Mean Momma

Warning: more boring stuff…..

It rained Sunday and Monday, yesterday was beautiful but it is cloudy, damp, and dreary today. Cleaning house on Monday seemed like it took forever or I was moving slow. It didnt make it any easier with Toddler Terror following behind me creating new messes. I even gave him his own cleaning tools and encouraged him to help me clean. He was excited about helping for about 3 minutes……then it got old.

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One chore I really detest-putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I should be thankful I have a dishwasher and do not have to wash them by hand-but I still hate unloading the darn thing.

I like the new Tom Petty song “Saving Grace” . Wee One likes it also, he knows a lot of the words, he dances and sings along. Ive been searching for the HTML code. I am not having any luck finding it.

Wee One’s pediatrician appointment was resceduled to yesterday from last week. His MD wanted to get his blood drawn again and there was a wait for lab so instead of waiting we have to go back to the clinic today…..not looking forward to that.

Last nite was son #1’s last football game. We won 20-0. I am glad I was able to make it, it was out of town, only an hour away. I took Toddler Terror, he was a complete and total Angel. Who woulda thought!?!!

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Sunday afternoon, Wee One and I did his favorite thing. We baked a cake. It was a chocolate, non-dairy, non-wheat one with non-dairy fluffy chocolate frosting. It tasted pretty darn good too for not having dairy or wheat in it. I wished I had bought more mixes on my last Adkins shopping trip.

When you see pictures of Wee One, do you notice that he often wears the same 2 outfits? They are his favorite. He likes to pick out his clothes and dress himself. I always suggest something different but his mind wont be swayed. Son #1 did this too when he was a toddler, except he had about 6 favorite outfits, mostly all camo.

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I am losing my edge.

I felt a twinge of guilt. It was a tiny, bad feeling in the back of my mind, it was very short and very brief, but nonetheless it was there.

Last nite driving home from the game, a big fat coon ran into the road. I hit it, hard. Killed it. It was loud. It was at dusk but we saw it clearly. Wee One was turned around as far as he could in his car seat and said “awwww, mean momma.”

Son #1, living up to his true DNA, acting like his mother’s son, said “cool mom, it hardly even thrashed around! You must have really smacked it!

I felt badly for it dying needlessly…..what a waste. If I were hunting it, Id never have felt guilt. When I see deer, my first thought is, ” that would be a good shot, it would drop right there easily” or “couldnt take a shot at that one, if he’d just move a bit more sideways.” but then I start thinking “wow, that would be a great picture, where’s my camera“.

Ack! I am becoming wimpy as I get older……nah, I am still looking forward to deer season and filling our freezers with some tastey venison. We have none left, we’ve been out since spring. I have all my jerky seasonings stocked and ready, the meat grinder is shiney and clean just waiting to be used, I have plenty of freezer wrap and freezer baggies, and my butchering knives are sharp. We always butcher our own deer. We eat a lot of venison, everyone here loves it.

Im looking for another jerky recipe to try out this year. Ive used the same simple one for the last 8 years and it tastes great, but Id like to try out a new one. If anyone has one they like and can pass it on, I would like to try it.



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18 responses to “Mean Momma

  1. Cute pictures of a chocolate covered Wee One! My daughter was the same way about what she would wear. She came up with some gawdawful combinations. Congrats on another football win!

  2. AWWWWW wee one is sooo cute. If you do not mind sharing that cake recipe I would love it! Hubby can not have wheat… so I am always looking for things I can bake him.

    You are not a mean mommaaaaaa….. lol I do think however that I would feel the same way. Hugs!

  3. Adorable pics… the ones with wee one and the chocolate!

  4. Well the chocolate that Wee one has in his mouth….looks tempting! Apparently, he thought so as well.

    Love the deer photo….SOmetimes driving back from Atlanta here in a late evening we will see them eating on the side of the road.

  5. BG..oh what great memories your pics gave me..Wee One is adorable, isn’t it something how all kids seem to do the same things, with slight variations of course..:)they certainly are a hoot…congrats on the win! About the raccoon…I have the very same story only with a rabbit..and I can’t tell you how many times I played chicken with squirrels so as not to here that dreaded high pitch squeal…” MOM, you killed it!!”…take care BG..m

  6. This time of year, I stay on constant lookout for any animal in the road. Most of the deer stay out of the way, but armadillos, opossums and coons are rampant.

    I feel like a mean momma when I accidentally hit them. =(

    But, I did enjoy these lovely Wee One chocolate pics! HOW FUN!! See, you’re not a mean momma.

  7. I love the chocolate-covered baby…ours was brownie batter.
    Amazing difference in the response to the racoon-hit. (thrasing around?)
    There’s a recipe for jerky? I thought it just came in those packages at the quick trips.

  8. Aniin BG,

    I swerve to avoid running over bugs crossing the road. LOL Love chocolate cake. 🙂

    It’s over 90 degrees today and near that for the rest of the week. No rain now for nearly a month, the lakes are very low and will be dry by spring.

    I hope your e-mail is working by now.

  9. boring…. not to me.
    I learned
    *the wee one has allergies or sensitivities,
    *that your son has a great football team
    (our hockey team ‘s last game….17 – 0 not for us)
    * and if you kept the wee one happy at a game, you also know “The Look”

  10. That’s the difference between you and me, I have never been hunting, and really couldn’t imagine myself killing anything that wasn’t an insect, lol.

    And I don’t like venison, i had it once, not knowing that is what i was eating. I sat there thinking – man this beef stew is a little bit off. Then they told me what i was eating and I said “oh” and pretended to eat more, and said I was full, I don’t think they noticed. It’s not the fact that it was a deer that got me I just frankly didn’t like the taste of it.

    Wee One is so cute! I still have my favorite outfits, in the winter i have 5 (one for everday of the work week) outfits that I. I’m poor and i can not afford more clothes, if i would just loose weight I would have a lot more to choose from.

  11. Boring? Not at all. It is nice reading about your daily life.

    I understand hitting an animal with your car. It is a waste. Larry, my dear hubby hit a deer last night and in the hind end so the main meat was not saveable. He was so bummed about it.

    He did get his first deer with a bow (I shot with the camera he shots with a weapon – we compliment each other that way). We also butcher our own meat.

    I would love your jerky recipe if you care to share. I can’t find mine!! Ugh! It is so frustrating. I must have lost it in the move. I also make summer sausage. I do have the recipe if you are intereted.

    Your TT is adorable! I love his hair.

    Have a blessed day!

  12. I miss venison. Oh how I miss the great tasting of deer stew! 😦 Makes me said, can’t wait until Thanksgiving when I’m back down south for 3 days!!

  13. Durell’s a mean daddy.
    He killed Bambi the other night in his rig and felt nothing. He said “It shouldn’t have been on the road”
    I would have been devastated,heck I was devastated and I didn’t even do it!

    I had venison burgers and they were great but last year I tried jerky and it was waaaay too gamey for me,uck. I can still taste it,lol
    I do like bison though:)

  14. hey BG I wanted to show you who is running for our Neewollah (halloween spelt backwards)Queen (the festival that is held each october in my work town). I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT, miss “fake my own kidnapping”.

    6th picture down on the left side. I can’t believe they are letting her run!!!

  15. unacknowledgedgenius-TT loves chocolate! one of his favorite shirts is getting threadbare too

    mysti-I made the cake out of a cake mix I bought at Akins Foods,I wish Id bought more.


    rebecca-can you hunt them there?

    madd-awww squirrels are crazy, I think they wait, then try to throw themselves under the car

    pinky-armadillos creep me out

    swampwitch-Ill post my ‘ole standby jerky recipe tomorrow. That Quik Trip jerky is only good when its an emergancy.

    brian-bugs? ack!it turned cold here. Ill send you some cool weather 🙂 is my email fixed yet?

    hope: “the Look” was practiced before I left for the ball field 🙂

    butterflychic26-venison is good. I bet the stuff you ate wasnt cooked or tenderized very well. I marinate and season the heck out of venison when I cook it

    kathleenmarie-Ill post my jerky recipe tomorrow for you. Sure Id like your summer sausage recipe. Congrats on your hubby’s kill 🙂 Bow hunting isint enjoyable for me, I went once and didnt like it, its kinda hard too…guess Im a lazy hunter

    misssexyannie1-I hope you get to eat some at Thanksgiving

    msL-we can get some good bison meat in my area. We used to eat it more, but this last year we havent. Venison has to be seasoned or marinated, you’d like mine

    butterflychic26-OMG, I am not believing this, how can she show her face? she has no conscience, I cant believe the towns people arent in an uproar!

  16. Aniin BG,

    No your e-mail still kicks back everything. AOL says your address doesn’t exist. I got your e-mail last night, nothing since.

    I don’t know what you can do, but I am having withdrawals.

  17. It is a pleasure to include your site on my Blogroll. Last year I posted a story about a girl in Kentucky who adopted a horse that lost her vision to a terrible infection. The girl is 16 and she has bonded so well with the horse that her parents adopted her. They actually even won a competition. Feel free to check it out on my Archives. I also posted about the Bill before Congress to stop horse slaughtering. My young Cousin who died of Cancer had horses most of her life and she taught me about them. Just stopped by to say hello!

  18. I can sympathize with that one. My kids follow me around making messes too

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