “winterizing” as well, in the pouring rain.
    Oh Brian, I adore Olive Garden. I could feast on salad and breadsticks with alfredo sauce for days. Alas the closest one is 90 minutes away.
    BG Can’t come to Oklahoma re your bleacher rat problem, but I could perhaps teach you “THE LOOK”
    Have a great day.

  5. This is always such an interesting, refreshing place to stop by. Sometimes, I only have time to enjoy the pics and have to come back later to read. You are certainly a busy BarnGoddess with everything there is going on at your place. Thanks for always having something here everyday.

  6. Doe

    Try spraying the burrs with a little WD-40; they’ll be easier to comb out. 😀 I always love your photos, especially The Old Guy!

  7. noushad-get a pair of Nikes

    brian-after football, we start fall break wednesday, then wrestling starts the following Monday. Olive Garden!! MY FAVORITE!! I am hungry for Olive Garden now…its over an hour away…sigh. So, family drama, yuck. Iam glad that your mother DID call you….You are a great son, I bet she knows it too. Im no good at such things like family drama….ect. I dont have much because all my family is hundreds of miles away.

    rebecca-my finger are sore!

    hope-its raining in okla too, Im not complaining. Please take a pic of yourself with the LOOK and post it for me so I can start practicing!

    swampwitch-thnx for your nice words 🙂 Im glad you enjoy coming by the Res. I LOVE your blog, altho it sometimes may confuse me, usually Toddler Terror is on my lap or in the chair next to me helping me with my blog rounds 🙂

    doe-thnx for the compliment! I am very partial to the old guy too 🙂 I usually use baby oil but didnt because it was in my bathroom, off my bedroom where Wee One was napping, I was fearful of waking him.

  8. You do always have something going on- which is good :0) I’m glad to hear the Old Guy is in good spirits, and not hurting- that’s always good news, even if he is a little stiff.

  9. Hey BG…just stopped by for my dose of homey..just love reading your posts, and the pics..great. I am glad that Old Guy is doing well, they are all so beautiful. When I look at your pics I can smell that wonderful horse smell and almost feel my hands running over their backs and feel their power, so very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my place, take care..m

  10. Ohhh I love the bottom picture. What a pretty area you live in. I think just by seeing such beauty daily that is a very exciting life! I hope your sons football game is a great one!


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